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Best gaming monitors

Gaming is not fun with smaller and slower displays. Isn’t it? For a long time, gamers have been complaining about in game stuttering and frame tearing while playing their favorite games. Companies like Asus, BenQ, Dell and many more started to introduce best gaming monitors with features such as higher refresh rates and frame sync capabilities in collaboration with Nvidia and AMD to address the issue.

Having an expensive gaming rig with an old monitor doesn’t sound right. Does it?

Everyone hates stutters and frame tearing as it makes the gaming experience way too unpleasant and for that reason, I came up with the compilation of 10 best gaming monitors to buy in 2019 to make your gaming experience flawless. I have tried my best to gather every useful technical details, features and prices for your ease.

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Best Gaming Monitors 2019 – Comparison Chart

NamePanelDisplay sizeRefresh ratePrice (Discounted)

LG 34UC89G-B
IPS31 inch (Ultrawide)144 Hz Check Price

TN24.5 inch240 Hz Check Price

LG 38UC99-W
IPS38 inch (Ultrawide)75 Hz Check Price

Acer Predator XB271HU

(Most Recommended )
IPS27 inch (WQHD)144 Hz Check Price

Acer Predator Z35P
IPS35 inch (UWQHD)100 Hz Check Price

TN24 inch144 Hz Check Price

ViewSonic VX2452MH
TN22-27 inch75-144 Hz Check Price

(Best Budget Model)

IPS22-27 inch60-75 Hz Check Price

4k28 inch60 Hz Check Price

Acer R240HY bidx

IPS24 inch60 Hz Check Price

The reason to compile a list of best gaming monitors is only because not everyone is tech savvy. Some might have great knowledge about gaming monitor and some might not know the technicalities. As you might find 100’s of best gaming monitors out in the market, this list will help you out to sort out the best and should save you time and money. We have included both expensive and budget monitors so you can choose accordingly.

Alright so now we have filtered out 10 Best Gaming Monitors for you to buy in 2019, lets not waste anymore time and jump right into the details of each of these.

1. LG 34UC89G-B Best Ultra Wide Gaming Monitor

When it comes to gaming monitors, LG has released quite some of latest technologies and they are really worth buying. LG 34UC89 is one of the top LG monitors and it can really enhance your gaming experience.

So folks, this LG 34UC89G-B monitor has a 34-inch curved screen and has a 21:9 Ultra HD display which comes with G-sync. The monitor also has an IPS panel which has a refresh rate of 144Hz. With 21:9 display that expands over the whole screen you will get full HD resolution for intense clarity. With the wider color gamut, you get more clarity in wide viewing angles and as well as you get shorter input lag, which definitely is a treat for gamers.

Having display technology like cutting-edge Nvidia G-Sync makes the monitor more special as it helps the display to match the frame rate of the GPU with its 144 Hz refresh rate which by the way can be overclocked to 166 Hz for better performance. This eliminates the stutter, input lag and tearing and gives you the smoothest display with a smooth gameplay.

The monitor is specially designed for the advanced gamers and it has a few latest gaming features as well. These features include Crosshair, Black stabilizer, and Dynamic action sync. The Crosshair feature is designed for the gamers, who love first person shooter games. It places the striking point in the middle of the screen and enhances the fire accuracy of the player, taking his skills to another level. The Black Stabilizer technology is for the highly focused gamers, and it helps improve detailing for the dark scenes in the game.

With the help of Black Stabilizer, you can surely improve your gaming scenes, which will give you a clear vision. Now coming to Dynamic action sync feature as it is loved by the gamers. This feature allows you to play the game in the smoothest action, with almost no fear of game lagging. These features combined make this monitor special for gamers and if you want a whole new gaming experience we suggest you go for this amazing LG 34UC89 monitor.


• Gaming performance is solid

• Viewing angle and greyscale performance

• IPS panel with speedy refresh rate

• Nvidia Gsync support


• Expensive

• Advanced color adjustments missing

Check Price

2. ASUS ROG SWIFT PG258Q – Best 240 Hz Gaming Monitor

Asus has been bringing us gaming monitors for some time now, and ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q 240 Hz is one of its finest monitors. This impressive ASUS gaming monitor does not just have crazy specs but it is also a very stylish monitor.

This excellent gaming monitor has a 24.5 inch 1920 x 1080 TN LCD which gives you a great display. The monitor has a wide three-pronged designed stand with detailed highlights. The stand is developed to support the heavy LCD adjusting. On the back of the monitor there are tech patterns and if you see overall it is a heavy monitor. Those who are looking for slim a monitor, this product is not for you. Apart from the design, the most impressive and attractive feature of this gaming monitor is its refresh rate. The ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q supports a jaw-dropping refresh rate of 240 Hz, fused with G-sync. And this gives you the highest quality experience with low latency.

Talking about the design of this whopping gaming monitor, the unique part is its logo. The logo is not carved in the stand or the back of the monitor but is projected on the table from the monitor’s stand. If you want to have a unique gaming experience in high quality then this monitor is actually a great choice, and it might be expensive, but the features this monitor is offering are worth the price. Of course, the highlight of the monitor is its 240 Hz refreshing rate which previous monitors of this size lacked.

With the right input hardware, you can play games in the highest quality with this much high frame counts. Also not to forget the G-sync, without G-sync you can experience tearing in the display. With Nvidia card you can improve the smoothness of the game and tearing display would not be a problem anymore. Do not go for AMD cards, G-sync only works best with Nvidia. Overall this monitor is a treat for gamers and we will definitely recommend you this one if you are a hardcore gamer.


• Excellent pixel response time

• Impressive 240 Hz refresh rate

• 1ms response time

• Great design

• Nvidia Gsync support


• Limited minimum brightness

• Limited connectivity

• 1080p only

Check Price

3. LG 38UC99-W – Best Curved Gaming Monitor

Let’s talk about one of the best gaming monitors available right now, and the 38″ Class 21:9 Ultra Wide WQHD+ IPS Curved LED Monitor (37.5″ Diagonal) LG 38UC99-W is certainly one of them. This one’s has become a gamer favorite soon after its launch. LG is one of the most trusted and in demand brand of gaming monitors, it would be unfair not to mention that they have never disappointed when it comes to the exquisite styling and adding new valuable features to their products.

They have done it even more elegantly this time with this monitor. This one’s the world’s first ever 38-inch curved IPS gaming monitor. The 21:9 curved Ultra Wide QHD + IPS Display is superlative not only for gamers but also for designers, photographers, producers and other creative pros. Now you’d be thinking about its picture display quality and expecting me to say it’s HD, what if I say it’s not. Because it’s 4 times more than the basic HD you expect and it delivers an amazing 3840×1600 pixels picture quality on this beautifully designed wide screen style.

Now talking about Free Sync feature, gamers can practice unbroken, fluid movement throughout hi-res, fast-paced games. The Free Sync feature nearly eradicates tearing and stuttering that can occur because of differences between a graphic card’s frame rate and a monitor’s refresh rate. Just when you thought it’s enough but it’s not, there’s more in here. This model transfers data and charge your laptop or mobile devices, using single cable with USB Type-C. It can charge the battery of your connected devices so quickly using the USB 3.0 port. This port charges compatible devices much faster than typical USB 2.0 cables so waiting for a full charge doesn’t take forever here my friends.

So, these were the features that would drag down any game lover from his dreams direct to the store but there’s one more factor that could be as much effective in customer not buying as much anything else. After I wrote down all these mesmerizing facts, you must be wondering if it is an expensive one and I will say with these features this monitor is worth your money. Overall, this is a gorgeous monitor with plenty of work space side-to-side. Picture quality approaches the best professional monitors and if you can afford this one, I don’t think you should consider anything else.


• Color accuracy

• AMD free sync

• Multiple inputs

• USB 3.0 support


• Average contrast ratio

• Heavy on pocket

Check Price

4. ACER Predator XB271HU – Best 2k Quad HD Gaming Monitor

Acer is a trusted name in the gaming world and the different and unique gaming monitors produced by the company are worth giving a look. The company has a wide range of gaming monitors and Acer Predator XB271HU Abmiprz 27-inch WQHD is one of them. With a great display output and impressive refresh rate, this gaming monitor attracts the attention of a lot of gamers.

The interesting Acer Predator XB271HU has a 27 inch IPS display screen with an excellent resolution of 2560 x 1440, Nvidia G-sync, and a whooping refresh rate of 165 Hz. The IPS panel gives you the best image quality, Nvidia G-sync helps you to eliminate any stutter or image tear, and the high refresh rate gives you a more detailed image of your game in high quality. All these features for a monitor with this cost is a pretty good deal.

Coming to the design and features of the Acer Predator XB271HU, there is no doubt that it is designed especially for the gamers. The unique stand design with the red splashes and its robotic look makes it look like a gaming monitor. It is built very well and you can see its reassuringly sturdy structure and how easy it is to adjust this beauty. The monitor has 1 display port and 1 HDMI port for the input and it also comes with 4 USB 3.0 ports, two ports on the left of the monitor and two on the rear. Though there is one thing which Acer Predator XB271HU lacks and that is connectivity, due to the limitations posed by the Nvidia G-sync.

While other monitors with rival AMD can support up to more than 4 display input. 2560 x 1440 is not the highest pixel density, but for the 27-inch monitor, it does provide an ideal resolution of 110ppi, which we think is very balanced.  Also, you have speakers in the monitor and if you want to attach a headphone there is headphone output as well. The Acer Predator XB271HU comes with a pretty good adjusted color settings and it’s a great gaming monitor so if you are thinking to get this one you are good to go.


• Color accuracy

• Nvidia Gsync support

• 165 HZ overclocking

• Sturdy built

• Builtin speakers


• Limited inputs

• 4ms response time

Check Price

5. ACER Predator Z35P – Best Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor (Most Recommended)

Here is another gaming monitor from Acer, and this one is a fantastic monitor with the latest technologies and amazing features. It is called Acer Predator Z35P and it is a much-improved version of previously released gaming monitor Acer Z35. With giant screen, great resolution and G-sync support, this monitor could be an ideal choice for a gamer.

The Acer predator Z35p has a big 35-inch screen, which comes with a high definition resolution of 3440 x 1440, making your gameplay more adventurous. The refresh rate for Acer Predator Z35p is 100 Hz which can be overclocked to 120 Hz. The high-quality monitor also has Nvidia G-sync which makes your experience even better by reducing image tearing and stutter. The ultra-wide gaming monitor has a VA panel with a higher quality contrast ratio, and this high contrast lets you play your game with a superior dark and bright color combination.

Also when you combine 3440 x 1440 with Nvidia G-sync you get the smoothest gaming experience. Apart from these features the monitor also has all the features a standard Predator monitor has including an on-screen timer, aim point overlays, Blue light filter, FPS counter and the Predator series special Dark boost feature, which improves screen visibility in dark scenes. You can also make customize gaming profiles for different games with your desired settings.

Coming to the design and connectivity of the brilliant Acer Predator Z35p, the monitor has a predator series like yet different design. It has a black cabinet, with a grey stand of a darker tone and it is finished with aluminum at the back. The back of the monitor also has a red covering on top and bottom, which makes it look more stylish. The monitor is supported by a stand with VESA mount. This monitor does not look boring and we all know no gamer likes boring monitors. The Acer Predator Z35p comes with a display port, an HDMI port, and 4 USB 3.0 ports. Apart from these the monitor also has built-in speakers and you can use them with your own settings depending on your games.


• Gigantic ultrawide display

• Nvidia Gsync support

• VESA mount

• Best contrast ratio

• Builtin FPS counter & dark boost


• Weak speakers

• 100 Hz

• Complex installation

Check Price

6. ASUS VG248QE 24″ Best 144hz Monitor

So ASUS VG248QE is my personal favorite and I have been using it for a while now and that’s why it is on top of the list. ASUS is one of the most in demand brand when it comes to gaming monitors and undoubtedly they have been providing quality products to their consumers. This monitor is one of the top of the line product and comes packed with a lot of great features.

Alright gamers, as you know 144hz is heavenly experience for guys like us. It can display 144 frames per second before any image tearing could happen, woah that’s massive. The ultra smooth motion with 1 ms response time making it 5 times faster from other gaming monitors and cutting out every possible delay while playing online games makes this monitor a beast. It provides ergonomic tilt, swivel and height adjustment for optimal viewing experience. It has builtin Nvidia G-sync support which is a massive plus point. The only thing I didn’t like about this monitor is its glossy finish because it catches finger prints and dust easily.

If you’re a hardcore FPS (first person shooting) gamer, this monitor is built for you and it’s worth every penny. 

For a quick view, I have listed down the things I like the most and I didn’t like below about ASUS VG248QE.


• 144 hertz

• 1 millisecond response time

• Ergonomic tilt, swivel pivot, and height adjustment

• Back lit LED

• 3D content support

• Built-in 2W stereo speakers

• Nvidia Gsync support


• Off angle viewing

• Glossy finish

Check Price

7. ViewSonic VX2452MH – Blur Free Monitor

So on number two we have ViewSonic VX2452MH 1080p Gaming Monitor. ViewSonic is very popular in gaming industry because of their budget friendly and quality products. This monitor comes with different display sizes from 22 inch to 27 inch. It has 16:9 display ratio which is LED lit with max supported resolution up to 1920×1080. One of the most highlighted features of this monitor is its builtin Game mode which can easily be turned on with just a press of a button. ViewSonic’s Game Mode provides better visibility and detail by brightening dark scenes making it more convenient for the player and less burden on the vision.

The refresh rate starts from 75hz which goes up to 144hz for smooth jerk less gaming experience. The 2 ms response time is almost as close to any other 144hz gaming monitor making input lag almost to none. ViewSonic VX2452MH also support Free Sync which is an adaptive synchronization technology for displays that support a dynamic refresh rate for reducing screen tearing. This technology was introduced by AMD in 2015 in response to Nvidia’s expensive G-sync. What I didn’t really like about this monitor is its base or some might call it stand. Its a bit round and didn’t feel really sturdy though you wouldn’t be playing in hurricanes obviously so shouldn’t worry about it.

It is also one of most recommended gaming monitor by PC Magazine giving it a 9/10 rating.

Lets jump right into the things I like and don’t like about ViewS onic VX2452MH.


144 hertz

2 millisecond response time

Adjustable forward, back tilt

Anti glare

Game mode

Built-in 2W stereo speakers

• Compatible with Mac, and Windows

• FreeSync support



Check Price

8. ASUS VS239H-P – Best Wide Angle Monitor (Best Budget Model)

So next on the list we have Asus VS239H-P Full HD gaming monitor. One simply cannot forget ASUS when it comes to gaming. This is my second recommendation from ASUS because I have personally used this monitor in past. The only reason I upgraded to ASUS VG248QE is better refresh rate.

Anyways, lets get back to what this monitor is capable of. It comes in different screen sizes from 22 inch to 27 inch. Its a Full HD LED monitor containing IPS panel which ensures rich colors with deep blacks and brightest whites. The default refresh rate is 75hz which is more than decent for any kind of games you play. One of the best feature of this monitor is its 50,000,000:1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio which dynamically enhances the display’s contrast by adjusting the luminance of the backlight. Its one of the best budget gaming monitor out in the market.

VS239H comprises of 178˚(H) / 178˚(V) ultra wide viewing angle IPS panel, no matter from where you look at it or how you look at it, you won’t feel any kind of color shift. To optimize video performance and image quality, this monitor uses Splendid Video Intelligence Technology which enhances color, contrast, brightness and sharpness. You can find 6 builtin video presets; Scenery, Theater, Game, Night View, sRGB and Standard and you can choose any of them according to your preference and need with just a single hotkey.

It also comes with a easy detachable base and VESA wall mount (100×100 mm) so it can be placed anywhere desired. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any builtin speakers so if you wanna stream and enjoy audio, rather use external speakers or headphones.

Alright now let’s look into what I really like and dislike about this monitor in a nutshell.


75 hertz

5 millisecond response time

25 degree front and back tilt

Matte display

• Ultra wide viewing angle

• IPS Panel

• 50,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio


No builtin speakers

Check Price

9. ASUS PB287Q – Best 4K Gaming Monitor

On number four we have ASUS PB287Q which came right after 6 weeks after the launch of Samsung’s 4K monitor. It is one of the best 4K monitors available in the market and comes with a lot of features and qualities which other monitors don’t offer. It has a TN panel with 1000:1 contrast ratio with support for 10 bit color using frame rate control dithering, it is one of the best TN panels out there. There’s slight color and contrast shift when viewing from awkward angles like top or bottom but you will stop noticing it after using it for few hours. On 4K resolution, it supports 60Hz which is the maximum refresh rate available for 4K monitors. If you’re using HDMI cable, 30Hz is the only option you’re left with because HDMI doesn’t support anymore than that.

It has better than average ghosting performance with minimal response delay making it less than 1 frame of total display lag. The build quality of the monitor is very sturdy, the bezel is thin and the thing I liked the most is its matte finish. It wont catch finger prints nor any scratches when you try to clean it. This device supports Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture feature which means if you want to use two separate systems, this one single monitor can be used for both the systems simultaneously, that’s literally impressive and discard the need of having multiple monitors. It supports MHL so if you want to play content directly from your phone, you can do it as well.

Due to 100{4e606dced4f40872aac561ae7412a16f2f37dcf028d86fc0c4f8177b16c6ffe9} Back-lit LED and ASUS EyeCare Flicker-free technology, there’s no flickering in the screen and it wont cause any kind of eye strain and you can easily use it for a longer period of time.

It doesn’t have builtin audio speakers but hey, would you really use those? I think so not. This monitor is also recommended by LinusTechTips, a famous tech geek.

Let’s find out what I like the most and don’t like about this monitor briefly. (I’m kinda sure I like everything, haha.)


60 hertz (4K)

1 millisecond response time

PiP and PbP modes

Matte finish

•  more onscreen space

• ASUS EyeCare technology

• Ergonomic tilt, swivel pivot, and height adjustment


Rear mounted buttons

Check Price

10. ACER R240HY bidx – Best Budget Gaming Monitor

Last but not the least, we have Acer R240HY bidx on the list. When it comes to design, performance and being less heavy on pocket, you think about nothing but ACER. This monitor looks absolutely stunning because of its Zero Frame Design. Its only less than an inch thick making it ideal for multiple monitor setups. You wont be bothered with thick borders when adding two or three monitors side by side making your experience way more better than other monitors. It is a Full HD monitor comes in 24 inch display size which supports maximum resolution up to 1920×1080 and has an IPS panel making the colors look more natural and deep. Not only gaming, it is also a perfect fit for photographers, video editors and multimedia purposes.

Being an IPS panel display, you wont be having any issues with looking at the monitor with off angles and there wont be any color or contrast shift. The claimed viewing angle by ACER is from 0-178 degrees and to me that is more than enough. The default refresh rate of this monitor is 60Hz but can be overclocked to 75Hz without any obstacles thus making it one of the best budget monitor for gaming. You can say good bye to eye strain because it has a blue filter and Flicker-less technology which makes it easier to use for longer hours. Its 4 ms response time kicks out any sort of input delay while you’re gaming. The colors of this display is really accurate out of the box so you wont have to spend time calibrating it.

One handy thing about Acer R240HY bidx is, it has a 3.5 mm audio jack at back so you can plug in your headphones or earphones directly into it. It has a sturdy round base though what I found less impressive is the tilt angle of the base which is only 5-15 degree.

Let’s take a quick glance on what I really like and don’t like about this monitor below.


60 hertz (75Hz Overclock)

• 4 millisecond response time

Thin bezel

• 3.5 mm audio jack

• IPS panel

• Blue light filter

• Out of the box colors


Less room for tilt and swivel

Check Price

Few Must Know Tips On How To Choose Best Gaming Monitors

As you can see I tried my best to highlight every possible details about the monitors which I think are best for gaming. My list of choices may confuse you as all of them are pretty amazing gaming monitors. Now its time to know how can you choose a monitor for yourself which suits you best. Below are the most important things to look into a monitor before buying it for yourself.

1. Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is one of the most important factor when it comes to playing games. Basically, refresh rate means how many frames per millisecond your monitor can display. Remember, higher the refresh means smoother the game-play will be. If you’re into competitive gaming like Dota 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) and such, I would advise you to go for monitors with refresh rate above 60 hertz. Anything less than that will not be smooth.

2. Response Time

Don’t you really hate it when you feel delay while gaming online? If you have a stable internet connection with good routing and stable low latency and still you feel like having delay in between your actions and game response then there’s surely some issue with your monitor. That’s why monitors with lesser response time is one important factor while you make a decision of getting it. Response time is actually the duration between you commanding your system of something and seeing it happening live on the screen. Most online gamers know what it feels like to have delays making your gaming experience unpleasant. Any monitor below 5ms response time is great for online gaming and games such as Dota 2, CSGO, Battlefield, Call of Duty, PUBG, Watch Dogs or League of legends.

3. Sync Capability

While playing games, when frame rate drops below your refresh rate it causes screen tearing and stuttering. If you love to play games on Ultra or High quality, this must be your worst nightmare seeing those beautiful visuals tearing apart in front of your eyes and you feel helpless as you couldn’t do anything about it. That’s where Nvidia introduced G-sync and AMD came up with Free Sync technology. What this technology does is make the screen refresh rate adaptable to frame rate produced by your PC. This eliminates the screen tearing and makes your game look & feel smooth. I do recommend you should take into consideration monitors with G-sync and AMD Free-Sync capabilities.

4. Flicker Free

If you’re a hardcore gamer, you surely stay awake all night gaming. True? If the answer is yes then you must have felt eye strain and your head being heavy for using your PC for a long time. That is due to unnoticeable flickering that normal monitors possess. It is one of the main reasons of eye strain while gaming. I would recommend you to choose a monitor with Anti flicker or Flicker free technology so you can enjoy gaming without any health issues.

Choose on your own

I hope this list has been informative all way long and should help you out and solve your problems while buying the perfect gaming monitor which meets all your requirements. Let us know in the comments which gaming monitor are you using and which one would you like us to review.

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