Top 10 Basic Castle Clash Tips For Beginners

Top 10 Castle clash Tips: Castle Clash Guide for beginners

As well as other popular strategy games, Castle Clash has many tricks that are difficult to understand at the start of the game when you are just getting familiar with it. But to help you understand the mechanics of the game we published these Castle Clash tips where in addition to finding information that will help you understand the game, Basic Castle Clash Guide for beginners: A guide is included that shows the most effective way to start playing Castle Clash.

If you have little time playing Castle Clash, maybe you already told yourself: I would have liked not to spend my gems on improvements, I wish I had known what heroes to hire or I would like to know what improvements to do first. But it’s still not late, The 10 Best Basic Castle Clash Guide for beginners, will show you several tricks and valuable tips so that you get the most out of your game.


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Let’s see it brief,

1. Do not Waste badges for hiring heroes

You will never obtain legendary heroes by hiring them with badges of honor (technically it is possible but the probability is practically zero). The badges will be very necessary later in the game I have even recommended you buy the daily offer of 1000 badges for 50 gems.

Spending the gems that you get for free in badges will make it possible to hire fewer heroes with gems at the beginning of the game but at this stage you will not need too many heroes.


2. Do not try to defend yourself in the Arena

While you cannot place yourself in the top 1000 (it will be a long time for you to achieve it), you will earn many more badges per hour while maintaining a lower ranking and fighting weaker opponents.


3. Get five builders as soon as possible

You will soon notice that all the improvements will take days to complete. The sooner you can get a third, fourth and fifth constructor, the faster you progress in the game and the less time you lose in the initial stage of the game.

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4. Do not waste your gems on heroes talent

The probability that you get a good talent is very low and until you get at least 6 legendary heroes (particularly those heroes that you cannot buy with fragments).

the gems will be better used for that moderate opportunity to hire a new legendary hero. Also, do not waste your gems on accelerating building improvements.


5. Join an alliance.

Even if you can only participate in the Boss, this will represent a great source of badges. There are many alliances looking for good players!

6. Do The Daily Quest

They don’t take long and they are the best way to earn some gems every day. 30 Gems each day adds up quickly so make sure to do all four of these quests every day.


7. Priority of Heroes

Some of the most powerful heroes of a furious castle are Prince Pumpkin, Cupid and Druid. Unfortunately, Druid will not be very easy to obtain until after a month of entering the game. The healer Druid is essential and none of the other healers remotely approach her healing power.

Another much-desired hero is the Golden Thunder, which has a spectacular special ability and has very good damage points, PS, attack frequency and movement speed.

In addition to the heroes already mentioned, the other options will depend on your preferences. If you want to focus on the Arena, you could use Snowzilla, Immortep, Minotauro or a Succubus. For the battle of the boss, you will need a Champion.


8. Tapjoy is your friend

If you are looking to not spend money on the game, tapjoy promotions can help you collect some gems. Keep in mind that sometimes promotions that offer more gems will want you to spend money or take some time to complete them.


9. Do not waste time improving other troops 

At the beginning of the game, it is very tempting to improve all kinds of troops but you can end up wasting weeks improving troops that you will never use. The Hunters and the Centaurs could be another option but soon notice how most players use the Griffins and pyromancers.


10. Enter the game often

By the mere fact of entering Furious Castle once a day, you will earn more than 50 gems a day, eventually two legendary heroes, badges of honor and some other items.

Entering the game several times a day will allow you to not miss opportunities in the Arena, waves of Make Monsters and Dungeons. But do not spend too much time playing to lose interest in the game as there is much more fun as you advance.

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Final words

Follow all the Basic Castle Clash Guide for beginners and you’ll soon be clashing with the best of them. Please post a comment if I left anything out. Thanks!

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