Download Dolphin Emulator for Android v5.0

Download Dolphin Emulator for Android

Many people love Nintendo very much and as a Nintendo fan, everyone loves to play GameCube, Triforce games on their Android devices or PC’s and these days many people choose android devices rather than PC.

So to support all those games an emulator is required and the best emulator in the market is for sure the dolphin emulator. The dolphin emulator is the only emulator that is available or works on multiple platforms like Windows, IOS, Android, etc. Download Dolphin Emulator by the given link in the red button below and play all your favorite retro games.

The Main Job of this dolphin emulator is to emulate or reproduce all the Wii console games so that you can play Nintendo games directly on your Android devices.

Dolphin Emulator is an open source to every one of us and despite all the breakdowns the dolphin emulator managed to get back as the popular app among the emulators and has done an amazing job for game emulation on the desktop versions.

With this emulator you can play a lot of games like Super Mario, NFS, etc and the user interface is really neat, simple and easy to understand and the dolphin emulator is available on the google play store with 3.3-star rating but you can download here directly by clicking the bellow red Button.

Alright, that was about the dolphin emulator now before downloading the application let look at its features given below.

Download Dolphin Emulator for Android

Download Dolphin Emulator for Android

Features of Dolphin Emulator

• The dolphin emulator has a specialty that is the only emulator that works on many platforms like Linux, Windows, etc and very good at emulating games with high speeds.

•  Similar to other emulators it also has the option to save the game level or status of the game so that you can resume the game whenever you wish to.

• Includes all the functions like anti-aliasing, Filtering, etc which makes this APK even more powerful and easy to use.

• The Android app of the dolphin emulator supports the formats like ISO, DOL, EFF, etc and one thing that should be kept in mind is that this app is not a project related to video game companies.

• Compatible with all the Android versions starting from Android Lollipop to Android Oreo or above and works on platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc.

• To run a dolphin emulator the operating systems must require 64 bit and for Android devices, the RAM must be of 500 MB or above.

• The developers of the dolphin emulator are very active and helpful, if you have any queries regarding the installation or gameplay then can help you if possible.

• There are thousands of cheat codes with action replay so that you can play all the games like a pro and it enables you to use the real controllers of the Game cube through a USB adapter

• Dolphin emulator supports two types of network gameplay one is of Emulated multiplayer and the other one is the Nintendo Wifi connection. Moreover, the game progress can be saved on Game cube memory cards.

History Of Dolphin Emulator

The dolphin emulator was developed by Ryan Houdek and was released in the year 2013 and at the initial stages it was not famous but later it has got some crazy fans.

Soon it became popular in the market but that moment didn’t last long as the developers decided to stop officially for some period in the year 2004 because of some issues or failure but later they got some good feedback, so they released 1.03 version with some minor improvements and at the time of 2009.

It has been made an open-source system so that you are capable to run all the Wii games.

Download Dolphin Emulator For Android  

Soon after all those problems the dolphin emulator finally came on the google play store with small issues, as of now it is in the development stage but works very well without any issues.

You can play many games from the Game cube and Wii with ease and even this didn’t last for a longer time as dolphin emulator was removed from google play store but later they somehow managed to get back so if you don’t find dolphin emulator in the google play store then follow the link given above.

The dolphin emulator’s basic Android version requirement is Android Lollipop(ver 5.0) or above.

Download Dolphin Emulator using the bellow red button,

How to Install Dolphin Emulator on Android device?

1. Initially, download the dolphin emulator APK on your device by following the above link.

2. Then after downloading it, you have to get access or enable permissions from the system by going to settings> security> allow unknown sources.

3. Now click on install and open the app, that’s it you have successfully installed and can enjoy all the GameCube and Wii games.


Hereby I conclude that this dolphin APK is very useful and helpful for all the game loves of Nintendo or Game cube games etc. The most advantageous part of this application is that it is available on many platforms so that it makes you easy to download on any platform you wish too.

In spite of all the breakdowns, the dolphin emulator is now available to download on PCs, Android Smartphones, etc. If you don’t understand the installation part then see the bellow video.

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