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Gaming and its growing popularity

If we name two things that youth loves in every corner of the world, these are the social media and video gaming. The main reason for the popularity of video gaming is that it provides a real competition platform for kids and young adults. They don’t have to put the much physical effort in this mode. Therefore, it’s the alternative to the outdoor sports, and its popularity is growing day by day.

Online Gaming is the new King of the gaming world

Thanks to the evolution of technology, gaming has also been provided in various manners. Some of which are traditional ways like Xbox gaming platform. But a new approach has emerged as the most famous gaming platform in the youth and that is online gaming.

Best cheap internet for gaming

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As social media has grown, so is the online gaming. Now, everybody can play games on social media sites for free using their social profiles. Also, there are many websites which offer online gaming & games codes for free and on cost. Some of the most played online games are:

Online Games

1. FIFA 18

2. World of Warcraft

3. League of Legends

4. DOTA 2

5. Counter-Strike

Mobile Gaming with Advanced Features

These days, smartphones have been enjoying the fame on the peak. A significant factor to this popularity is gaming experience. Smartphones provide countless games from every category. Most of them are free, and some are paid. Most of them require an Best cheap internet for gaming. These games offer an experience no less than PC. The games are made using the hardware specifications of mobile phones.

Multi-Player Gaming 

Online gaming has also develops a unique instinct among the gamers. It has provided the multi-player facility just like any physical contest. Through this feature, gamers can play with anyone situated anywhere in the world. Multi-player gaming creates a unique world level competition between the players rather than just a local tournament as it happens in the physical sports. Now, every single game on smartphone and web provides this feature. So we can say for sure that multi-player gaming is reshaping the concept of gaming.

Internet Requirement for Online Gaming 

As online games are now in trend, we should first know that what type of internet is required for this purpose? Usually, online needs an Best cheap internet for gaming with these criteria:

  • Download Speed 3-6 Mbps
  • Upload Speed 1-3 Mbps
  • Ping Rate (Latency) 100-150 msr
  • This rate is for regular gaming. For high graphics gaming, you need the Best cheap internet for gaming with a download speed of higher than 30 Mbps.

Charter High-Speed Internet & Best cheap internet for gaming

Best internet for gamingThere are many internet providers in the US To provide Best cheap internet for gaming. All of them provide internet at a different price with different features. One of the top providers is Charter Spectrum. The primary function of its service is affordability. With a lower rate, it gives high speed and reliable internet to the customers. Minimum speed that residential customers get is 60 Mbps which is enough for playing an online game.

Play like a Pro with Ultra Speed

Although Charter normal internet speed for home users is enough for gaming purposes, a professional gamer may need an internet connection higher than the average rate. Professional players play games using the latest gaming equipment with an extreme level of competition. So they need a reliable ultra-speed & Best cheap internet for gaming . Charter has also been successful in this aspect as it has special high-speed internet offers which are designed for professional gamers.

Here’s a look on these exclusive packages. 


This Package provides

• 100 Mbps download speed

• 4x faster than other providers

• 10 Mbps upload speed

Ultra Internet

This Package provides

• 300 Mbps download speed

• 16x faster than other providers

• 20 Mbps upload speed 

Gig Internet

This Package provides

• Gig (940 Mbps) download speed

• 35x faster than other providers

• 35 Mbps upload speed 

Unlimited Data for Unlimited Gaming

Online gaming consumes a lot of data. It can be a costly habit if you have limited data every month. Charter has placed no such restriction on its users. It gives unlimited internet data.

1. Free Home WiFi for All

Smartphones require a Wireless connection. Charter provides free wifi adapter for pc to the residential customers with free installation in the package. Through this, everybody can connect all of their devices.

2. Home Network for Mutual Gaming

Having the Wi-Fi at home also creates many other opportunities. One of them is to establish own private network for gaming. Through Charter secure Wi-Fi network, everybody in the house can connect to this network and then play any multi-player game.

3. Gaming Continues Outsied Home

Charter is not limited to just giving free Wi-Fi at home. It also provides free Wi-Fi hotspot at public places. It has an extensive nationwide network of these hotspots. Its hotspot is available as "Spectrum Wi-Fi" or "Charter Wi-Fi." Customers can use the hotspot using their Spectrum ID and password. Hence, online gaming continues outside the home.

4. Significance of Network Reliablity in Gaming 

If we ask gamers about things that are essential for the continuous smooth gaming experience, network reliability would be on top of the list. If players cannot have a stable network, they will not play the games efficiently leading to annoying them. Charter is reliable in this context as it does not provide any delay or slow speed.

Enhance the Passion with Sports Channels

Besides the internet, there is another way through which game lovers can increase their passion. Being the gamers, they must be fond of sports. Like if a kid plays a football game on a smartphone, then he also loves to watch the NFL. Charter increases the gamer's passion through Charter Spectrum TV. It provides favorite sports channels like ESPN, ESPN 2, Fox Sports, NFL Network, and SEC Network.

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