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As much as people would like to believe that business is a complete meritocracy, the reality is often distinctly different. Big clients often choose large firms over small not because of their inherent experience or ability, but because of their appearance. At the same time, numerous ultra-skilled contractors are passed over in favor of the loud and flashy, not because of ability, but because of the way they project themselves.

In a lot of ways, business is all about showing off. Not bragging, but showing other companies, potential clients, and customers exactly what can be done for them. Some call it marketing, while others simply call it intelligent entrepreneurship. The names are not important — what is important is that people can apply the same presentation and professionalism to their home-based businesses. These four tips should help them in doing so:

Home Business Websites Should Command Authority

To put it bluntly, most small business websites are horrible. They are either devoid of content, or completely starved of any internet marketing sense. Their designs might be passable, but as an entire package they are typically uninspired and dull.

Those running businesses from home should invest in a website that sets their company apart from their competitors. They should create a solid and powerful call to action, incorporate social media if it is right for their company, and do not settle for anything less than a website that grabs attention and holds on to it.

Clients Should Be Met in Person Whenever Possible

Obviously, this is not possible for home-based businesses that are 100% online. But those who run local businesses from home have really got to make sure that they build concrete connections with clients. As annoying as it is, there is a slight stigma that is occasionally attached to home-based businesses. By meeting potential clients in person, those running businesses from home can develop real relationships with their clients.

Professional Invoicing, Communications, and Billing Tools Should Be Used

If there is one thing that separates the legit from the non-legit amongst home-based businesses, it is the tools that are used to invoice and bill clients and customers. A simple email with pricing lists does nothing to build authority and trust, while a pre-formatted PDF file with company information shows authority and professionalism right from the get go. Sometimes all it takes are a few changes — a new email signature for example — that put a home business firmly in the ‘professional’ space.

Home Business Marketing Efforts Should Focus on Developing a Brand

Branding is not just for companies like Nike and Coca-Cola. While small businesses, particularly home-based businesses, might not have the manpower or financial resources to buy billboards, that does not mean that they do not have the potential to brand themselves effectively. Using social media tools and online communities, it is possible to bring a home business to larger audiences and build a name that people trust.

From basic branding to specialized invoicing tools, these four tips will help any home business gain respect, attract clients, and build relationships with loyal customers.

Run a Home Based Business Over the Phone

There are lots of different ways to become self employed and work independently. Want to know how to make money at home? Learn how to run a home based business over the phone. There are many self employment opportunities out there for those who can be personable and professional when using the telephone.

Home Based Businesses, By Phone

There are jobs available for those who want to make money at home and know how to maintain a professional demeanor over the phone. Sometimes, running a business doesn’t necessarily mean coming up with a great idea or establishing a brand-new company. Professionals who work for themselves can become a business unto themselves. One of the best money-making tools of the trade isn’t all that high-tech, but an item most households have in abundance. It’s the telephone, and it can be extremely powerful.

Make Money as a Telephone Agent

Many companies provide phone support or conduct business through the telephone. It costs a lot of money to keep all those phone agents inside physical office space, not when factoring in the expense of paying for them, too. It’s much more cost-effective to pay people to work from home, and this creates a lucrative home based business opportunity for professionals who’ve got an entrepreneurial itch.

Make money at home as a telephone agent, providing customer support remotely. As a telephone agent, home workers have the luxury of choosing their own hours and working on their own time. Anyone with a professional speaking voice and good work ethic (not to mention a strong dose of self-discipline) can exercise their option to make money with the telephone.

Running a Home Based Business

Talking on the phone all day may sound like a pretty fun gig, but there’s more to running a home based business than sitting around in pajamas at four in the afternoon. Sure it’s great to work independently, choosing one’s own hours inside a relaxing, familiar environment. But running a home based business, even when that business is using the phone and working for a company remotely, takes actual work.

Always keep good records. Some companies want very specific information for every call that’s logged in the line of duty, so keep pen and paper handy when working at home. Keep track of hours spent on the job and purchases made in the name of work. Don’t forget that some equipment and supply costs will be tax-deductible, so save receipts and keep a little log of every penny spent for the business.

Working independently means just that. No boss will be around to make sure the work is getting done, so stay professional and stay focused on the job at hand. It is possible to make money at home, and running a home based business is a viable way to make it happen.


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