7 Best Free Apps for Amazon Firestick

Best Free Apps for Amazon Firestick

So you have just purchased an Amazon firestick and you have set it up but you are unsure, what are the best apps to install on the firestick, do not fret we have put together this article telling you which are some of the best apps to install.

1. ES File Explorer

You may be wondering what ES File Explorer is, well it’s the best file manager for your firestick or any android device on the market. This app allows you to do many things you can’t with the standard built-in file manager which is very limited.

You can install applications, delete and manage applications far easier then you can use any other file manager. But not only does it have great file manager tools you can also FTP into the app so you can import media or apps you may have downloaded from your laptop straight to the firestick making side loading and adding third party apps a breeze.

ES File explorer also allows you to set a network share up in your home network and also has Bluetooth where you can connect to the app via Bluetooth and send files and more back and forth from your Smartphone or any other Bluetooth device.

Another bonus with this app is it also has its own cloud storage meaning if you are running out of disk space on your firestick you can easily upload some files to the cloud to save space.

2. Strong IPTV App

There’s no question about what is the best streaming app for IPTV as this is a major reason people buy firesticks to allow them to watch live TV on their firestick. 

Premium IPTV providers are very handy as you get access to thousands of channels you wouldn’t normally be able to access and loads more bonus streaming goodies with them.

For the strong IPTV app to work you will need to buy a low cost IPTV subscription here and once purchased you will be able to use the app and enjoy all the many great features of IPTV services.

IPTV is growing and growing and with this the services are getting bigger and bigger giving you access to many worldwide channels and movies as well so you will want to add this app to your firestick bucket list.

3. Downloader App

This is a great little app as what it does it acts as a web browser so you can surf the web and download apps to your firestick. We mentioned before you can use ES File Explorer to side load applications onto your device but let’s face it sometimes this can be tricky to newcomers to firesticks or laptops to be messing around trying to set up FTP.

So with this app you can just install the app and then you can use its web browser and go to Google and put in android apps or what we find better is to browse the internet and search for apps you can download on your firestick and once you have the download URL link you can simply put it in the address bar inside the downloader app and press Go and it will automatically download and install any apps you find making life easy for you.

Here a little tip for finding more good apps to directly download with the downloader app. You can use a website called APKMirror to find all the best apps and games you may want for free which makes this a great way to build on the apps we have mentioned in this guide.

You can even go directly to APKMirror using downloader’s built in browser and search for apps on their website and click on download for any app or game you want. 

So downloader is certainly a powerful app for you firestck or fire TV and also any android TV box you may own.

4. Kodi

You may be aware of Kodi by now if not its one of the best media players you can use for your firestick, android device or PC. It’s like a app called VLC media player but better and you can play all media off it and it’s very intuitive with matching up the media with cool metadata. So this could be if you have an album on your firestick you have uploaded with ES File Explorer this will go out and match all the album cover art.

But this is only part of Kodi as what you will find is it allows 3rd party apps to be added so this opens the door to a wealth of special apps you can add inside Kodi. These apps range from movie apps, TV apps, music apps and much more cool apps.

You can also add something called builds to Kodi and these are like special operating systems inside Kodi that are already loaded with everything you could ever want from a streaming perspective. 

So make sure you look at Kodi builds online and see how to install these inside Kodi and you won’t be disappointed. But make sure you use a VPN if you will access Kodi 3rd party apps and builds. 

We have seen a shift in people using Kodi as sometimes the third party apps cannot work a lot of the time so many firestick users are now going down the IPTV road for the best streaming and movie viewing so this may be worth thinking about before you install Kodi.

5. AllCast for Fire TV

This app is a app that should be in every firestick arsenal of apps. With this app it allows you to cast anything from your Smartphone to your TV screen using the firestick as a projector in a sense. 

Let’s say you was playing a Facebook video on your phone and wanted to share what you was watching with everyone around you rather then all sitting cramped up trying to get a peek on your small Smartphone screen you can simply click on the cast symbol on your Smartphone screen and this will instantly cast whatever is showing on your phone to the TV so everyone can sit back and watch while you share you screen on the big TV.

Another bonus with this app is you can also link it up to your Google or Dropbox account allowing you to access any media you have saved to the cloud so you can watch it back on the big screen this is perfect for showing your family or friends your photos or videos.

6. Mouse Toggle

This app is a good app for when you upload apps to your firestick or use the Downloader app we mentioned to get apps. You will find that most apps work just fine with your firestick but there is around 10% of apps which you may download and you find you can’t move around inside a new app you have just side loaded on.

This is because the app was made for android which the firestick runs on android but it’s a slightly different android that’s built for the firestick specifically so this means you may one day bump into an app that doesn’t want to play ball with your friestick remote. 

So the simple fix for this is Mouse Toggle and this will allow you to double press the home button on the remote once inside the app you are having a issue with and you will see a little circle mouse curser on the screen so you can then just hold up, down, left or right to move the cursor just as if you was using a laptop or PC mouse so this app definitely comes in handy if you are adding a lot of apps from let’s say APKMirror having mouse toggle will be beneficial to make sure all 100% of apps and games are compatible.

7. RetroArch

Now, now, now we have saved one of the best apps to last especially if you were born around the 80’s and 90’s or you want to show your kids some of them old classic games you used to play as a child.

What RetroArch does is it acts an emulator which can emulate some of the best retro consoles around such as the Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, Super Snes and Dreamcast.

So if you ever have played the first Mario 64 that came out which believe it or not was the first 3D game to come out on a console you can enjoy old memories or let’s not forget games such as Alex the Kidd or Altered beast. (Are we talking you down memory lane)

We would say this app can be a little difficult to set up so it’s best to find a install and use guide on the internet as you will also need to know how to install the actual games and will need a joypad such as a playstation or Xbox controller you can set up wireless to the firestick or any other games controller you have.

Final Word

There you have it the 7 best apps for your new firestick so go ahead and add them to the stick and get the best out of your firestick and have some fun.

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