Best Email Finder And Email Verifier Tools: Review

Best Email Finder And Email Verifier Tool:

There are a lot of problems that one might face when doing email marketing. For instance, to find emails, to manage them, etc. All this takes much time and resources. If you are someone who is doing business for quite a while, then you already know how vital it is to find the email address of the right person.

So you need the best email finder and email verifier tools to perform the work quickly. One such tool is It can be implemented for better and more sophisticated growth of any online business.

Best Email Finder

What is is a lead generation and cold outreach tool for those businesses that want to acquire new clients to achieve success and better business growth. Recruiters, HRs, job seekers, online marketers, bloggers, and SEO experts use this web app with their extensions. Basically, it stands out as an easy-to-use platform that is set to face the needs of entities that require high-quality leads for their marketing and sales generation activities.

This is an all-in-one tool set that helps you find email addresses from any website or social network profile, find leads by domain, find emails by knowing a company name, etc. also works as a standalone email address verifier, making your email contact list bounce-free.

Also, the platform provides you with an email drip campaign feature which allows sending automated triggered emails to addresses you’ve found or have already got.

Find emails

For sales, marketers, and HR managers an email finder is a necessity. Being in sales and marketing, you keep on hunting for new business and connections. Searching for the right emails manually is a very time-consuming and frustrating approach. Here tool helps to find the correct business emails and right people to email, build a network, and set up new business connections immediately and effectively.

The platform offers two ways of using their finder: the Google Chrome extension and the web application. The first one grabs email addresses on any website you visit. There is no need to switch between endless platforms and tabs or software. Just download the extension, go to a website, click the Email Finder extension icon and get the addresses.

From there, you can save them into a prospect list or send an email to people right away.



The web app provides you with some other awesome options, like domain search, bulk domain search, company profile search, social URL search, emails from names search, and Linker.

Just go to your account and click the Tools tab and in the drop-down menu choose the  option you need.


Now, let’s have a look at a particular one –  Boolean search or Linker. This one is quite handy when you want to find the right candidates by filters or exclude certain jobs and skills.

Click the Linker button.

tools 2

Enter the job title, skills, and location. Add as many skills and jobs as you need and exclude some if you need.


Right bellow, you will get links to the places where you can find the most suitable candidates with the required skills.


Then, choose any link you want and start selecting leads out of the list.


Check the email validity

With an email checker tool, you will no longer have to worry about getting the emails into the Inbox. With Email Verifier, you can delete the invalid email addresses from the list. Go to the application, log in and you will be automatically transferred to the Prospect lists. Then, open any list you need to verify.


The next step is verifying itself. Select prospects you need to check and click the Verify emails button. In a few minutes, you will see icons next to the email addresses: green, red, and yellow. The colors stand for valid, invalid, and catchall respectively.

Speaking of advantages, there are some really great points about Email Verifier tool:

Speed. The verification is done within minutes or even seconds. No matter how huge the email address list is, it is checked quite fast.

Convenience. You can verify a list of emails found with or upload your own CSV or Excel files or Google Sheet with emails.

Size. You can verify long lists of email addresses in a matter of minutes.

Get some profit tools, namely Email Finder, and Verifier are incredibly useful. They significantly reduce the time it takes to collect relevant leads and perform better email outreach. All you have to do is to download the Chrome extension and sign up for one of their plans. Find emails on any website, verify them instantly, and launch a drip campaign under one roof. All tools are available as a web application which makes it accessible from anywhere.

Let us know in the comments section below if you know more such things.

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