Basic Strategies for winning in Quick Checkers

For a game that was first played thousands of years ago, checkers, otherwise known as draughts, is still one of the most loved and widely played board games in the world.

Despite having several variations, such as American Checkers/English Draughts, International Checkers, Brazilian Checkers, Turkish Dama, Spanish Draughts and Russian Checkers, the basic rules cut across all variations of this classic board game.

Given that Quick Checkers, a free online checkers game for Android and iOS, allows you to challenge yourself against any opponent across the globe, these basic winning strategies could certainly come in handy:

advancing pieces at the centre

Control the centre

For someone new to the game, placing checkers pieces on the edges seems like a reasonable thing to do, as they cannot be captured. However, advancing pieces at the centre of the board could force your opponent to edges and also help keep your option opens. This increases your chances of capturing more of your opponent’s pieces.

Advance en Masse

Some players often advance with a single checkers piece as a way of preventing other pieces from being captured. That strategy will however work against you, as your pieces will end up being captured one by one.

Therefore, the best strategy would be to advance in groups. That way, you’ll be able to press forward and evade capture thanks to the backup received from the nearby checkers pieces.

king row Basic Strategies Basic Strategies for winning in Quick Checkers Basic Strategies for winning in Quick Checkersfor winning in Quick Checkers

Get your pieces to the opponent’s king row

It goes without saying that having Kinged pieces will play to your advantage, since they have more options of capturing and advancing.

As you advance en masse, you should always be willing to create forced moves and sacrifice some of your pieces, if it works to your advantage.

Since your priority is to get your checkers pieces to the final row and earn promotion, always be willing to sacrifice pieces, as it can sometimes clear your path and help you earn promotion.

The more Kinged pieces you have, the higher your chances of capturing more of your opponent’s pieces.

Trading pieces is however advisable when you are ahead.

Keep your king row intact

Kinged pieces are quite powerful and flexible and it’s important to keep your king row intact for as long as possible. This is because your opponent won’t be able to have any of their checkers pieces promoted to a King if you have a compact king row.

Ideally, pieces in your king row should only be moved when the need arises.

Lookout for Kings in the Endgame

Capturing is inevitable in checkers and both players are bound to find themselves with a few pieces left on the board.

In such a scenario, always try and prevent your opponent from getting a kinged piece. Trading pieces at this point isn’t advisable if it results in your opponent beating you at getting a Kinged piece.

Download Quick Checkers at the App Store and Google Play Store and apply these winning strategies now!


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