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Earphone buying guide


Earphones are your best companions for you when you are an avid music listener, an audiophile to be exact. So, if you are looking for something which suits your taste, that is to say a perfect earphone, then you should have an inkling about the stuff that you need to buy.

There are quality earphones under 500 and 1000 which are available from brand like Sennheiser, Boat, JBL and many others, but there are some of the prerequisites that you need to consider before buying them.


Earphone buying guide

Earphone Buying Guide


5 Best Earphone Buying Guide

Here, we shall list out 5 prerequisites that you need to consider before buying Earphones.

Earphone Buying Guide 2018

1. Earpods Vs Headphones

2. Get something that is worth the money

3. Check sound Isolation

4.Check the Frequency Range

5. Avoid Fancy Features

1. Earpods Vs Headphones

Earphones come in two distinct categories, namely the earpods and the headphones. Earpods are best for those who are keen on hearing music to the core. Headphones on the other hand snug in comfortably and travel around from one place to another. If you are used to keeping your equipment in small satchels, then having earpods is the best option to go for. If you are used to the heavy weight around your neck and a backpack as well, go for the headphones. In this case, you need to play to your strengths and make a choice that is best for you.

2. Get Something That is worth the money 

Having a budget earphone means that you need to check every aspect of the product that you are selected and perhaps be buying in the future. You can’t expect noise cancellations and high bass sounds in cheap models which means that you need to be practical and straightforward while buying them. Do not get misled by falsified information about features that are way too advanced and you get them at an affordable rate. Weigh your options carefully since there are chances that these advertisements could be fake. Know that your earphone is worth every penny.

3. Check Sound Isolation 

Another important factor when you are selecting a desired earphone for you is how effectively it blocks out the noise. It would be a bit cumbersome when you need to amp-up your volume to hear your music. Listening to them at optimum levels is great, but too much can disturb your hearing. Therefore, you should check for sound isolation, whether it is at a level that is suitable for you. Having that set right will also set the tone for your music and you will enjoy it without outside disturbance.


4. Check the Frequency Range

This is something that we as users rarely do but we should. You should check if your earphones have a higher frequency range from 10 Hertz to 25 Khz which is the desired level of hearing. Having acute ranges that are more than normal would result in permanent damage to your ears and that could create problems.


5. Avoid Fancy Features if you are Budget Oriented

You cannot expect to have features like noise cancellation, excellent bass boosters, water resistance, and so on and so forth. Have simple in-ear earpods that would snug right in, has a balanced sound isolation rating, does not feel fussy and burdening would be more than ample for a perfect device.


Final words

So, these are all the things that you need to look for in a proper headphones . Make sure that you choose the best. You may also like ZAAP Aqua underwater wireless headphones. This water resistant Bluetooth headset is a great choice for those wishing to hear a song while swimming or for fun.It can definitely be recommended for Music Lovers and Sportsmen.

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