Castle Clash Evolution- How to evolve Heroes in Castle Clash

Castle Clash Evolution

Castle Clash is the most famous strategic game, played by more than 10 million players worldwide. There are numerous Heroes, which have different powers and skills which they used to attack other bases to save their empire from other enemies. However, these Heroes need to be upgraded after an interval of time to increase their powers and their ability of their skills.

The major change in these Heroes can be brought by evolving them. Now you will be thinking that what is meant by evolving the Heroes? How they can be evolved? And also, the requirements to evolve Heroes? Don’t worry, here in this article, we will describe each and everything related to Castle Clash Hero Evolution. So, let’s dive deeper to know everything about Castle Clash Evolution.


Castle Clash Evolution

Castle Clash Evolution

What is Hero Evolution in Castle Clash

As I mentioned earlier, every Hero in Castle Clash has different powers and special skills which regularly need to be updated to make them more powerful. However, to some extent, these powers are limited to be used at a specific level. But, these powers can be increased by two times, you might be thinking that How it can be possible? Here evolution plays an important role, you can evolve your Heroes to make them stronger than before.

In addition, they will also get a new fresh look which really looks amazing, also their base stats like HP, ATK and their MOV SPD will also be boosted to increase their performance efficiency.  However, there will be no significant variation in the Hero’s Talent, Skill Level, Inlayed crest and his Inscription level when it is evolved. But of course, they will be stronger than they were before their evolution.

As evolving a Hero is a lateral process to increase their efficiency, there are some requirements which are required to fulfill so as to evolve a Hero. So, let’s move further to know more about these requirements.


What is required to evolve Heroes in Castle Clash

To evolve Heroes in Castle Clash, one must require these five mentioned materials.

  • The hero should be of at least LVL 180.
  • Evolution Runes
  • Red Crystals
  • Copy of the same Hero, Hero Shards or a Hero Card.
  • At least 10 Star Level

So, now let’s discuss all these four requirements deeply.

For the evolution of any Hero, one must require to have at least LVL 180. On this level, the first evolution can be performed, then after evolution, your Hero will revert back to LVL 1 of Evolution 1st. However, at that time his power will be less than that of ordinary Hero of LVL 180, but more powerful than the ordinary Hero of LVL 1. Means, once you upgrade the evolution Hero at LVL 180 he will be eventually more powerful as compared to the Hero without evolution at LVL100.

The next evolution can be performed at LVL 200 which will be taken as Evolution 2nd, ongoing through this evolution the Hero will become the strongest one in your troops. But, the same case will be done with 2nd evolution Hero as it was in 1st The Hero will be returned at LVL 1, but as I mentioned earlier, he will be more powerful than the adjacent Hero at 1st Evolution and Ordinary Hero.


1. Evolution Runes

These runes are specially made for the evolution of the Heroes. You must have at least one rune for the 1st Evolution and at least 5 runes for the 2nd These runes can be bought anytime from the Warehouse, where each rune costs rune 1000 Fames. You rune will be automatically embedded while your Hero evolution and will be deducted from your treasury.


2. Red Crystals

These crystals are also a must-have component while evolving your Heroes. You need at least 1000 Red Crystals for the 1st Evolution and at least 2000 Red Crystals for the 2nd You can get these red crystals from the Lost Realm by defeating the monsters there or finishing the Be Demon here and any other Lost Realm’s feature. Once you get enough red crystals with others required material you can evolve your Hero to the Evolution 1st or Evolution 2nd depending upon the Evolution you are going through and can get your Hero stronger than ever before with more HP and ATK.


3. Copy of the same Hero, Hero Shards or a Hero Card

Hero card is the most required material for the Hero Evolution. You must have the same hero card of which you are going to evolute. You just need a copy of that hero card, no matter of which level they are. You can evolute any level Hero above LVL 180 with a Hero card of any level to evolute your Hero to the next evolution.

In any case, when you don’t have the Hero Shards, you use your available Hero Shards which will evolute your Heroes. The main thing you need is to have equivalent Hero shards to rent a copy of the Hero card to which you are going to evolute. For this, you need at least 20,000 Hero Shards for the same Hero card and then you can easily evolute your Hero.

For the 1st Evolution (EVO1) you need 1 copy of the Hero Card of the same Hero Card while for the 2nd Evolution you must have 3 copies Hero Card of the same Hero.


4. Star Level

For each and every evolution, you need to have at least 10 Star Level which will be used further while evolution to evolute your Hero to the next Evolution level.


How to Evolve Hero in Castle Clash

Now you have gone through the requirements, which you need to have to evolute your Hero in Castle Clash. Now the most important thing is the process to evolve a Hero in Castle Clash. So here we have laid some the process which you can follow to evolute your Hero easily.

First of all, you need to meet the requirements of evolution. Then once you had met with the requirements, you can go to the evolution category in the game. There you should press the evolve button and follow the instructions laid there. Once your evolution will be successful, you will be awarded 52x Blessed Tome II at 1st Evolution. This amount of Blessed Tome will be increased when you will perform 2nd Evolution. Also, your Hero is expressed in a brand new look with the update stats and a higher HP, ATK and MOV SPD levels. The next thing you have to do is to level up your hero again to the maximum level and then perform the 2nd Evolution with the requirements we stated here in this article. In this way, you can evolve your Heroes to the maximum evolution level and get your Mightiest Hero with you to defend your base.


Castle Clash Evolution Priority- Which Hero to evolve First

Many of the players got confused in the dilemma to which they should evolve first? That’s a valid question as having a best Castle Clash evolution strategy make a major change in your experience level and fame also. So, it is necessary for a player to make a good strategy of evolution in Castle Clash. To help you with this issue, we are sharing the best Castle Clash evolution priority to which one can follow to be higher in this game.

The first Hero you should evolve first may be either from Pumpkin Duke or Anubis. Now you will be thinking so, why only these? Actually, the reason is that Anubis works greatly to increase Damage in the Dungeons which is a very special arena. Since Dungeons are very hard to win but profit a lot, one must have a special Hero which can cover up the Dungeons. Anubis is the best Hero for dungeons after the Evolution which makes him stay first in the priority level.

The reason for the evolution of Pumpkin Duke is that Pumpkin Duke is best suited to the blitz artifacts which is really required while be in the Castle Clash. So, these two are the top priority list for evolution. Now you can further evolute any Hero with the highest level to make your guild powerful.


Tips to Evolve Heroes Fast

First of all, you should know that the particular hero,  whom you are evolving should have fulfilled all the evolutionary HERO requirements before it can be evolved. In Castle Clash there are two evolutions released over two several updates so as to evolve the hero easily and fastly. One of the first updates increases the performance like HP and ATK of the Hero.

You can increase the evolution by performing well in the game as well as gaining fame also. Once the evolution of Hero gets completed the Evolved heroes appeared with an orange glow and an awesome new look, based on the star level they have. For example, a 5-star hero will get eventually the best color than the 4-star hero. You can simply play as much you could so as to increase their performance to fasten the evolution process of the Heroes in Castle Clash.


Keep evolving your heroes 

So, these were the best strategy and deep details about the evolution of Heroes in Castle Clash. We had gone through deep details about the evolution process of the Heroes in Castle Clash and also the requirements of the materials which is required to evolve a Hero. The list of evolution priority is also provided to evolve a Hero in Castle Clash for better performance. There are some tips provided to which you can follow to evolve your Hero fastly.

I hope this article helped you If you found any doubt do comment us.

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