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Innovative Technology and Cool Car Gadgets


Now a day technology and invention have become the necessary part of our life. We cannot live without modern technology. Technology not only innovate us but also work for the betterment of mankind. These technologies and inventions slowly becomes the part of our lives and have essential value in our daily routine life. Now we acclimatize to adopt new inventions that make our lives more convenient day by day. Let’s have a view of science and technologies in the field of automobiles.


cool car gadgets


Technology in automobiles

Automobiles are the basic and necessary part of our life. Now we cannot consider a life without them. They are part and parcel of our life. Automobiles shorten the distances and make our life easier. Technology enhances the value and need of the automobiles by innovate them and making them more luxurious. Day by day the number of people increase that used automobile. Cars not only lessen the distances but also save our time and make our journey more easy and safe.


Innovative feature in cars

Now a day driving is not as difficult as it was before, new technology and invention make the things more to more easier and continuously work for that.


The Outlook of the car

The Outlook of the car is the most important part that makes very carefully. This part not only captivating but has all the necessary qualities that not fulfill the requirement of the customer in designing but also compete with the competitors in all new technologies like.

  • External designing
  • Color
  • Bonnet designing
  • Rear designing
  • Headlights designing
  • Bumper

Interior designing

Interior designing of cars is not only stunning and striking for the user but also have such feasibility that appeals to the users. Designing of the front and the rear seat is making in such a way that not only convenient for long distances but also keeps in mind all the need and necessity of the users, and make the customer secure in the case of a road accident or sudden collision. The leather for their covering and shape of them also matter, the gap between then to make a room for the user also keep in mind. Driving seat is the most important part that has all the features like.

  • Modern and power steering
  • Front and rear camera
  • Touch screen with all feature in it
  • Mp3 player
  • Backup camera and sensor for parking
  • Automatic door lock
  • Connectivity with a cell phone

 Some other feature in an innovative car

  • Elevated entry and exit
  • Active suspension
  • Dynamic all wheel steering
  • Rim protection
  • Cross traffic assist
  • Presense side
  • Maneuver assist
  • Remote garage pilot

Top 5 Cool Car Gadgets

As long as the new inventions have come into the market they make the things easier, attractive and feasible for the end user. Many amazing cool car gadgets are come into the market that makes them easier.


  • Best Car Charger


1. Magnetic Car Mount

It’s pretty much illegal anywhere you go to hold onto your phone while you drive, so your best bet is to get a great car mount. But certain mounts can be pretty tedious, and a great magnetic mount makes life so much easier when you’re getting in and out of the car.Strong magnet is use in it for the suspension of your cell phone. You can also move your phone towards the direction you want.

Name of some gadgets are as:

  • Wireless charger that also use to hang your mobile
  • Stop sleep: for anti sleep alarm
  • Rediomize: your ultimate driving companion

2. Roav VIVA

It’s a smart car gadget that has many features in it:

  • It has voice control navigation that navigates you towards your destination.
  • It’s also a car charger
  • It turn up the volume
  • Play music
  • Look at the topic on Wikipedia
  • Measure the destination mileage and tell how far it is
  • Call to other on your voice

3. Best Car Charger

Travelling in electric cars often involves using GPS and navigation apps for route guidance and due to the power-hungry nature of those apps, the battery levels can dip low in very less time.  Car charger are devices which use the power outlet in cars for providing a way of charging smartphones and tablets and wearable devices during travelling without the need of a wall power socket.

Having a Fast charging car charger ensure that you can still stay connected even when your battery gets low and have a backup option. However, for such an event, we must have a best car charger which has a good amperage so that it takes less time to charge the device.

Best car charger with Quick Charge capability also helps greatly for those having premium smartphones which support it. At the same time, we must have the necessary USB or charger cables for the charger. The Fast charging car charger with multiple USB ports is of utmost importance for family trips as more than one phone may need to be charged on-the-go.

4. Car Cover

The Car cover is as necessary as your car. It protects your vehicle in all kind of weather. It also gives protection from dust and saves your car from acid rain. You can complete learning how to install a car cover on my vehicle by clicking on it. By covering your car you can feel free and relax and do not need to think how the weather at the outside. A good challenger car covers provide absolute protection in any situation. Car cover saves the car from scratches and easy to clean and keep your vehicle safe in hot and rainy days.

5. Rear View Backup Camera

Mounted to your car’s license plate area or back window, this best-selling backup camera is one of the smallest of its kind, but don’t let that fool you. Users report that it can withstand months of rain, and it gives you a 170-degree field of visibility behind your vehicle, streamed to your car’s infotainment system in high-definition color.


Final words

The above Mentioned list should help those researching on cool car gadgets. The above tips should come in handy during shopping and help in choosing the cool car gadgets  for your needs.

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