10 Cool Games To Play in Your Lifetime- Fun Games to Play

10 Cool Games To Play In Your Lifetime

Some games are so brilliantly made that they simply leave us in awe and we cannot help but recommend it to others as well. We have a compiled such a list of cool games to play for you from wiki, in which there are ten games that we think you need to try at least once in your lifetime. Also, check out games similar to mass effect. On other hands, we have compiled a list of  10 Old retro games to play all time.

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List Of Cool Games To Play

Below we will look at some of the cool games to play  in your Lifetime.


1. Rise Of tomb raider

2. The Last Of  Us

3. Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 2

4. Halo

5. Monster Hunter :World

6. Half Life 2

7. The Room:Old sins

8. The Sims

9. Limbo


1. The Last Of Us

Cool Games To Play : No matter how many zombie survival games you have played, none of them can beat the genius of this one. The game not only provides us with action and suspense but the emotional story inside the game will give you all the feels. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic America, where you have to escort a young girl through the wasteland as you dodge and fight off the zombies and other unfriendly people that you encounter along the way.

Last Of Us - Fun Games to Play

2. Raise Of Tomb Raider

Cool Games To Play : Rise of the tomb raider is a sequel to Tomb Raider that was released in 2013. Accompany Lara Croft as she embarks on her journey to discover the legendary city of Kitezh. Lara has a large variety of weapons, some of which have an alternate firing mode. The game has four chapters through which it introduces Expeditions. Players earn credits after completing the expeditions through which they can purchase digital collectible cards and modify the game play.

Rise Of Tomb raider -fun games to play

3. Call Of Duty:Modern Warefare

Cool Games To Play : Modern Warfare is another pretty amazing installment in the Call of Duty franchise. The game-play is the same as all the first-person shooter games. The player controls the soldier and can perform several actions. All the levels in the games are interesting with unique story-lines. Modern Warfare 2 not only has action but the plot is also suspenseful where we get to operate in different environments and conditions. The multiplayer experience is also a lot better in MW 2.

cod mwf 2- Fun games to play

4. Halo

Cool Games To Play : Halo is a military science fiction shooter video game that is set in Bungie's wonderful science-fiction universe. Master Chief is a super-soldier who has to go up against the cruel Covenant and the horrifying flood. There are twists and turns throughout the story along with various intergalactic battlegrounds.

Halo - Fun games to play

5. Monster Hunter:World

Cool Games To Play : Released earlier this year, Monster Hunter: World game provides you the ultimate hunting experience. In a high fantasy setting, humans and other races have set their eyes on the New World which is a separate continent from the Old World. The New World is a wilderness where many powerful monsters exist.

Researchers have been trying to uncover new mysteries in the New World. Working bases have been established here, and the Research Commission is leading operations. The player controls a hunter, supported by an assistant handler. They are part of a Fleet which has been summoned to provide more support to the New World.

Monster hunter - Fun games to play

6. Half Life 2 

Cool Games To Play : Even after so many years, Half-life 2 is considered one of the best video games to be made. Half-Life is set in a dystopian alternate timeline where the human race is in need of a better world. The game picks up where the previous one left off. Our protagonist Gordon Freeman is woken up by the enigmatic G-Man only to find that alien Combine has taken over the world. The players start without items and have to slowly build up their arsenal as they progress in the game. A diverse set of enemies are present, which have to be approached with different tactics.

Half life 2 - fun games to play

7. The Rooms:Old Sins

Cool Games To Play : You are an investigator who has to explore the attic of a dark and creepy house and find some kind of artifact. The game takes place in the Waldegrave Manor. You have to look for an engineer and his high-society wife who have gone missing. You have searched the entire house except for the attic, where you come across a creepy dollhouse that is waiting to be explored. The dollhouse has been turned into one massive puzzle box where the players have to understand and solve it.

The Room Old Sins-Fun games to play

8. The Sims

Cool Games To Play : Players can create unique Sims, build houses, start families and basically control the lives of their Sims. The Sims Mobile introduces multiplayer elements, as now the players can interact with other players' Sims and attend their parties. Energy is used when players use their Sims to take actions. Energy can be restored through Sim Cash, which you can earn through in-game quests. You can also purchase certain clothing and furniture options by using Sim Cash. There are stories told through Sims actions and are chosen by the player as their Sims make relationships or go through their careers. Through these stories, the Sims are able to level up and unlock cut-scenes.

The sims -Fun games to play

9. Limbo

Cool Games To Play : Limbo is a creative game that radiates a cold, lonely, and stark vibe. The main character is a boy who wakes up in a forest “at the edge of hell.” You must help him on this journey to find his sister. The artwork is stunning the game has masterfully crafted mazes and puzzles. The darkness hides many of the dangers that we have to face such as bear traps on floor, deadly monsters in the shadows and glow worms. If we are not careful, we can easily get killed by any one of these hazards. We have to use our wits to move forward in the game. Limbo allows us to interpret our own ending.

Limbo - Fun Games to Play

10. Inside

Cool Games To Play : If you want to play something artsy, challenging, and scary, this is it. Inside is similar to Limbo and is a kind of its spiritual successor, but is more complicated. The player controls a boy who is in a dystopic world and has to solve environmental puzzles while avoiding death. “Inside” has a multitude of new game play mechanics that are not available in “Limbo.” For example, in Insider our protagonist has the ability to swim. However, there are monstrous creatures inside the water which are a threat to you. This game definitely needs to be played at least once.

Inside original - Fun Gmaes to play

Final Words

There are other Games too available in the market that Satisfy all your gaming needs, but the mentioned above games are really Cool Games To Play and  personally recommended by me. Play all the above game and fulfill your gaming dreams . Play all your fun games in best Gaming Monitor 2018  with your girl friend. and Kids. If you are  smartphones user, always love to play mobile games then play free android offline games. On other hands, we have compiled a list of  10 Old retro games to play all time.

Some of these games are old classics while some were released in 2018.


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