Spyzie vs Xnspy : Spyzie Really Worth to Buy

Android Spying App

There is a huge competition among Android spying app in the market since they are now coming with advanced technology and usability. As a consumer, you would be in search of an app that’s reliable. And of course, affordable. Among the many apps that have taken the lead in the market,some may say xnspy and many will recommend Spyzie is worth to consider. Which one is the best? That’s pretty much a question every consumer has in mind.

Android Spying App

Read the review below to find that out and make the right decision:               

Spyzie – Best Android Spying App


Spyzie is the best Android spying app known for its premium spying features. It lets you spy on smartphones and tablets remotely.

Due to the wide range of features it offers, Spyzie is used by parents, employees and even partners to monitor each other.

You just have to download it, follow the easy installation steps, and you are ready to monitor whatever you want on the target device.

Spyzie is an easy-to-use software even with its plethora of features. Let’s have a look at some of the features in detail.


1. Call History

2. Text Messages

3Track GPS Location

4. Monitor Phone calls

5. Instant Messenger

6. Email and Online activities

7. Record Phone calls

8. Remote control

9. Browser History

10. View Installed Apps

11. Key logger

12. Wi-Fi Logger

13. Tracking with Social Apps

14. Schedule Restriction

1. View call history

Spyzie  allow You to view the complete call history i.e. incoming, outgoing, missed and rejected calls on the target phone.

2. Track text messages

You can view the sent and received messages, download media attachments available within the text messages and also analyze the messages history too.

3. Track GPS location

Spyzie  allow You to monitor the real-time location of the device and even track their past locations. It also supports GEO-fencing.

4. Monitor phone calls and messages

You can view the entire call log of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, view sent and received text messages and even watch list certain contacts.

5. Access instant messenger chats and multimedia

Spyzie is quite a complete social media tracking solution. It offers extensive instant messaging monitoring on Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Instagram, Tinder, Kik, and Skype. You can also view the multimedia files sent via these messaging apps.

6. Read emails and online activities

Spyzie lets you monitor the emails on the default email app of the phone and view the web browsing history on the default browser of the phone. You can also monitor bookmarks and get alerts on specific words. Wi-Fi connection history is also available.

7. Record phone calls and surroundings

Spyzie  automatically records all the phone calls on the target device so you can listen to them anytime you want. It also lets you send a remote command to the phone and record its surroundings.

8. Remotely control the target phone

You can lock the phone, view installed apps list, take live screenshots, block certain apps, and remotely wipe the device’s data.

9. Check browser history

You can view the saved bookmarks on the target device and browser history to see what they read or watch online.

10. View installed apps

Spyzie  lets you view the apps installed on the target device along with their installation dates.

11. Key logger

Spyzies's key logger lets you monitor keystrokes on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype and Facebook Messenger.

Others features include 24/7 alerts, viewing calendar entries and photos and videos downloaded on the target device.

12. Wi-Fi logger

It gives you details about the past Wi-Fi connections of the device.

13. Tracking with Social Apps

Spyzies supports social media monitoring on WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Snap chat, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Viber, Instagram and Tinder. You will be able to view the sent and received messages along with time and date stamps.

14. Schedule restriction

You can schedule a time to restrict the mobile phone usage with this feature. It’s best for parents who want to control screen time for their kids.

Other than these features, you can also access crucial information from the target phone such as voice memos, reminders, notes, emails, and calendar activities. You can also set keyword alerts to watch out for specific activities.

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Spyzie supports on all Android version.


Spyzie has two Editions: Premium Edition and Ultimate Edition. The Premium Edition costs just $29.99 a month and the Ultimate Edition costs $39.99 a month.

It is also available in 3 months and one-year license.

Pros and Cons


• Spyzie is a basic to advanced Android spying app, which makes it a great fit for all spying needs.

• Its easy to Afford.

• It cost less compared to xnspy.

• It is very user-friendly.

• Spyzie app monitors almost everything.

• It is compatible with all android device.

• The setup process is easy.

• The customer support can also install the app for you on your target device.


• It dont have free version, But it offer 3 month pack.


xnspy worst spying app

xnspy is a remote monitoring app for mobile devices geared towards spying on children and younger teens.  Sometimes its used for business owners to monitor their employees.

It is packed with few features to track the activity of a smartphone from your device.

xnspy must be installed on the target device which you want to monitor. Once you have installed and setup the app, you will only able to see some information like messages and  call logs only  via your xnspy web account.


1. Monitor Phone calls

2. Instant Messenger

3Track GPS Location

4. Email and Online activities

5. Record Phone calls

6. Key logger

1. Monitor phone calls and messages

You can view the call log of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

2. Access messenger chats 

It allow you to monitor  only Facebook messenger & WhatsApp. But  famous social media's like Viber, Line, Instagram, Tinder, Kik, and Skype will not supported by xnspy.

3. Track GPS location

You can monitor the location of the target device, view the location history with some restriction.

4. Read emails and online activities

It lets you monitor the emails on the default email app of the phone and view the web browsing history on the default browser of the phone.

5. Record phone calls and surroundings

It records phone calls on the target device , but this feature will be in premium pack only.

6. Key logger

The key logger feature lets you record keystrokes on the messages.


It is compatible with only  Android Oreo only.


Xnspy has two editions: Basic and Premium. The price of the Basic Edition is $58.33 a month and that of the Premium Edition is whooping $112.49 a month.

Pros and Cons


• Xnspy is a basic Android spying app, which makes ok  for some spying needs.

• It is easy to install , But the customer support is bit worst .


• It does not offer a trial version.

• Some customers have complained that the app slows down at time.

• It’s pricey as compared to other Android spying app.

• Its not easy to afford.

What’s the verdict?

You must have observed that what exactly both offered. This is exactly why lots of buyers don’t know which android spying app to pick. Well, it totally depends on your budget and spying needs. Given the comparison of both these apps, Spyzie  seems to be the wiser choice. Here is why:

  • First of all, it is affordable. xnspy most affordable package costs $58.33 a month whereas Xnspy’s starts from $29.99 and the difference is huge.
  • xnspy is more of a parental control app whereas Spyzie is a complete spying solution. For instance, both the apps support social media spying but Xnspy only lets you read the chats. Spyzie, on the other hand, does not just let you read the chats, but also view the multimedia files exchanged via the IMs. Similarly, xnspy also has a key logger but it does not work as fine as that of Spyzie.
  • Likewise, Xnspy does not support call recording and surrounding recording but Spyzie does.

So, long story short: Spyzie is a perfect android spying app if you are looking for affordability and reliable spying features. Plus, it is pretty easy to use.

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