Important Things to Consider While Buying a CSGO Pro Mouse

CSGO Pro Mouse


You must know how important a mouse is for PC gamers. Especially for those who fell in love with Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO), a gaming CSGO Pro mouse is an important item to support your gameplay performance. There are a lot of varieties of gaming mouse in the market. Yet, not all of them offer the same qualities. You can’t carelessly purchase any gaming mouse because it can hinder your chance to win the competition. So, in this following CSGO Pro mouse buying guide, you should consider several things before purchasing a CSGO Pro mouse.


The Sensitivity of the Mouse

The best mouse for CSGO games should has the best sensitivity. That is the very first thing you should consider while buying a mouse. The sensitivity of the mouse can be measured by the DPI or Dots per Inch. But, some others are also called DPI as CPI (Counts per Inch). Most of gaming communities use this buzzword to refer to the pixels of the mouse. The number of pixels shows the mouse ability to display on screen by an input in a single inch of physical space. So, in a single input at the same distance, speed, and surface, mouse with different DPI can travel differently.


CSGO Pro Mouse


However, what number is the best? Is the mouse with the higher DPI better? Well, it isn’t actually true. Although higher DPI means that your cursor can travel farther on the screen compared to the lower DPI one, but it isn’t always good. The recommended DPI range for playing CSGO or other FPS  and Cool Games is around 400 – 3,200. You can also consider your gameplay preference. If you prefer to play with high sensitivity, then high DPI will be more suitable for you. But if you prefer with low sensitivity, you can go with lower DPI.

Don’t only consider the range of DPI, but also the DPI settings of the mouse. The best mouse should have at least 4 DPI toggle options including 400, 800, 1600, or 3200. However, there are also some cases which a mouse with only 2 toggle options still able to support better gameplay performance.


The Comfort-ability of the Mouse

The next thing to consider in  CSGO pro mouse buying guide is the comfort-ability. The mouse design can affect player’s comfort while holding it. Each mouse product comes with different design, so you have no right or wrong about the comfort-ability. While choosing the mouse in the store, you should pick a mouse that compa

csgo pro mouse 3

tible with your hand. You can try to hold the mouse and check whether the shape fit in your grip or not. The mouse should be comfortably fit in your palm so you can click the button with your finger easily. Accordingly, you need to pay attention to the size of the mouse. Some CSGO Pro mouse are designed for users with small hands, but some others are for large hands.

Furthermore, you need to pay attention to your hand orientation. Most of computer mouse are designed for right-handed players. If you are righties, you won’t get any problem. However, if you are left-handed players, you need to be more cautious. You can choose ambidextrous mouse that specifically designed for lefties.

In the end, the comfort-ability is all depend by your preference. The most comfortable mouse is the mouse that fits your gripping style and hand orientation.



Gaming mouse has more than click buttons than normal computer mouse. You can find about 8-12 buttons. So, click-ability for good gaming mouse is important. The mouse button should be able to be clicked easily. It is a must because every millisecond counts in a CSGO game. Find the mouse that is easy to click and pop back up as shortest amount of time as possible.

Wired or Wireless Mouse?

When you are going to the store, the next CSGO pro mouse buying guide is choosing between wired and wireless mouse. There are some plus and minus from each type.

csgo pro mouse 3Wireless mouse may always the top choice to support aesthetic battle. Not only the design is prettier, but you can also easily move it around. You can even play the game farther from the gaming monitor screen as long as still within the range of mouse’s Bluetooth. However, wireless mouse tends to be heavier due to its battery.

As you know, there are two types of mouse nowadays—wireless and wired. Wireless mouse tends to look prettier in design and it is also easier to move it around. However, the battery of the wireless mouse tends to make the mouse heavier. Moreover, some users also experience small delays which can be a problem for professional players.

In other hand, wired mouse may limit your movement. But, almost CSGO players tend to choose wired mouse because its capability to register more clicks with no lag. Furthermore, wired mouse also tend to have higher DPI compared to some wireless product. If you are looking for safest gaming CSGO Pro mouse, wired mouse is the best option for CS:GO Gamers.

Don’t Forget, Consider Pick the Right Mouse Pad


Some people may set aside the consideration for mouse pad. Instead, this item can be a great addition for better gameplay. A nice mouse pad is the perfect partner for the best gaming mouse. A mouse pad helps you to control the movement of the mouse easily. However, it should be considered to the sensitivity of the mouse. For mouse with lower sensitivity, a larger mouse pad is the best choice to support farther movement, vice versa. Choose a mouse pad made comfortable material such as from cloth, glass, or steel.


Last, but not the least in CSGO Pro mouse buying guide, you should consider your available budget. You know gaming mice isn’t that cheap. You need to sacrifice your savings a little to be able get the best one. However, not all really expensive gaming mouse is a good fit for you. There are some others gaming CSGO Pro mouse that are affordable, yet still offer good features than the expensive one. In the end, the best gaming CSGO Pro mouse is still a worth investment for CSGO players.

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