Best Flying Pokémon in Heart Gold, Soul Silver

Flying Pokémon offer a good counter to Fighting and Grass Pokémon, and offer the most convenient means of travel by being able to learn the HM Fly. While not entirely necessary in a Pokémon team, a flying type is still a welcome member of the party, as they typically offer high speed and attack stats.

Learn about the best flying Pokémon available in Heart Gold and Soul Silver in this non-competitive Pokémon type guide.

Bad Flying Pokémon Heart Gold, Soul Silver

Before analyzing the best, it’s good to take note of some of the worst. The following Flying type Pokémon should be avoided: Noctowl, Butterfree, Farfetch’D, and Delibird.

Noctowl and Butterfree work well early-game due to status-inflicting moves like Hypnosis and Sleep Powder, but in mid to late game battles, their low stats and weak attack moves become a severe handicap.

And Farfetch’D and Delibird fail at just about everything imaginable, except at making the game significantly more difficult for the player using them.

Good Flying Type Pokémon Soul Silver, Heart Gold

The following Flying type Pokémon are reliable but not extraordinary: Pidgeot, Fearow, Dodrio, Ledian, Jumpluff, Xatu, Togetic, Gligar, Mantine, Skarmory, and Murkrow.

Pideot, Fearow, and Dodrio are the quintessential Flying/Normal type most people think of when they think of “Flying Pokémon.” All three have individual strengths and weaknesses, but as a whole, each one has strong attack and speed stats with some decent flying type moves. They are reliable throughout the whole game, but won’t excel at any particular time.

Ledian a Bug/Flying type offers support moves, baton passing stat boosts, and admirably high special defense, but offers little physical defense and very low offensive stats. Jumpluff has the sinister Sleep Powder / Leech Seed combo with incredible speed, but lacks defense and offense and suffers from numerous weaknesses as a Grass / Flying type.

Xatu, a Psychic / Flying, greatly resists fighting attacks, and learns numerous support moves, but lacks a good flying attack. Togetic’s Serene Grace ability makes bonus effects more likely (flinching, freezing, burning, etc), allowing it to dominate tougher foes with a little luck.

Gligar, the unique Ground / Flying type Pokémon, hits hard with strong attacks, but his true potential cannot be reached until it evolves (which cannot happen until after the Elite Four). Mantine offers high defenses, but Water / Flying results in a nasty x4 weakness to electric attacks.

Skarmory offers some of the best defenses in this generation, but seriously lacks the ability to take down opponents. And Murkrow, a unique Dark / Flying type, is similar to Gligar in that it’s a great Pokémon, but doesn’t reach it’s true potential until after the Elite Four when it can evolve.

The Best Flying Pokémon Heart Gold, Soul Silver

Those looking for the best of the best won’t be disappointed with these Flying Pokémon: Crobat, Gyarados, Yanmega, Scyther, and Dragonite.

Crobat, a Flying/Poison type, makes for an excellent counter to Fighting Pokemon, and even has high enough defense to survive super-effective hits such as Psychic and Rock. Gyarados is a borderline legendary beast with incredible physical attack stats and moves, but unfortunately carries a x4 weakness to electric. Even still, Gyarados is a force to be reckoned with.

Yanmega, one of the best Flying / Bug type Pokémon in the game, impresses with great stats, strong moves, and two very useful abilities to choose from. Unfortunately, Yanma is rare and difficult to catch in Heart Gold / Soul Silver, so the more common Venonat / Venomoth makes for a worthy substitute, however, Venomoth is Bug / Poison, so it is not a substitute for a Flying type.

Scyther, another Flying / Bug, impresses with huge attack and speed, but really, there’s not much of a point of using Scyther over its evolution Scizor. Regardless, Technician is a great ability that gives a +50% boost to all attacks with a base power of 60 or below, resulting in interesting move variations.

And Dragonite, a top-tier Dragon / Flying Pokémon, may take more effort to catch and train, but the enormous stats and move variety makes him one of the best Flying Pokémon in any generation.

Best Flying Pokémon Conclusion

Most Pokémon players choose a Flying type by default simply to take advantage of the fast-travel option offered by the HM Fly, but plenty of flying type Pokémon can benefit the team by more than just a convenient means of travel.

Knowing which Flying Pokémon is the best is only the first step towards using them effectively. Players who want more information and strategies on the Flying type should check out the Flying Pokémon Type Guide. Or, check out the Best Bug Pokémon in Heart Gold / Soul Silver.


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