10 Best Retro Games of all Time

10 Best Retro Games of all time

They say Wine tastes better with age. With Fallout 76, Red Dead Redemption 2, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Far Cry 5 due to be released this year, most of us cannot wait. Sure these games look flashy and cutting-edge, but what if we told you to try a old retro games instead? That’s right, we said it. Most of these old retro games have graphics comparable to those of Minecraft’s, but don’t let that stop you.

Ground-breaking in their time, these Old retro games have paved way for a lot of the stuff we see today. If you are someone who hasn’t played an older game simply because the graphics were unappealing, you are missing out on a lot. Here is a selection of a few reason why retro games still hold up well  &  top 10 Old retro games that have stood the test of time. Gamers Guide to buy retro games – Don’t miss any of the Old school games in your life.

best retro games of all time

Best Retro Games of All Time

List Of 10 Best Retro Games of all time

Below we will look at some of the best Retro Games of all time

best Retro Games of all time
1. Xcom

2. Half Life

3. Theme Hospital

4. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

5. Diablo 2

6. System Shock 2

7. Donkey Kong

8. Age Of Empire 2

9. Street Fighter 2

10.Out Run

1. Xcom (PC)

Still one of the best strategy old retro games out there, this old PC game inspired the making of the Fallout series.

Like the 2012 remake, Xcom is a turn-based game centered on defending Earth from an alien invasion. Players must work with the X-COM group and choose effective strategies to win. This means effective positioning of bases and research of technology. The player also has to direct the X-COM deployed soldiers in tactical skirmishes against the aliens.

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As far as game play is concerned, X-COM does a fantastic job. You'll feel the immense weight of responsibility as one wrong decision can lead to drastic consequences. A unique masterpiece, this game will frustrate and keep you engaged at all times. The struggle to save the world is real and it never gets old Gamer Guide to buy retro games - Don't miss these Old school games in your life.

2. Half Life (PC, PS2,Linux,OS X)

One of the most ground-breaking games of the 90's, Half Life has been influential in FPS gaming. With a gripping story line alongside awesome game play, this is a game that is bound to stay with you for a long time.

In the game, you play Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist working at the Black Mesa research facility. The story begins with a failed experiment that unleashes a swarm of killer aliens as a result. Gordon hence begins a long journey where he deals with aliens, hostile soldiers and a whole lot more. Valve has also filled the game with engaging little details that capture one's attention amidst all the fighting.

half life - buy retro games

The seamless narrative of this game makes one feel like they are a part of the whole story. It is what distinguished Half Life from other FPS old retro games of its time and made it truly ground-breaking. Gamers Guide to buy retro games - Don't miss these Old school games in your life.

3. Theme Hospital (PC, PlayStation)

If planning ahead and managing are something of your forte, this is the game for you. Using a simple, eye-pleasing interface, this game tasks you to create a hospital from scratch. Once you get the hang of creating rooms and employing staff, you are then expected to handle patients. The game seems easy in the beginning but quickly turns into a chaos as patients rush in and money dwindles. The game progresses in difficulty once you get good at handling patients and money. The game's simple, yet fun concept makes it addictive and entertaining. Gamers Guide to buy retro games - Don't miss these Old school games in your life.

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4. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Nintendo 3DS, Sega Genesis, IOS, Android)

The big rival to Nintendo's Mario, Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was a vast improvement of its previous release. You play the fast-spinning Sonic who is tagged along with a side-kick character, Mike "Tails" Prower. The game offers fun levels, great music, cool character moves, and lots of enemies to pound. You can also play this in a two-player mode as the game also a two-player split screen feature. Though the game is 2-D and is over 25 years old, it somehow never feels that way and still is tons of fun. Gamers Guide to buy retro games - Don't miss these Old school games in your life.

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - buy Retro games

5. Dialblo II (PC, Mac)

This click-based RPG offers well-animated pixel art and high-intensity in-game mechanics. Starting out with a Hero character of your choice, you are tasked with going to hell (literally) and killing the demon overlord. You'll be fighting monsters alongside minions, picking up goodies, and going on quests. The game also has great sound effects and graphics for its time and feels very intuitive. Its uniqueness and great development easily make it one of Blizzard's early masterpieces.  Gamers Guide to buy retro games - Don't miss these Old school games in your life.

Diablo- Buy retro games

6. System Shock 2 (PC, Linux, OS X)

One of the most unsettling horror old retro games of all time, System Shock 2 is a treat for anyone looking for a creep-fest. For a start, you play as an unfortunate soul who is on board a desolate spaceship. The game quickly turns to a claustrophobic terror with its dark lighting and tight corners. Add alien-human hybrids and a murderous AI to the mix, and you have a fantastic game that redefined the horror genre.

SYSTEM Shock - Buy retro games

This game was the direct (or indirect) inspiration for a lot of famous titles we know and love today. These include the Bio Shock series, the Dead Space series, and many others. The game play is one of a kind, filling you with loneliness and dread that is unmatched by no other. Seriously, try this one out. You will not regret it. Gamers Guide to buy retro games - Don't miss these Old school games in your life.

7. Donkey Kong (PC, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Gameboy)

Another arcade game in our list, Donkey Kong is the game that inspired the creation of Nintendo's titan Super Mario. The plot of this game is as simple as it gets. As Mario, you have to save your girlfriend, Pauline, from the clutches of the evil ape Donkey Kong.

A hit in the 80's gaming arcades, this puzzle-game is fun and easy to play for all age groups. Known not for being easy on the hints, the game is challenging and calls for the efficient use of strategy and timing.

donkey kong- Buy retro games

Unlike many other arcade old retro games, Donkey Kong also lets you save your progress and as you explore each world. The controls are great and it also hosts interesting cut scenes between stages. The graphics may be a little shoddy by today's standards, but hey, the entertainment balances things out. Gamers Guide to buy retro games - Don't miss these Old school games in your life.

8. Age OF Empires II (PC, PS 2, Mac)

If you are someone who enjoys action and strategy, Age of Empires 2 is the classic you have been waiting for. The graphics are great for the time, though you can opt for the HD edition if you'd prefer a little upgrade. The game play is instantly familiar to anyone who has ever played a real-time strategy. Like any game in the Age Of series, the game is fast-paced and tests a player's strategic skills. One has to advance through the ages to unlock upgrades for soldiers, buildings, and weapons. Managing resources soon becomes pretty difficult as neighboring colonies begin to attack. The game offers eighteen nations, each with their unique units, technologies, and bonuses. The Franks can build castles for cheap, the Mongols have excellent archers, and the Teutons host robust defenses. The game also features randomly generated maps that can be of advantage depending on your strategy. AOE II also has unique victory conditions, from the peaceful build a wonder to the aggressive military conquest condition.

Age Of empire-Buy retro games

Thanks to the variety of factors and the different available victory modes, this game is a beast of its own. You will have a blast with this one and be glued to the screen like never before. Gamers Guide to buy retro games - Don't miss these Old school games in your life.

9. Street Fighter II: World Warrior (PC, PlayStation 4,XBox One)

Among the most beloved fighting old retro games of all time, Street Fighter II is the game that defined many childhoods. If you want to try out a classic fighting game with a very apparent arcade style, this is for you. The game is more than just about the fighting and fun moves. It’s about teaching your friends how to do the perfect dragon punch motion. Or unlocking new characters and learning their special moves. Or maybe just kicking your friend's butt. The game also offers a Campaign mode, where you face each fighter and play mini-games in between. Despite the availability of a single player option, the game is more fun when played with a friend. So invite someone over, get some snacks and drinks, and start knocking out a few moves. It'll be a blast, we promise. Gamers Guide to buy retro games - Don't miss these Old school games in your life.

street Fighter 2 - Buy retro games

10. Out Run (Sega Genesis, Online Simulator)

All before Need For Speed, Burnout, and other racing series came Out Run. This game was first of its kind and has been the inspiration for almost every car game out there. Designed originally as an arcade game by Sega, you can now play it online using a simulator. In the game, you drive an expensive car with a beautiful girl by your side and attempt to win races. There are a total of 15 stages where you are up against the clock. Unlike most racing games Out Run feels more of a driving game than anything else thanks to the lovely driving scenes. Coupled with simple controls and a legendary soundtrack, this game is a must-try.

out run - Buy retro games

The game is pretty short, but that's kind of an unfair judgement considering the actual purpose it was designed for. Out Run isn't a game where you trick your car and climb up the ranks of the underground racing scene. It's about honing your skills and beating your best time. It's a game where you have fun and forget about everything else in the world. And that's the beauty of it. Gamers Guide to buy retro games - Don't miss these Old school games in your life.

Retro Games Still Hold up well

 Did you know that retro games still hold up well and are gaining popularity as we speak? Yes, they are more and more popular every day and this trend will continue to rise in the future as well. We all know the just mentioned facts, but most of you don’t know the reasons why this is the case. So let’s check out the main reasons why retro games retro games still hold up well and are so popular even 30 years after the development.

Top 5 Reason why Retro Games still hold up well

Below we will look at some reason why retro games still hold up well and loved by gamers.

Reason why still hold up
1. You can play the games you used to love

2. Hardware specification

3. Simple than ever

4. Fun Nostalgia

5. They are very affordable

1. You can Play the games you used to love

If you are 35 years old, the chances are that you have been playing retro games when they were launched. Back then, money, consoles, and etc. was an issue for some of you, preventing you from playing the games you really wanted. Now, as a grown-up, you are free to play those games once again and now there are no limitations. The hardware can be easily obtained, there is no school to interfere with the gameplay and there are no other issues. Basically, you get all you need right now, in minutes. Obviously, there is a great sense of pleasure knowing that you can play the games once you loved. And yes, almost every single game can be found even today.

2. Hardware Specifications

You probably know that if you want to play the latest game, you would need a PC of impressive specifications. Those computers are known as gaming computers and they may cost more than an average car! But, retro games do not require fast and super powerful computers to run. They will operate perfectly on a console they were developed for and there is no need to look for any accessories or improvements. This may be one of the most important reasons why many people decide to play retro games over the latest ones!
The same thing refers to the multiplayer option. If you want a new game to lay, you will need two copies, two consoles, and an internet connection. Retro games will require one console and a LAN cable. And yes, two players will be in the same room while playing the game, which isn’t the case with online gaming.

3. Simple Than ever

Yes, all of those games were simple. The story usually had just a few ‘’sentences’’ and you were able to imagine the main objective of the game and the main goal as well. The gameplay was easier than ever and you would need minutes to master the game. Now, the situation is completely opposite. You will need hours or even days in order to master a game and you would need a lot of time to complete each mission. Back then you would need a few minutes and a small desire. This also means that there is no simple games today.

4. Fun Nostalgia

Because they are very fun to play! They give many a nostalgia trip, or introduce younger people to fantastic games! Some gamers want to play games from their childhood again. I hit up the old Doom or Commander Keen once in a while.

5. They are very affordable

Almost all retro games are affordable and they will be even more affordable in the near future. For a modern game, you would need $300 in order to make it work and then there is a premium option, additional accessories and etc. For retro games, there is no need of such a thing. As we have mentioned, all you need are the console and the game. And you are ready to go. Keep in mind that there are some retro games which are more than just expensive, but they are also extremely rare and we won’t take them into account, for now. Also, there is always the emulator and ROMs choice for those of you who wouldn’t pay money for retro games.

Final Words

There are other old retro Games too available in the market that Satisfy all your gaming needs, but the mentioned above games are really Top old retro games and  personally recommended by Many gamers. Play all the above game and fulfill your gaming dreams . Play all your Old retro games in best Gaming Monitor 2020  with your girl friend. and Kids. If you are  smartphones user, always love to play mobile games then play free android offline games. On other hand, We have also compiled a list of 10 Modern cool games to play  at least once in your lifetime.


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