Snapchat Deleted its Official Facebook Page

Snapchat has deleted its Facebook page and the reasons are untold by the company. A person close to the company told VentureBeat that Snapchat was not using its official Facebook page and it wasn’t updated for about two years.

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Facebook wanted to buy Snapchat.

Back in 2013, Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for $13bn but the offer was rejected by Snapchat’s founder Evan Spiegel. Snapchat continues to grow since then and now it has 100 million daily active users and gets 6 billion video views per day according to its advertising page. Snapchat’s facebook page had over 6.5 million likes before it was unpublished yet there wasn’t much activity on the page.

Facebook also launched a similar feature in Instagram, video stories which lasts for 24 hours and can be replayed unlimited number of times by your friends. Seems like Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t buy Snapchat but he’s still impressed with it.

The last post Snapchat made on its Facebook page was back in August 2013 (some sources say that last post was made in November 2013). Either way the page was pretty much dead. The existence of the page was forgotten by the company and when they stumbled upon it, the page was very much out dated so company decided its good for nothing and pulled it down.


Source: VentureBeat.

Author: Bilal Irfan

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