Best YouTube Motivational Videos Of All Time

Best Motivational Videos On YouTube 2018


Are you Feeling Low or Depressed due to any problem ongoing in your life? First of all, we would like to tell you that you should never give up and fell low cause it is the simple rule if you opt it, you either win or succeed or you learn.

But, keeping the things aside for a bit if you really want someone to just spark that engine inside you to keep going. Therefore, we have collected the videos and presented in the most suitable manner.

There are many motivational speakers who are putting their vision in front of the people to help them in gaining motivation. Hence, we have garnered Best YouTube Videos all Time and put them forward in this article ahead. So, let us just quickly get it next part of the article.


Best Youtube Videos of all time


  Tip: While playing these videos, you may face many ads popped up in between the videos. So I recommend you to use any Ad Blocker if you are on PC or use Lucky Patcher (Create mod apk of YouTube in one click) if you are a mobile user.

There are many other motivational channels on YouTube nowadays such as Eternal Explorer, Mateusz M, Absolute Motivation and many others. Now here are the list of Best YouTube Videos all Time.

Best YouTube Videos all Time:

Top Videos

1.     Everything OR Nothing

2.     Why You're Wasting Your Life Away

3.     Before you give up by Jay Shetty

4.     Inspiring Story of Akbar & Birbal by Sandeep Maheshwari

5.     Unstoppable by Dino James

6.     Power of Discipline by Akshay Kumar.

Everything OR Nothing

(Tribute to AB de Villiers) If you are a cricket Fan, this decision might had shocked you a bit but it is the time to move on and get the inspiration and guidance from the great man that had just retired from all the international formats of cricket.

This video is one the best motivational video on YouTube trending at this present time. This is basically a compilation of speeches by AB de Villiers. This video was uploaded by Eternal Explorer in the recent time after the retirement of AB de Villiers.

The motivational keywords by AB de Villiers that it is either Everything or Nothing. He did not call of his retirement in parts like others. Though he inspires one to go with full dedication towards anything that you are pursuing.

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 Why You're Wasting Your Life Away (The Truth We Are All Distracted)

This video is uploaded by Absolute Motivation with the voice of Sam Harris. This speech really opens your eyes to how short life is and can be and not to take anything for granted and you just can’t waste your life.

Many people feel like they wasted their life after being at certain age. It is like they have cared about the things that did not required that much care and did not cared for the things that are not available now.

This basically inspires one to not to waste time on irrelevant things instead you should live your life carefully because it is too short to waste.

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Before you give up by Jay Shetty

This is video is created and uploaded by Jay Shetty. There are many people who just give up due to the problems ongoing in their life. Before taking any big step in your life, you should watch this video by Jay Shetty.

So many people give up. We give up too quickly. We settle too soon. A winner is just a loser that tried one more time. Do watch this video by Jay Shetty and learn why you should not give up.

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Inspiring Story of Akbar & Birbal by Sandeep Maheshwari

This video was created and uploaded by the Team of Sandeep Maheshwari with the voice of Sandeep Maheshwari. This video is very inspirational which motivates you to keep moving, keeping aside what is happened in your life because everything happens for a reason.

This is described beautifully in the animated movie of Akbar and Birbal. It was a part of the speech by Sandeep Maheshwari during his seminar which has been compiled and made look very effective in one’s mind.

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 Unstoppable by Dino James

This video is created and uploaded by Dino James. Though it is not a speech or any seminar but it is a great song and very inspirational video too with a motivational lyrics and theme of the story shown in also very inspirational.

It motivates one to become unstoppable and no one will ask about your problem instead everyone will ask for the result that you have created. We found it as a great source of motivation in the recent times. Therefore, we have kept this video as one of the best motivational videos on YouTube in 2018.

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 Power of Discipline by Akshay Kumar

This video was created and uploaded by Eternal Explorer in the voice of Akshay Kumar. In this video, the actor who struggled narrates his story how he came up and the disciplined routine that he followed and didn’t get back.

Everyone used to say that he only knows action and the acting skills are not effective to create an impact in the industry. But he stood up against the criticisers and now we know him as a finest actor in the industry and a great action man. You must follow the discipline and you will see the power of discipline in your life.

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At Last, we shall talk about the motivational speaker of India, he is very popular for his seminars along the India and on YouTube, none other than Sandeep Maheshwari. You can watch out his motivational videos on his YouTube channel ‘Sandeep Maheshwari’.


Click here to get redirected to the YouTube channel of Sandeep Maheshwari. We shall talk about the best Motivational Video by him later in the article but he has covered most of the problems in the daily life if a person in his YouTube channel.


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