Digital marketing company in India-hire a web designer or a web developer?

Digital marketing company in India-Building a website

We have long past the days of traditional marketing. Whether it be distributing fliers or hiring giant billboards, there is still value in traditional marketing.

However, Digital marketing has completely changed the face of marketing. Why bother with traditional ways of marketing that has no guaranteed returns when with Digital Marketing you can track how successful your campaigns have been with proper analytics.

Digital Marketing cost way less when compared to traditional marketing and provides a better ROI, so every business should definitely host a digital presence.

The first step to starting a digital brand is to host a company/business website? So if you are planning on hiring for building a website, who do you hire? A web designer or a web developer? Best Digital marketing company and Informational Technology company in India ?

Web Developers or Web Designers:

If you ask any lay person, what is the difference between a Web Designer and a Web Developer, they will reply with a ‘I don’t know’.

If you ask a tech guy, what is the difference between Web Design and Web Development, there will still be a certain percentage that states that they are the same.

Most use Web Design and Web Developers interchangeably, and this suffices as a generalization among the lay people, however, Web Design and Web Development are totally different.

Build a website with Expert

Build a website with Expert

Initially, the difference between them could be easily stated. Web Design entails designing the website while Web Development consists of coding the website. Even though this definition does hold the truth in cases but the current reality has a very thin line between these two.

You will be hard pressed to find a web designer who doesn’t boast knowledge on HTML and CSS or a web developer who doesn’t know at least a little bit of Adobe Photoshop.

So when you are hiring to build a website for your company, you need to know the exact difference between hiring a web  designer or a web developer.

India’s Leading Digital Marketing Company:

Most website creators blur the lines between web designing and web development, however, that is not the case with us, With a strong foundation in Web designing as well as numerous experience and expertise in both Web development, Web Design you get the best of both with Us.

Web design entails building the UI (User interface) and the UX (User experience) of a website.

These professionals are more involved with visual aesthetics such as color scheme as well as user usability such as layout, information flow and etc.


Most web designs employ tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other design software, strong skill in graphic design, logo design, great knowledge in branding, typography and color palettes.

Because Web designer create what the user actually sees on their device screen, web designers are creative by nature.

Classifications on Web Development:

Web development, on the other hand, deals with all the codes that make the website function the way it does. There are two classifications on web development: front-end development, which determines bringing to life the designs of the web designer and the back-end development, which manages all the data in the website database and bringing it for display at the front end.

Web designers are generally experts in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Frameworks such as AngularJS, ReactJS, libraries such as jQuery and GitHub.

If you look at the similarity between front-end web developers and web designers, this is where the common misconception occurs. While web designers think up the design of the website, the front-end web developer is responsible for bringing this design onto the website interface.

This is the reason why you need to know the difference between hiring a web designer or a web developer for your website building team.

While most developers with their knowledge in front-end web development will not select typography, or pick the color palettes of the website, however, because these front-end web developers often work with web designers, they tend to have knowledge on the best UI/UX design practices. As such most front-end developers know how to do web design.

Whom To Hire:

Do not fall into this misconception. This is the reason why you will find many agencies that have talented web designers with little web development knowledge and yet proclaim they can create a website.Similarly, you will find great web developers with little web designing skills claiming they can create websites. Both the above case will result in a sub par website for your business.

Your website will be the first facet of your business that your consumers see and you do not want this to be their first impression of your brand.

Make sure to hire a web designer who will design your website and hire a web developer who will implement this design on to reality and Hire Leading Digital marketing company in India to Increase Online Presence of your website.

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