Acer Nitro 5 Bios Update [Necessary Precautions]

Acer Bios Update Safety Precautions

Acer Nitro 5 is a gaming laptop 1TB storage and AMD RX 560X or Nvidia 1050 graphics card loads dynamic in-game visuals and Full HD movies smoothly. The quad-core Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5  processor and 8GB of DDR4 RAM are the additional features. The weight is 5.95 lbs. and measures 1.1″ thin. The Windows 10 brings back the Windows 7 Start Menu. The battery lasts up to 5.5 hours and is made of lithium-ion material. The size of the screen is 15.6 inches with extraordinary Full HD LED Widescreen. The review rating of this model is excellent to get a 4.3 % satisfactory rate. The price is also nominal. Let’s come to the topic, Acer Bios update- Safety precautions.

Acer bios update

Acer bios update

Safety Precautions before updating Acer Nitro 5 Bios:

The following are the steps and safety precautions that are to be followed to prevent from getting stuck:

Turn On WiFi…

When you are planning to download the update, a WiFi or broadband connection is very much necessary. At the same time, the wifi settings are to be turned on for download sooner. Ensure the internet is connected without any hindrance.

• Download latest bios version from Acer Home site

Any download must be made from the respective brand site. Are you unaware of downloading? Just check out the procedure, it’s very simple. Open up your Google Chrome and in the toolbar, you can type as ‘Acer Nitro 5 Bios update’. On the site, you will find the ‘support’ page under which ‘Drives and Manuals’. Enter the serial number of your device in the provided column. Ensure that you download the next version of the software. Select the firmware or BIOS.

• To check the old version of the system for verification

Verify your computer older or present version in ‘Run’ and you can check the device configuration. The hardware and software details clearly. Now your downloading can be done with a confirmation.

• Ensure that your charger is plugged in

If the charge is less and stops in the middle; the update will not be complete and leads to several other problems.

• Fan-speed

It is necessary to know that the Fan speed must be normal.

•  Applications

All the running applications must be closed before downloading the new version.

•  The device should not be turned off.

Then the device must not be removed from the power supply until the process is complete.

 • Extract the File

 The file needs to be extracted from the site. The computer must be given a run to make sure that the download is a success.

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How to Update your Bios in Acer laptop:

As always, many do not see the battery life and charge percentage before upgrading leading to a big threat in such upgrading. There should always the best backup for all the data that your computer has. The next common safety verification is the peripheral connections such as USB drive, Printers are all disconnected before any Bios updating. Also, all the running programs, apps, websites are closed properly previously. It is always better to connect the AC adapter to the laptop while you are updating.

The general natural causes such as thunderstorms, power outages are not to be present when you plan an update. All the third party AV programs are to be uninstalled for better performance and faster installation.

Steps to Follow:

The basic steps are as follows:

Extract the correct BIOS file to the Desktop and download it,

open the folder where it is downloaded,

right click

Choose .exe file

Opt for “Run as Admin”,

Then follow the instructions as per the screen prompts in a pop-up

Though you’re charging is full no other buttons must be touched as it may cause the process to walk away from the laptop. It will boot the windows once the process is finished. It is always better to keep your laptop updated to use the best service. Also, the review is good for this BIOS update. As it is very useful for a lot of people in many ways, customers sometimes face problems.

If the updated version is not properly updated then, the system may be corrupted. This leads to the loosing of data when the backup is not proper. The positioning of the Bios merely depends on the motherboard. Finally, when the update is done the system will restart to fix the update in right place.

Thus, any update must not be missed thinking it will land in the problem. It is easy to enter BIOS at the time of boot up. Just press F2 key. This is the simple query many of us might have at the time of boot up. If you had to get the perfect name of your BIOS file with the help of Pheonix tool for the USB stick flashing procedure. If a system is rebooting it does not mean that the laptop will be working normally. It means the Windows is not uninstalled or reinstalled properly.

Acer Nitro 5 Nitro Sense Install:

Many Acer nitro 5 laptop facing nitro sense not opening error, it will be solved shortly, read below,

First, Uninstalled both Acer Nitro sense and Acer nitro sense service apps

Next step is to Reboot. Generally, with this step, the problems during installation will be corrected

Download the latest Nitro sense drivers from the support page

Run the setup.exe first. It will install only Acer Nitro sense services and applications.

Move on to the folder “v3.01.3000” found in the same driver’s folder and first install all apps named “.NET native Framework” and “VCLibs” [both x64 and x86] according to your configuration this must be selected.

One or more apps will fail giving errors like “the resources which it modifies are currently in use”. Ignore it.

The next procedure is to install the last one ‘APPXBUNDLE” type. You must make sure to select the “launch when ready” column.
Now NitroSense should open properly without any hindrances. If these above steps do not work properly, it is better to reboot once and follow the same procedure. If the problem still continues just send intimation to the respective person and make a proper set-up.

Final Words:

Generally when there are updates such issue arises as our processing way might be a little different but later it will resolve.

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