7 easy automation hacks to make life at work easier

Easy automation hacks

In the age of AI, everything seems to be automated. While some might find this idea frightening, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take full advantage of this technological upswing. Automation makes life easier. As a matter of fact, we can automate the most mundane tasks in our life with ease.

easy automation hacks

7 Easy automation hacks to make life easier

In this article, I have included 7 amazing software/apps that can automate daily tasks at your work. Try them out if you want to increase productivity, save time or scale your operations at work.

7 Easy Automation Hacks
1. Use Adapt Engage to automate followups

2. Use Trello to automate reminders for upcoming deadlines

3. Zapier can automate your lead generation

4. Automate FAQs with Facebook Messenger

5. If This Then That helped me automate and keep track of my travel expenses

6. Later lets you schedule posts on Instagram

7.. Grammarly automates proofreading

1.   Use Adapt Engage to automate followups

Adapt.io is an email prospector tool. Primarily, you can use adapt to find emails of your prospective clients. But, you can go one step further and use its engage tool to automate your Sales Emails and followups. This app is installed in your chrome extensions and help you automate a lot of processes.

One process, that adapts engage successfully transforms is your sales email followup. If you’re sending sales emails regularly, you can create templates to send to your clients or set up a series of follow up emails that would be sent automatically after a designated period.

Additional features to watch out:

Engage is primarily an email finder tool that means it can search for email addresses through its directory and find prospective client leads in seconds. This is a far better alternative than shifting through your client’s social media handles and websites just to find one email address.

Not only is this method time consuming, but its also ineffective. Most people refrain from listing their email ID on the internet and even when they do, it is subject to change. A state of the art email prospective tool can verify the validity of the lead and ensure that your emails reach the right person.

2.   Use Trello to automate reminders for upcoming deadlines

Whether you use Trello, Asana or any other project management software, you can set up reminders for upcoming deadlines. If you are a project manager with a large team, automating reminders can save a lot of time compared to reaching out to each individual member and reminding them of an upcoming deadline. Also, the latter is a bit annoying, so a reminder Email might be more welcomed.

Trello users can also make use of advanced features available only to paid users. Cool features like card expiration can automatically get rid of cards that you won’t need after a certain period. Alternatively, if there is a set of (repeat) tasks that you have to create every month, you’re in luck. There’s a tool for that too. Oh, what a wonderful world we live in.

3.   Zapier can automate your lead generation

I used to constantly run lead generation ads on Facebook and manually extract the data on to an excel sheet. Zapier eliminates the need to do that manually. One quick installation later, all my leads are saved on to an excel sheet in real-time.
This process can also be replicated for most renowned CMS software. So give Zapier a whirl if you think automating your lead generation is well worth the time.

4.   Automate FAqs with Facebook Messenger

This is a particularly useful tool for most E-commerce and online businesses. I am used to working wither over 30 Facebook pages on any given day and answering my clients can be a drag. Or that would be the case if I hadn’t automated all the commonly asked replies.

Head on over to the settings>Messages section of your Facebook page to set an automated reply and save tons of time.

5.   If This Then That helped me automate and keep track of my travel expenses

At work, I have to keep a record of the Uber trips I’ve taken to travel to all my meetings. This process can be a drag if you have to record all the meetings separately and log them into an excel sheet.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has to do this on a daily basis?

Anyhow, ITFTT can automate this mind-numbingly boring task and log my trips neatly into an excel file. You can also, automate other simple tasks like simultaneously update a post on multiple social media channels, track work hour and more.

6.   Later lets you schedule posts on Instagram

Later is a tool for marketers who want to schedule their posts in advance. Marketers who use Instagram regularly love later’s scheduling program because unlike Facebook (Instagram’s parent company), Instagram does not allow you to post in advance. Software like Later helps users by posting content on Instagram as well as other social media on designated times set by you, the user.

7.   Grammarly automates proofreading

Let’s be honest proofreading is a drag. It is painstaking, time-consuming and even after carefully sifting through my articles, there’s still an error or two I miss out on. This is why I rely on Grammarly to check my articles and copy them with Grammarly. Not only does this helpful extension correct your spellings (which is an ordinary feature in every word processor) it also fixes your grammar and helps you write better with insightful writing tips.

Check out the paid version, which uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand your content and provide feedback on the tone and quality of your writing.

Automation is slowly taking over the workplace. As a marketer, there is a wide range of tools that can streamline processes and cut down on mundane activities. From automating content curation to set reminders. The software has touched us in every aspect of our lives.

Final Words

 Even outside the field, there are plenty of tools that including those listed above that can be used in various fields to automate tasks. Much like during the 50s and 60s, automation is freeing us from the monotony of everyday things. While some are at risk of losing their jobs as software replaces them, others may hugely benefit when the same software augments daily goals and amplifies our capabilities.

So at a time when technology reshuffles the economy, culture and the way we live, the coming of a new age begs the question – how are you taking advantage of the automation revolution?

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