6 Cooling Apps For Android Phones that you should use

Cooling Apps For Android Phones that you should use


With over 2 billion users, Android OS has become unrivaled when it comes to introducing exciting and sophisticated apps. This is due to several administrative structures that were put in place hence allowing each user to try developing apps all for free. As of 2018, the android app store had over 3.8 million apps; this number doesn’t include unregistered apps. So, with such a huge number which Cooling Apps For Android Phones must you have. On other hand, we also suggest 5 Best educational apps for elementary students as well as kids.

Cooling Apps For Android Phones


Top 6 Cooling Apps for Android Phones

Below we will look at some of the apps that are must-have in your device.


1.  Facebook Research App

2. Lucky Patcher

3. Tubemate

4. Spotify

5. Vdeoder

6. Google Assistant

1. Facebook Research App

On Google Play Store, you must have seen a number of applications offering you free mobile talk time, PayTM cashback etc. These applications provide free benefits to its users as they enhance user experience from users smartphones. Facebook research App offer huge dollars as a reward for installing the app and running it in background. The app simply generates user activities & participant in various online websites as a report and use it for Facebook research purpose.It was not directly handled by Facebook, it was managed by uTest. uTest is professional trustworthy network tester, It collects all reports and submit to Facebook for further Research.


Facebook research app


Facebook Research App is completely safe to use. Facebook’s this new innovation is completely based upon the transparency.It pay 1000+$ for every single user by simply running the app in your smartphone. It collect some basic information’s like our daily internet usage limits, what kind of apps we use, what games we playing most, what eCommerce apps we use, what products we buy from online and what website we browse more. No need to worry about our privacy data leakage, these data’s is sent only to Facebook for research purpose , they never disclose it to anyone.  After receiving the strong backlash and the consistent downfall in its stock price, Facebook is much more worried about the privacy and confidentiality of its user’s data than the users itself. With the help of Facebook Research Applause program, Facebook came forward to re-build the confidence of its users on its innovations.


2. Lucky Patcher

Understanding what you need can be the solution to having a near your device. So you may be wondering why do you need this app? Well, Lucky patcher app is the go-to app for every trouble that you might experience with your device usage.One standout feature when using this app is that you can hack in-app purchases and enjoy pro version app features all for free.


lucky patcher


The most intriguing aspect of using this app is that you will have the ability to delete annoying ads that pop out while using any app. Other features include:

  • It allows removal and moving of system inbuilt apps to the SD card
  • Lucky patcher allows users to modify any function from an app of their choice by creating a custom patch.
  • Any android user will tell you how it is impossible to install the same application on one device. Well, this app allows you to clone any app thereby protecting your privacy.
  • It comes with a Java cache that helps in refreshing your device without necessary rebooting it.
  • When you are experiencing an app that is misbehaving, you can choose to freeze it.
  • It overrides google play store by making in-app purchases without Google play store realizing it.

3. Tubemate 

This light app explains why Android is the best OS in the market. It is no secret that browsers have the worst downloading apps. It would take ages for it to download a simple 10-megabyte file which would take tubemate only seconds. Furthermore, it is next to impossible to download files from best Youtube Videos all time.

Tubemate has filled that void by presenting users with a host of options when it comes to downloading videos. Additionally, you get several resolutions that you can choose from. One standout feature when using this app is that it comes with a media converter which lets users convert videos to other options.Also get this All features in some other apps like tubemate.



4. Spotify

Launched in October of 2008, Spotify has defined the entertainment industry. Currently, it hosts over 40 million songs which users get access to for free.  It comes in two versions - the free version and the paid version. Though under the free version you enjoy limited features, you are sure to enjoy interrupted sessions where ads appear middle of a song. While at the same time some Spotify interfaces won’t support all tracks. With Spotify music mod, you are sure to enjoy quality audio tracks and uninterrupted audio sessions. This is why it is a must-have app for you.



5. Videoder

With a large number of downloading apps, videoder takes the top position when it comes to downloading files. One standout feature that endears users to this video is that you have the ability to download any file from any website. Some of the websites include Facebook, YouTube, Daily Motion and many more. Additionally, you get several resolution options that you can choose to download your video using videoder app.



6. Google Assistant 

Google assistant is the epitome of the 21st century. It works by acting as a personal assistant to your daily activities. Over time it learns your daily routine and instead of consistently doing things manually, you get to enjoy a simplified lifestyle. If your device is connected you can control it by placing any orders.


google assistant

Final words

The secret to having a near perfect day lies with what devices you are using and the available cooling apps for android phones & 5 Smart Apps For Kids . If you are an Android enthusiast you understand that this is possible. With over 3.8 million apps, having the right apps can boost your daily activities while improving your productivity. Among the apps that are a must have include tubemate, videoder, Google assistant, Spotify and lucky patcher. Try them today and thank me later.

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