Intel 7th Generation Core Processors Have Arrived

Intel has launched its 7th generation core processor Kaby Lake family today in the PC market. These processors carry Intel’s most advanced manufacturing technology and will be its flagship microprocessors for the newest generation PCs. These processors should be arriving in the consumer market at the end of September including laptops.

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Source: Intel

Intel’s newest chips are great for 4K video editing, high-end gaming, virtual reality and normal usage with power efficiency. Intel’s 14nm process technology delivers up to 12% faster productivity performance and 19% faster web performance.

intel 7th generation core processors 27th Gen Intel Core processors are manufactured on silicon wafers at Intel production facilities. New 7th Gen Intel Core processors deliver richer experiences, incredible performance and responsiveness, and true ultra HD 4K entertainment in stunning new devices. (Source: Intel Corporation)




With Intel 7th Generation core processors, there will be a lot of improvement in gaming and gamers can play their favorite games with smooth experience and with a single cord and graphics dock, UHD 4K monitors can be attached for top line gaming experience.

The new laptop having Intel 7th gen core processors will be thinner and lighter with better battery life.


Watch the video below to get to know more details about this beast.

Video credit: Intel Newsroom

Sources: VentureBeat and Intel Newsroom

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