Decorating touches on new homes

If you are wanting to see what styles are new and what decorating trends are persisting, a great place to look is at a Parade of Homes or in model homes of builders. They hire professional decorators who use the newest styles and the builder puts in the most up-and-coming materials to showcase his work.

If you don’t have a Home Tour to visit near you, here are a couple of ideas on what you would probably see at one.


  • In the exterior, think country farmhouse made new. Decorative wooden lightning rods at the peak of the roof lines is popular, along with working weather vanes.
  • Stamped concrete on driveways and sidewalks. A note, however: stamped concrete can be very slippery when wet. For safety’s sake it is best to use this along the edges and not over the main walkways.
  • Screened-in porches in addition to decks or patios. Multi-level outdoor living is hot. Fireplaces on the deck or chimineas are still popular. Screened-in porches with wooden beam ceilings and woven grass ceiling fans enhance the look.
  • Outdoor art is fashionable whether it be a piece of sculpture, a metal trellis, a wooden pergola, or a marble obelisk. Paintings that are weatherized and can be hung on exterior walls or on the rough trunk of an old tree are also a beautiful touch.


  • Anything iron continues to dominate interiors. The balusters on a staircase in metal and with designs or curves remain popular. This idea is also taken outside and used on the deck where the wood is the upper handrail and the bottom slats are metal. Ironwork scrolls are seen on the walls as art or candle holders.
  • Small tile accents are found in places throughout the house. Entryways have square tiles set askew to look like diamonds, and in the grout between the large squares are tiny colored tiles set in a line. In bathrooms as a wall decoration or in showers are small tile mosaics.
  • Wine racks to hold towels are showing up in bathrooms – Either a metal one set on the counter, or, more popular now, are wooden cubbies with square openings built right into the cupboard area like you would see in a kitchen to hold a vertical row of wine bottles.
  • Oval or circular great rooms impress visitors from the minute they open the front door. The front door generally opens on an entry area and straight ahead one can see the great room, which has a different flooring than the rest of the downstairs to show off the oval shape. Partial walls are rounded and columns delineate the space here from rooms that open on to the great room, such as the breakfast room.

Decorating a Cabin

Decorating a cabin into a rustic and cozy retreat, need not break the bank. In fact, bargains that are perfect for cabins can be found at garage sales, Goodwill, flea markets and second-hand stores. Keep in mind, however, there is a difference between rustic, which involves character, and items that are old and beat up or tacky and cheap. Browsing shops for cabin decor is more like a treasure hunt than a shopping trip!

The internet is a wonderful resource for decorating a cabin with specialty cabin décor. There are oodles of online stores specializing in moose lamps, wood carvings, woodsy linens etc. eBay offers unique items such as snowshoes, oars, fish nets, and fireplace tools that are hard to find elsewhere. It’s fun to score a perfect piece of cabin decor through a winning bid!

Rustic Cabin Decorating Touches

Perfect does not a cabin make. In fact, natural elements and some imperfection, create a relaxing feel. Paint tones in Mother Nature’s palette of brown, rust or forest green will warm up boring walls. Switch out drawer handles with pieces of cut wood or leather straps. Use rough hewn lumber for projects. Look for:

  • Second hand distressed wood tables
  • Denim slipcovers and pillows
  • Log or twig furniture
  • Iron candle holders
  • Steamer trunks to use as tables
  • Wood ammunition boxes to use as shelving
  • Lamps made with gnarled wood or antlers
  • Rustic ceiling fans
  • Items made of burlap or jute

Window Coverings for Cabin Decorating

There are low-cost, creative ways to cover cabin windows. Use flannel sheets as curtains and hang on oars. Pull back gingham panels with rope tie backs. Use horseshoe hooks as curtain rod holders for a pair of leather-look curtain panels. Even a rolled bamboo shade works!

Cabin Wall Décor:

Knotty pine is not stand-alone wall decor. Hang:

  • Pictures and framed nature posters or trail maps
  • Fun, message wood plagues, in the spirit of “Gone Fishing”
  • Dried flowers, eucalyptus or fresh pine in metal buckets or vases
  • Tree branches or twigs spray-painted in copper tones
  • Oars and snowshoes
  • Iron grates, hooks, and spurs
  • Horseshoe towel racks
  • Indian rugs and blankets

Decorate a Cabin By Contrast and Complement

Use furnishing culls from your primary home, even if they don’t feel “cabin-like”. A fun, eclectic look feels totally appropriate and, in fact, a combination of polish and rustic keeps things interesting. Sit a basket of pine cones and cinnamon sticks on a glass topped table. Place that framed mirror above a green washed potting bench. Sit Grandma’s wood rocking chair on the front porch.

Cabin Decorating With A Touch of Nostalgia

A cabin represents a nostalgic return to a simpler time. Where possible, add touches of yesterday.

  • Metal milk cans
  • Glass canisters
  • An old wood or iron coat rack
  • Crates filled with towels or wood for the fireplace
  • A game nook or checkerboard painted tabletop
  • Flannel sheets and quilts
  • A braided or rag-tied rug

Decorate the Cabin – But Don’t Overdo!

It’s important not to over-do a theme to the point of ridiculous. All bears, or all fish, or all moose decor is B-O-R-I-N-G. Also, too much clutter is distracting, so when the decorating feels done: stop! There will always be another “perfect” item that will pop up. You have to stop sometime.

Decorate a cabin aiming for a look that reflects the wonderful diversity of nature mixed in with the luxury of a resort. A fleece blanket throw covering cold toes, a mounted fish and pair of oars hanging over the crackling fireplace, vanilla candles burning in mason jars, fluffy towels hanging on horseshoe hooks waiting for the morning shower. Now that feels like a mountain escape!


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