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There are some people who like to do it all and then there is May Star. She produces/ organizes/ promotes fashion shows that are also dance parties, choose hair and makeup artists for the models at these events, designers, DJs, and jewelry vendors. She also designs her own clothing line, and her own flyers and websites to her events, and in her spare time, she models and acts in music videos/short films.

Whew. That is some list.

May Star may seem like some kind of hip over-achiever, but when asked what is it like modeling, club promoting, and opening her own fashion line in San Diego, she said that it’s a lot tougher than it looks.

Fashion and Music

With so much on her hands, you would think she wouldn’t have time to keep a band going. But, yes, May Star plays a very vital part in her band Maystar. Music being her first love, (she started making up her own songs at age five), May Star believes that the first two main components of her career, fashion and music are closely interlinked.

“Music inspires fashion and fashion tries to marry music,” said May Star. “My art has combined the two into one complete product, almost like a theatre-piece.”

May Star’s band exemplify this statement. Her live shows have a theatrical feel to them with costume changes and custom lighting. The mini-platform that they perform on lights up as a screen where she and band member, Abe DeLeon, perform as shadows for one particular song with red and blue backlighting. One costume change you might expect from May Star is a doll piece that is best described as eerie. Dressed in a black tutu, ballet slippers, lace over nude bandages for a top, and an occasional black mask, she also dons an antique parasol in her hand. With steady soft depressing music playing in the background you can either expect to be creeped out or extremely depressed. Either way you can expect to find yourself experiencing something deeply personal and unique.

May Star’s Other Brain Child: FashionWhore

FashionWhore is an event May Star started when she got inspired by the underground electroclash clubs in LA of 2003.

“I wanted to bring the feel of those clubs to San Diego, so I added theme nights and a fashion show to try to get my guests to look more like the people that attended those clubs.”

Her guests not unlike the paper dolls she dressed when she was seven, May Star’s parties has evolved from the tea parties she once held since then. Although she still keeps young by dancing with the 18 and 20 year-olds in Pop Noir, FashionWhore’s sister event, which got started after a few 18 year-olds asked her to start an event designed to especially cater to the 18 plus crowd, is another dance-fare where guests may spend their entire night on the dance floor.

Some of the music you might hear at one of May Star’s events are electro-beat, nu-dusco, indie, nu-80’s, and the like. But if you want to DJ at FashionWhore/Pop Noir, that is a whole different story.

“So far, I’ve mostly only let really good friends DJ, who also are very skilled in playing the right songs that make people dance, who don’t play the long pauses in songs and who don’t train-wreck,” she said.

But if you are someone who just wants to have a good time, join the list of scenesters who frequent May Star’s events, which is almost as long as May Star’s resume.

The In-Crowd

“My crowd is actually a blend of everyone. hipsters, scenesters, indie muscians, gay kids, myspace kids, the fashion crowd, the old punk/goth/rockabilly/80’s crowd, normal people, and everything inbetween,” said May Star.

When asked how does club promoting affect her music and vice versa, she says that club promoting helps give her a base to promote her music, as does modeling.

“But at the same time,” May Star commented, “I think the two may damage my music in the eyes of target-fans because our music is real, and the fans see the modeling and club promotion as too commercial or fake, even though it’s not commercial at all.

But for fans who are into just Maystar as a band that is fine too. Her band will be releasing a new album soon. With ten songs to the album, May Star is in no hurry to promote her album just yet.

“We are taking our time to get the sound we want,” said May Star,” I still haven’t been able to decide on a name for it, but I did finish the album art.”

And that my friends is the understatement of the year. With club promoting, modeling, designing, and music on the line, May Star does seem to have her hands full. But that doesn’t seem to faze her.


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