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Apeman Camera – Trailcampro


No matter you are a professional photographer or not, getting the best shot is all that matters. For best results, all you need is the best trail camera 2019. So, here I bought for you one of the best trail cameras. Apeman Camera the best of its user’s choice. Apeman is one of the trusted company producing the best trail camera with minimum price and maximum features.

No matter you are looking for security, wildlife photography or just for capturing simple shots, Apeman camera are best for all these purposes.

Getting the best reviews on Amazon, Apeman secures its place is rated one of the best trail cameras among all.

Some Features which makes Apeman camera different from others

1. High-Quality Photos and Videos

This game camera captures 12 megapixels clear images and high qualities videos with clear sound.

The camera is used for many purposes like security, games, wildlife photography etc.

Apeman camera didn’t leave even a single moment without capturing it which makes it the best game camera of all time.

This trail camera captures clear images which are really beneficial for the security of your property.

The camera clicks clear pictures in daytime and even at night time as well which means it comes with night vision, but the pictures clicked in night time are black and white.


2. Motion detection and multi-shots

Every motion or any moment within the range of the camera is detected and every time a shot is captured. Not even a single shot will be missed by the camera.

The camera has a feature called multi-shots which click 3 photos per detection. Not even a single moment of yours will be missed by this camera.

It also assures you the best pictures clicked which you can select everytime from the 3 shots clicked. This feature is mostly used while gaming.

Which makes the Apeman camera the best trail camera of 2018.


3. Fully Automatic IR filter

The camera has a 940 nm Invisible Infrared Technology with fully automatic IR filter.

This trail camera can capture the natural shots of wildlife animals, as well as natural shots of the gamers, can be captured by using infrared flash illumination technology which is equipped with equipped with 26 LEDs.

The LED’s uses infrared flash illumination by which the flash will not affect your eyes. Even the animals can not discover that their pics are being clicked and the best shot will be captured.

This feature adds ups to the value of camera which makes it the best game camera. Its IR flash ranges up to 20 meters (65 ft).


apeman camera - trailcampro


Essential Features of Apeman camera – Trialcampro

1. Waterproof and compact and sturdy

This camera includes IP66 waterproof, dustproof, drop proof and rainproof technology. This trail camera is compact and sturdy as it is covered with a waterproof plastic case.

This case increases the longevity of the camera in all type of seasons. Whether it is rain, dust or air.

With the help of that plastic case, the camera can survive in every environment whether it is deserts or the rain forest.


2. Threaded tripod and mounting strap

Tripod is the covering which holds the camera, and mounting straps is the strap which helps to tie up the trail camera with the tree or any other thing.

This camera is easy to install at any place and can be placed in another place in just 2 minutes.


Speed and power consumption

1. Trigger speed and range

This camera is loaded with fast 0.5 seconds of trigger speed which ensures that the shot is captured accurately within no time.

The trigger range is 20 meters (65 ft) which means it can detect every motion within 20 meters and can capture the perfect shot with clear picture quality.

2. Power consumption

The camera’s battery is long lasting, it is a wireless trail camera of course.

Its battery has a long backup, you can have lots of pictures and videos in the meantime.

At standby mode the camera lasts, even more, its use can be extended to even 6 months at standby mode.


Other multiple functions and physical features of Apeman camera

1. Multiple Function

The camera has many additional features like time stamp including Moon phase/pressure/temperature which controls the external temperature and pressure on the camera.

Timer, real-time replay, as well as there hybrid mode, is there to provide you with the additional facilities.

All these features make Apeman camera the best game camera, beyond your expectation.


2. Physical Features

Camera’s dimensions are 7.1 x 4.3 x 3.5 inches. It is also very light weighted, it weights just 1.43 pounds

Its matching colour, lightweight, and small size make the camera unidentified and easily hidden.


Which is better CCTV or Trailcampro

A CCTV camera once installs, will work continuously and record each and every moment. It doesn’t matter whether the moment is needed to capture or not.

Whereas A Trail camera will record only those moments which are essential.

A CCTV camera works continuously work and records the whole time, which consumes lots of battery.

But talking about a trial camera (trialcampro) it can be put to a stand by mode, which saves lots of battery.


• High-Quality pictures and videos

• Motion Detection

• Multi-Shots

• Fully Automatic IR filter

• Waterproof, compact and sturdy

• High trigger speed and long range

• Other Multiple Function

• Durable

• Security and safety


• Can be affected by sun rays, but this problem can be solved by setting the angle against sun rays

• The range of the camera is limited, but it covers a large area so it isn’t a very big problem

Final Words About Apeman Camera -Trailcampro

According to me, This Camera is super cool. It doesn’t matter you are looking for safety, games or for photography.

This camera is always up to its mark and always satisfies the customers. The camera is durable, lenient and with the best quality.

with all these great features this camera is counted as one of the best wireless cameras.

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