All You Need To Know About Print Server and Its setup and benefits

Print Server

Printing is one of the most crucial operations for every organization. A business can decide to use any of the diverse configurations to set up its print environment in line with the office needs. One such strategy is to use print server software that involves connecting computers and printers using a physical server.

But what exactly should you know when it comes to setting up a print server?

Benefits of Print Server
Benefits of Print Server

What Is a print server?

A device that uses a network to link computers with printers is referred to as a print server. In this case, a computer is used to send jobs to the server. The server, in turn, forwards every received print job to a designated printer.
A print server has a lot of potential for businesses that have demanding print environments. This is especially true for organizations that work with a lot of printers. With a centralized printing configuration, this approach grants all computers access to a printer using a single network. It also ensures that printing jobs are lined up in queues to avoid overloading each printer.

The benefits of a print server

Within the past couple of decades, print servers have gained significant momentum. If you’re wondering why that’s the case, it’s simply down to the several advantages that they bring to the business print operation. There are lots of things that an office can accomplish by using a print server, and here are some of them:

4 Benefits of Print Server
1. Central management is more seamless

  1. Fewer devices equal lesser costs
    1. Businesses can handle large print volumes better
    2. 4. Improved security

1. Central management is more seamless

Modern servers today are equipped with print server software. This helps administrators to manage a print environment centrally. Remember that in this configuration, every print job does not go to the printer directly but is first received by the server. Monitoring is, therefore, easier, and the administrator can seamlessly implement better control over the environment. The admin can also introduce stricter printer settings where necessary.

2. Fewer devices equal lesser costs

The job of a print server is to oversee the rate at which print jobs flow to the printers. This means that an office could decide to have just a few devices since every user does not require an individual printer in such a setting. That way, you have a more simplified print environment. Operation costs are further lowered because there will be no need for an office to procure so many print supplies to manage and maintain many devices.

3. Businesses can handle large print volumes better

Print jobs are queued on the server and will only be forwarded to the printer at the right time. If the printer isn’t ready, the print server maintains the queue. So, you do not have to bother about network jams arising from an overload of print jobs on a particular printer.

4. Improved security

You know that printers usually have to deal with a lot of data, most of which are sensitive. Yet, they are not always monitored to ensure that they are secure. This is where a print server software comes in. The device can be secured and can also assist in separating computers from printers on a particular network.

Consider setting up a print server today

Getting a print server setup can help to create a more efficient print environment. It offers many advantages and is a great strategy for businesses that is worth the effort.

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