Decorating home for Valentine’s Day

The Christmas tree is gone, presents unwrapped and decorations packed away in the attic…or at least headed there. What’s next holiday-wise for homeowners? Well, most people celebrate Valentine’s Day, and it is traditionally a holiday that features flowers, chocolate and cards. So what are some ways to incorporate Valentine’s Day into your home decor?

Keep It Simple

One does not need to cover the home in rose petals and heart-shaped boxes of candy to give an effective nod to the holiday of love. Choosing one area to decorate is a great way to recognize a holiday season. Think about your front door, dining room table, a mantel or a kitchen table to add a decoration ‘from the heart.’

Choose and Reuse

Of course, fresh flowers are one of the most gorgeous ways of decorating the home for Valentine’s Day. But when they die, it’s sad, and then they’re gone forever! Consider a silk flower arrangement that can be used from year to year, or a silk heart-shaped wreath to decorate the front door. Major home retailers like Target and Walmart have decorating sections for Valentine’s Day that include decor that can be reused every year, which is an economical and environmentally friendly approach.

Light It Up

One of the easiest, most simple approaches to decorating the home for Valentine’s Day is the addition of candle light. Whether it’s a bag of red tea lights scattered on windowsills, tables and other surfaces or three large red pillar candles on the dining room table, adding candlelight and the romance that accompanies it is a wonderful way of celebrating the most romantic of all the holidays.

Gifts from Nature

Whether you live in the country or near the woods, if you have a nature walk of any kind nearby, it’s often possible to choose from nature’s bounty to add a dash of romance to your home. Go for a walk and see if you can find a few branches of holly with bright red berries, or even if you have a Nandina bush nearby you can collect a few handfuls of its gorgeous red berries. A simple vase filled withcrimson berries would be a beautiful addition of the holiday’s most popular color.

Other small Valentine’s decorating touches for the home could be a pretty crystal bowl of heart-shaped Sweetheart candies, a collection of empty heart shaped candy boxes, silk rose petals on a table runner with pretty candlesticks, or a few heart-shaped frames…of course with romantic pictures inside!

Inexpensive Valentines Day Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to find the time or money to go all out for Valentines Day. Besides that, those in long relationships are often over the novelty of roses and chocolates, and struggling for new ideas for a romantic gift.

Even for those jaded by the commercialism of Valentines Day, the holiday can serve as a reminder to show a little affection to a spouse or other significant other. Here are some free or inexpensive Valentines day ideas to celebrate a relationship and demonstrate love and appreciation. While it takes some time to prepare these items, they also make great last minute gifts.

Love in a Jar

All that is needed to put some love in a jar is a glass jar (an empty jelly or sauce jar works well), some paper and a printer or a pen. First, thoroughly wash the jar. While it is drying, gather some love quotes; search online, pull them from memory or use old books or music CDs. Write or print out the quotes.

For a special touch, use red or pink paper. Cut into squares so that one quote is on each piece of paper. Make sure the jar is dry, then put the papers in the jar until it’s full. If you have a heart shaped punch, punch some hears from construction paper and place them in the jar too. Each day, the recipient will be able to pull a special quote from the jar.

Love Letters

Use the same technique as above, but instead of putting them in a jar, place the quotes around the house. Hide them in places where your significant other will stumble upon them – a computer keyboard, the coffee maker, the refrigerator, and all over the house.

Music Mix

Create a CD or iPod playlist of songs from the past or songs that remind you of your sweetheart. Some ideas are songs that were popular when the relationship was new, tunes that were played at the wedding, and those that you know are favorites.


A gift of pampering is priceless, especially for busy parents. Offer to give your sweetheart a massage or foot rub. Make the experience memorable and special with scented candles, warm towels, some soft music and spa quality products. Other ways to provide some pampering include doing the chores for the day, making dinner, and writing out coupons that can be traded for chores.


Chocolates and a special dinner are Valentine classics, but there are simpler ways to celebrate with food. Dress up the normal morning coffee with a little whipped cream and some cinnamon hearts. Take a little extra time to cut a sandwich into a heart shape, or even just add a note to the daily bagged lunch. If the schedule and budget doesn’t allow for a special holiday meal, dress up everyday foods with some simple Valentines touches; red fruits and vegetables add a colorful and festive touch.

All of these are simple ways to bring back a little romance to a relationship. Best of all, they may even spark a new habit of showing appreciation and devotion not only on Valentines Day, but throughout the year.


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