Ceiling Painting: Painting tips for ceilings

Proper interior design incorporates all features of a room into one comprehensive plan. You should not let a boring ceiling distract from an otherwise attractive and aesthetically pleasing room. There are a few painting techniques that can help you update your ceilings to suit your decorative needs. Ceiling painting is fun and very unique.


Before you begin your ceiling painting project, you need to make adequate preparations. Painting a ceiling can be messy. Cover the room and furniture with a plastic tarp. Use blue painter’s tape to tape off any light fixtures and edges that you don’t want to accidentally spill or splash paint on.


A ceiling is one of the most neglected spaces in your home. You clean your ceiling far less than you clean off any other space in your living area. This is because you aren’t stuck looking at your ceiling each and every day. Paint will not stick to dirt and debris, therefore it is necessary to clean your ceiling thoroughly before you begin your project. If water stains are evident, be sure to call a plumber and fix any issues before you paint your ceiling. If smoke stains or other stains don’t budge, apply a layer of oil based primer and allow it to dry completely before you paint your ceiling.

Painting Techniques for a Textured Ceiling

Textured ceiling that crumbles or is loose can be knocked off with a paint roller. A paint sprayer helps you apply paint to the entire ceiling surface and helps you avoid knocking the texture from your ceiling. Be sure to tape up plastic tarps on your walls using blue painter’s tape in order to avoid overspray from hitting the walls of your home.

Colorful Ceilings


Ceilings don’t have to be the same color as your walls. Light colored ceilings can make a small room feel larger. Darker colored ceiling paint can help reign in an expansive area. If you need some inspiration, turn to your home’s accessories. Upholstery, rugs, carpets, and paintings all provide plenty of color inspirations.

Decorative Custom Ceilings

You might want a unique and decorative custom ceiling design. Painting murals and hiring a faux finisher are two common custom ceiling painting techniques. A mural of a sunny sky is always an attractive ceiling option, as is a mural of a starry night sky. A faux finisher can make your ceilings appear like copper, aluminum, or even marble or wood. A faux finish looks beautiful in multi-dimensional ceilings such as coffered ceilings.

Unique Wall Paint Ideas

Finding wall paint ideas that are unique and personal is challenging. While many people crave to come up with unique interior paint ideas, they often fear that their ideas are too “out there” so they decide to stick to traditional neutral painted walls. Have fun with your walls by using unique wall paint ideas to spice up your lounging area.

Wall Paint Idea: Focal Wall

A focal wall is the idea wall paint idea for those who are craving some drama in a small room. Small rooms can start to feel cramped if all four walls are painted in a deep hue; creating a focal wall using a deep shade actually makes the wall visually recede, in turn making the room look larger. Create a focal wall by using the sponge technique.

The shopping list for this unique wall paint idea should consist of a sea sponge, a deep paint color, a paintbrush, paint roller and a color a few shades lighter than the main color of the walls. Using the paint roller apply paint the deepest hue all over the focal wall. Next, use the paintbrush to apply the lighter paint to the sea sponge and apply all over the wall in a dabbing motion. When the sponge becomes difficult to work with, simply wring it out with water and reapply paint.

Wall Paint Idea: Striped walls


Striped walls not only add tons of visual interest to the room, but they can also help counteract the cramp feeling in a square footage challenged room. If the room is short on floor space, paint horizontal stripes to visually lengthen the room. If the room has low ceilings, paint chunky vertical stripes to add the illusion of height to the room.

Start by placing a tarp over the floor and sectioning off stripes with masking tape. Choose two paint colors in the same color family and paint the stripes while alternating colors between stripes (e.g. first stripe: tan, second stripe: beige, third stripe: tan, fourth stripe: beige). Allow paint to fully dry before peeling off tape. This ingenious wall paint idea is both functional and fashionable.

Wall Paint Idea: Patterned Walls

For an interior paint idea that hasn’t been done to death, create intricately patterned walls that will leave everyone amazed by the final results. Though a bit time consuming, this wall paint idea will bring so much jazz to the space that it’s certainly worth the extra effort.

Draw interlocking square on the walls using a pencil. Then, cover the penciled squares with masking tape. Tip: rip off individual pieces of tape for each side of the square to get a crisp edge. Finally, paint three coats of paint over the walls using a paint roller and allow paint to completely dry before removing tape. By using this intricate wall paint idea, you’ll have magazine worthy walls.


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