Facebook Research App- Earn 10$ per referral & 5$ per month (Earn 1000$ easily)

What is Facebook Research App?

On Google Play Store, you must have seen a number of applications offering you free mobile talk time, PayTM cashback etc. These applications provide free benefits to its users as they enhance user experience from users smartphones. Facebook research App offer huge dollars as a reward for installing the app and running it in background. The app simply generates user activities & participant in various online websites as a report and use it for Facebook research purpose.

Facebook research app

Facebook research app

It was not directly handled by Facebook, it was managed by uTest.  uTest is professional trustworthy network tester, It collects all reports and submit to Facebook for further Research.

Is Facebook Research app safe to use?

Yes, Facebook Research App is completely safe to use. Facebook’s this new innovation is completely based upon the transparency.It pay 1000+$ for every single user by simply running the app in your smartphone. It collect some basic information’s like our daily internet usage limits, what kind of apps we use, what games we playing most, what eCommerce apps we use, what products we buy from online and what website we browse more. No need to worry about our privacy data leakage, these data’s is sent only to Facebook for research purpose , they never disclose it to anyone.  After receiving the strong backlash and the consistent downfall in its stock price, Facebook is much more worried about the privacy and confidentiality of its user’s data than the users itself. With the help of Facebook Research Applause program, Facebook came forward to re-build the confidence of its users on its innovations.

How to Join Facebook Research App?

Step 1 : You need an invitation to join this research program. Basically, it’s a referral chain, so you won’t join directly, you must be referred by some one, we do it for you. Follow any of the bellow methods,

  1. Fill This form, Facebook Research App signup ( Most recommended)

Step 2 : Now you will receive an invitation link on your email id within 24 hours. Please be patient, You may get invitation with in 24- 48 hrs.

             Facebook research 1st mail

Step 3 : In this invitation link, you will find the registration link after clicking which you will be asked to fill some basic details. (Use same mail Id for Facebook Research App registration as well as paypal.)

facebook research registration


Step 4 : After submitting the details, you will receive 2nd email. In this email, you will be provided with the Facebook Research App installation link along with an installation code.

facebook research 2nd mail

Step 5 : Install the App and give all basic permission to run the app in background.

Facebook research full permisiion

Step 6 : Restart your smartphone and you will receive another email within a day of installation. Now keep this App installed and active to keep receiving more money in your PayPal account.Don’t uninstall the app.

Facebook research installed

Step 7 : The very pre-requisite for Facebook Research Applause program is PayPal Account. If you don’t have , create your paypal account by our guide which mentioned bellow.

             Note: PayPal and Facebook Research app Mail Id must be same.

How You earn 100 $ per month?

  FACEBOOK RESEARCH APP You will receive $5 per month for keeping the Facebook Research App installed on your phone.

   You will also earn additional $5 per month to keep the app active on your phone.

   There is a referral program also where you will garner $10 per month for each referral who installs the app and stays active for at least 20 days.

  Another bonanza, for every 5 active referrals you will earn the bonus of $20. This bonus program runs in the multiple of 5. So, as your referrals will move towards 10 your bonus amount will become $40.

  All the payments under this referral program will be made on monthly basis.

   There is no such kind of limit on the number of users you can refer under this Facebook Research Applause referral program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answered for most asked questions by our users.

1. Is there any problem with our privacy?

No, the Facebook Research Applause program is coming up with the complete transparency. It will collect the data and user experience with prior permission. Since users are pretty much aware that their data is being shared with Facebook so the question of compromise with privacy doesn’t arise at all.

2. Why Facebook research app pay more to users?

Since the Facebook research app loot is at the initial stage, so to gain a momentum growth Facebook is paying more. As the number of users will increase the rates will start declining. Compare this scenario with YouTube monetisation scheme, you’ll automatically find the answer to this question.

3. Requirement to start

  • Verified PayPal account
  • Android smartphone (not applicable for Tablets)

4. PayPal account is necessary? if don’t have what to do?

Yes, the having the PayPal Account is mandatory for the Facebook Research Applause program. If you don’t have the PayPal Account, then create a new PayPal account.

You simply need to visit PayPal and follow the simple steps of registration by furnishing the email id (same as used for Facebook Research Program), personal details, bank or debit/ credit card details (optional). Activate your account by clicking the link shared on your email address.

PayPal Credit few cents in your account , after you have to verify how much you get credited from paypal, simple verification steps.

5. Which mail id need to use?

So you need to use the same email address on both paypal and Facebook research app to keep receiving your earnings from install and referrals.

6. How long I need to wait after mail submission?

You will receive your invitation within 24 hours. However, due to the overwhelming response from the users, there may be a little delay. After submission of the registration details, you will generally receive the installation link and installation code within 1-2 days.

7. How I get paid?

You will be paid on monthly basis for your entire earnings for the month. The payment cycle date is 15th of the upcoming month. You will receive these earnings in your PayPal account.

8. How much I earn?

As there is no bar on the number of referrals, you can share the Facebook Research App with maximum people within first 30 days so that your referral earning per user will be $10 instead of $5. Further, for every 5 referrals, there is another bonus of $20. So, it is very easy to share the app with more people which can be from your family, friends, relatives and colleagues.

  • Earn 5$ for install.
  • Get 5$ every month by running this app in your smartphone.
  • Earn 10 $ for every referral within 30 days of your joining.
  • Get 5$ for every referral after 30 days of joining.
  • Earn 20$ as a bonus for 5 referrals a month.
  • Get 40$ as a bonus for 10 referrals a month.
  • Earn 60$ as a bonus for 15 referrals a month.
  • Refer and earn more than 1000$ per month. many of our referral participant earns more than 500$ per by simply referring and running this app in your smartphone.

9. How do i refer other?

After  installing the app in your mobile, you will get your 3rd mail which has link to refer other.

Note : If any problem in forum submission , installation or any doubt simply mention it in comment box

Final Words

From my experience, you can trust this program and join without any hesitation. More apps and games steal our data without our permission and it used as well as sold by the developers. In the Facebook Research App, data will be collected only after the prior permission of the users and pay for them. It pay more to users, without doing anything,You can earn 5$ per month by simply running the apps in your smartphone. Share the app with more people which can be from your family, friends, relatives and colleagues and earn more.

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