What is the e Sim Card in the Latest IPhone 2018 ?

The 2018 iPhone will be a mediocre upgrade with E Sim Card

E Sim Card : One of the less covered but more important aspects of this year’s iPhone is the SIM slot it is rumored to be coming with. Bloomberg suggests that at least one of this year’s iPhone will be Apple’s first to feature a new dual SIM phone.

Dual SIM phones allow users to have two SIMs in the device at one time. Dual SIM devices are useful for business travelers and are used extensively in the developing world by people who are so focused on their phone bill that they make different calls, on different SIMs, to get the lowest possible call rates.

It has even been suggested that, instead of dual SIM, one of the dual SIM slots in the new phone might be delivered according to eSIM standards, a new technology which is set to mix up telecommunications in the years to come.

Below is Disruptive Wireless’ view of the number of eSIMs which will be shipped worldwide in the next 5 years. The eSIM is a big deal in and of itself. If the eSIM is included in Apple’s flagship device release this year, it could be the biggest step forward in device innovation since Siri was introduced in the 4S.

e sim card

What is the new E Sim Card in this year’s iPhone?

Embedded SIM or eSIM turns the job of a physical SIM in to a task that can be performed Over The Air (OTA) by you and your phone company. Both Apple and Samsung have been using variants of eSIM facilities for years in their devices, typically tablets and watches, rather than phones.

Upgrading to E Sim Card represents a change which will have far reaching consequences. First among those is the influence an E Sim Card will have on the way people pick their phone plan, their phone company and make their connection. No longer will people have to make the trek to the mall or the phone company shop on the high street. In a world containing eSIMs, many, perhaps most people will make their phone plan decision from the sofa.

How do E Sim Card help?

Fundamentally E Sim Card exist to make it easier for you to compare your options, find and connect to a network.

From a manufacturer’s (i.e. Apple’s) point of view, reducing costs, by eliminating components is always a good thing. Having an E Sim Card instead of a standard SIM slot lowers the costs of assembling and producing the device. When it’s sold, there’s less to go wrong while it’s with a customer and that lowers costs, too. Finally, removing components like the SIM and it’s housing reduces, albeit only slightly, the size of the phone.

E Sim Card perform some of the same jobs as the old standard SIM used to. eSIMs can, however, support multiple profiles (the first generation of eSIM standards allow for 4 concurrent operator profiles on a single E Sim Card).

The E Sim Card will also make it easier to deploy Internet Of Things sensors and to manage those deployments in situ.

Does the E Sim Card mean that Apple will offer their own phone plans?

The E Sim Card will make new generations of iPhone smaller, lighter, cheaper and more reliable. But it also creates an entirely novel way for Apple to make money. Industry rumors suggest that one of the options you’ll see on your eSIM enabled iPhone, when you turn it on this year, is Apple in the network settings options.

There are hundreds of small phone companies around the world. Called MVNOs in the industry (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), budget SIM Only plan providers target segments of users with phone plans specifically designed for them. Examples include Boost Mobile, which operates in the US and Australia, focused on the Youth Segment to the UK where many supermarkets run their own phone companies.

If Apple do negotiate agreements, they may well find their brand chosen as a network as well as a device, with demand coming from their many millions of fans around the world.

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