All About Instagram – Why do we have to use it?

All About Instagram

As you’ve already realized, and that’s why you’re here, Instagram is one of the emerging social networks that most socio-addicts has obtained in recent times. It is said that Instagram generates 58% more likes than Facebook and 120% more than Twitter.

It’s the fashion social network. Of that there is no doubt. But have you stopped to analyze its origins, its evolution and the world of possibilities at the level of sales and personal brand that opens with it?

I do, and I want to show you my conclusions throughout this online course that you just started and that will help you to become an Instagram expert and, above all, to get performance from this social network that does not stop growing.

all about instagram

All about Instagram

Origin and evolution of Instagram

Instagram began at the end of 2010 and today has more than 800 million active users who upload photos and videos every minute. It is said fast, but this figure is equivalent to 66.87% of the world population.

Again, almost 67% of the world’s population uses Instagram to upload photos, but also to give likes and follow other accounts.

Although it is possible to use it on other devices, Instagram was designed to be a fun app in which to upload and share creative photos to which advanced digital filters are applied.

And its loyal users love this. The fact of having a platform to upload photographs and, since last June, a platform in which they also offer you the possibility of uploading videos of up to 60 seconds completely free of charge – they have been a “boom” in the world of social networks –


As of 2019, Instagram released TikTok-Inspired “Reels” Mode to increase engagement of TikTok Audience.

As of November 22, 2016, Instagram Stories allows you to upload videos in streaming (live videos).

Do you remember the beginnings of the selfie? Maybe you have already forgotten, but they were forged on Instagram. And it is important to make it clear.

Such has been the success of Instagram that even Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, became interested in the social network of filters and photographs. And he became so interested that he now belongs to the same “likes” company since April of 2012, when he bought it for $ 1,000,000.

In addition, since the acquisition by Facebook it is possible to connect the profile or Facebook page with the Instagram profile and share the same content, which is quite an advance for companies and businesses present in social networks to reduce the time of publication.

This integration allows you to manage the ad campaigns on both platforms under a single tool (we will see it later in the Instagram Ads class) as well as many other advantages that we will see in the Business Accounts class.

Do you know what is so successful about?

Probably at this point you are wondering how a social network could have been so successful in that you can do the same things as with Facebook and an image editing application, right.

Well, it’s just this last thing that makes Instagram different. In a single app you have the power to upload a photo, apply filters and share it with the users that follow you.

And not only that. Those who look for more looks and cause printing also include hashtags so that their photographs can be easily found by any user in the community. And if it does not work, they can always be shared in groups to get as many visits as possible. A good way to buy real Instagram followers is to visit ActiveIG and buy with complete satisfaction.

Because here one thing is clear: on Instagram what counts are looks. The more people who see your photos and become interested in them, the more successful you will be. And if that serves to meet people related to your tastes, even better.

If to all the above we add the large number of celebrities from all the countries that are on Instagram and upload photos of their day to day and their personal lives, the interest of users in this social network soars even more.

Until now we could read our celebrities on Facebook and Twitter, uploading some sporadic photography or reviewing some current issue. But now we have them uploading pictures of themselves and their surroundings every day on Instagram.

Also, with Instagram Stories we can see them live! And you can comment on those photos! If you put yourself in the shoes of a teenage user (and not so teenagers), this is the bomb. There’s no more.

Advantages of using Instagram for business

  • If you are here I imagine that you are already aware that Instagram should not be lacking in your content strategy. Instagram is not just a perfect social network on an individual basis.
  • This social network offers many opportunities to small and large companies, and I want you to learn it.
  • Although there is a lot of competition, it is easy to differentiate yourself and make yourself known.
  • There are more than 800 million registered and active users with an open mind to receive visual information. The most common profile is that of women under 40 technologically active.
  • It is a great way to communicate with users, potential customers and customers loyal to your brand.
  • It is a reference of inspiration for many people.

In short: why do you have to include Instagram in your digital marketing strategy?

  •  It is a very visual social network that allows you to connect quickly and easily with your audience.
  • Because on Instagram you can encourage the creation of content for your brand.
  •  It is close and you can create an active community interested in your topic.
  •  Because each of the 800 million active users of Instagram spend about 20 minutes a day on the application as an average.

Therefore, if you have a business in the art, fashion, design, architecture or similar sector, you cannot miss this network because you have assured success. However, if you dedicate yourself to other sectors throughout the course you will see how to get the most out of your account.

“It’s not good to be on Snapchat or on Pinterest. You have to be on Instagram. ”

What’s more, if you are creating a personal or professional brand on the Internet, it is highly recommended that you use Instagram to reach more users interested in what you do and what you share , rather than using other social networks.

Response in this social network of photographs is immediate

1. The emotional component of Instagram

If on Twitter we know that the ingenuity and intelligence to create an attractive copy in 140 characters is essential to unleash the action in the social network of the bird, on Instagram we talk about the emotional terrain and the power of an image in front of words to awaken the interest of the looks.

The photograph must reach directly to the retina of the user who is in front of his phone watching thousands of images shared by millions of users.

Note this: The photograph that is going to impress the user must be original, spontaneous and different.

2. It must catch the attention coming directly to the user’s emotions.

It must thrill.

3. And that does not happen in all social networks.

Since emotions are a fundamental level of advertising and communication we are facing a social network with many possibilities that we cannot miss. Having the opportunity for other users to know your world through their eyes, store memories in image format or want new products just because you have created a need through their visual sense is simply a unique opportunity for the world of digital marketing.

All about Instagram

The most important thing is that Instagram is the app that generates more conversations between users and is the social network that produces more likes of the moment.

In 2017 Instagram has 800 million active users per month, a record in social networks.Using hashtags boosts the number of views of your photos.Sharing your posts multiplies the probability of success of your account.

The secret of Instagram are the stories it tells. You must awaken an emotion with your publications.Well, go, so much talk is over .we started the practical part in the next class.

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