How to Find Fake Profiles on Match: Five Signs

Find Fake Profiles on Match: Five Signs


Fake Profiles on Match : You are registered on a dating site and in anticipation of meeting your destiny, you start to communicate with everyone who writes to you. However, not everyone who is interested in your profile is really interested in your love: scammers will be happy to ask you about what you love and what you do, will enter into trust, convince yourself that you are in love, and easily deceive you.The article is prepared by romancecompassscam.


Points to remember

In communicating with a new friend, if you want to avoid romancecompass scam, you should be alerted by at least a few points:

1. The interlocutor immediately insists to leave the dating site and continue communication via e-mail or social networks.

2. He has been registered on the site for several years: what is he doing here all this time? Ask why he is still looking for his love on the Internet.

3. In the first days of acquaintance, he confesses his love and writes enthusiastic letters.

4. The interlocutor claims that he lives abroad or is a citizen of another country.

5. The interlocutor says that he will visit you soon, but at the last moment, his trip is postponed.

If in your conversation there is at least one of these points, it is better to immediately stop the communication. You absolutely do not lose anything: tens of thousands of people use Best dating sites every day. Even if you mistook a person who is not a scammer, it's not scary - he will find another way to contact you.

In the case, if your instinct has not let you down, you will save your nerves and your finances from the encroachment of criminals. Choose yourself which scenario is most preferable for you (Fake Profiles on Match)


Find Fake Profiles on Match


Follow the Checklist

There are several rules that must be respected so as not to get caught by scammers who are hunting for easy money and deceiving users of dating sites. Remember them and be on the alert.

1. Always check the information about the other person. If your new friend is not registered anywhere else, except for a dating site, then he may not be who he claims to be.

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In addition, there are specialized forums and sites (any search engine will give out several such portals), where you can find lists of marriage scams and schemes that they use to deceive. Check to see if there are any of your “new friends” in these lists.

2. Always ask the interlocutor questions, do not rely solely on the information that was found in his profile on the dating site. Pay attention to how you answer the questions and answer at all: usually scammers use templates with sensual confessions of love, ignoring all the questions.

3. Pay attention to the photos. Ask a new friend to send fresh pictures in a personal message.

4. Never disclose personal information: a fraudster is enough to know your name and phone number to turn the scam. In no case do not give your registration address and residence address, address, and place of work, the number of identity documents. In addition, do not send candid photos, even if you already communicate with this person for a long time.

5. Stop communicating with someone who asks for money - in any form, whatever. Do not send money to new acquaintances, even if you are convinced that their life depends on it. In addition, if you are required to pay money for continued communication or a meeting - it is possible that you simply stumbled upon a prostitute.


Final Advice

Fake Profiles on Match- If you still agreed to meet a person from a dating site, then it's better to warn friends or relatives about the place and time of your meeting, leave them the contact information of this person. Do not go in the park in the evening for the first date, schedule a date in a crowded place - in a restaurant or in a cinema. And remember: your safety depends on you only.


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