Fast Charging Car Charger To Buy in 2020

Fast Charging Car Charger for Your Daily Needs

Looking to charge your smartphones while driving but you don’t really trust the online markets out there. Isn’t it? Lets take a look on finding best car chargers to full your smartphone battery..

Smartphones are an essential part of most people these days. They provide information, route guidance and ways of staying connected with friends and family through messaging apps.

But they face one single problem which can be pretty irritating at times. With usage, the batteries of smartphones juice out and it becomes urgent to get a car chargers .

It can be a big problem especially when you are outside, travelling in a car. Travelling in electric cars often involves using GPS and navigation apps for route guidance and due to the power-hungry nature of those apps, the battery levels can dip low in very less time. Car Chargers are the devices which use the power outlet in cars for providing a way of charging smartphones and tablets and wearable devices during travelling without the need of a wall power socket.

fast charging car charger

Fast Charging Car Charger

Having a Fast charging car charger ensure that you can still stay connected even when your battery gets low and have a backup option.However, for such an event, we must have a best car charger which has a good amperage so that it takes less time to charge the device. A Best car charger with Quick Charging capability also helps greatly for those having premium smartphones which support it.

At the same time, we must have the necessary USB or charger cables for the charger. The Fast charging car charger with multiple USB ports is of utmost importance for family trips as more than one phone may need to be charged on-the-go.

List Of 6 Best Fast charging car chargers on 2020

Led lightPrice (Discounted)
Anker 48W 4 Port42.4 ANo Check Price
Max Boost (Editor's Choice )22.4 AYes Check Price
Rav Power 4.8A22.4 AYes Check Price
Aukey 4 USB Port42.4 AYes Check Price
Anker 24W Dual USB22.4 Ayes Check Price
Jelly Comb Multi Port62.4 Ayes Check Price

There are several car chargers on the market and choosing the right one is of utmost importance. Getting the wrong car charger can result in getting slower charging speeds or heating problem. Sometimes some car chargers have single ports which make it difficult for those having more than one device.

Alright so now we have filtered out 6 best Fast charging car charger available in the market for you to buy in 2019, lets not waste anymore time and jump right into the details of each of these.

1. ANKER 4-Port  Car Charger

anker 4 port fast charger

This Fast charging car charger from Anker combines a power of 48W with overall 9.6A amperage. The greatest feature of this device is the multi-port design which allows charging of four devices at once.The device is compact and attractive with its premium design and packs in the ports which support fast charging. It has RoHS, FCC and other certifications which guarantee its safety quotient, which is an essential requirement of such portable devices.

It is equipped with the Power IQ intelligent charging capability which ensures faster charging of devices according to its power needs.It provides up to 2.4A to each port.It is priced high at Amazon. Though a bit costly in the Best car charger category, the four ports and the power specifications make up for it and is a great choice for most users..

For a quick overview, lets go through the pros and cons of the Anker 4-Port Car Charger


• The four ports power specifications make it an great choice for users.

• The device is compact and attractive with its premium design.

• It has RoHS, FCC and other certifications which guarantee its safety quotient.

It is equipped with Power IQ Intelligent charging capability which ensures faster charging of devices.

It provides up to 2.4A to each port.


• It  priced bit costly in the best car charger category.

• It does not have LED indicators for finding the ports in the dark.


The quality and the four ports are definitely one of the best in the category and worth it.The price factor and the absence of LED light are downers for the device,Even with High price range,its ranked top in our Fast charging car charger list.

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2. MAXBOOST  Car Charger-Editor’s Choice

Max boost Fast car charger

This device is from a Silicon Valley manufacturer and comes WI Editor two 2.4 A USB outputs and supports a wide range of devices for charging.It has a mild blue light which makes it easy to locate when it gets dark in the car. The Fast charging car charger does a great job of charging two devices at once with full power and in an optimized way.

It does not have heating problems like cheap options and has a good body material making it long-lasting. The max boost design is also compact and very attractive.The device is priced Low at Market.

For a quick overview, lets go through the pros and cons of the Max boost Car Charger.


• It does not have heating problems like other cheap options .

• It has a good body material making it long-lasting.

• It comes with  two 2.4 A USB outputs.

• It has a mild blue light which makes it easy to locate in dark.

• It is compatible with almost all phones in the market.

• Easy to afford.


• It priced cheap in market, it cause both positive and negative effect from audience.


The LED indicator and the compatibility are clearly the winning features of this charger. Good Material, no defect & zero heating issues making it long lasting. It is definitely a good to buy for these price.

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3. RAV Power 4.8A Car Charger

rav power fast charger

If you are looking for a cheaper Fast charging car charger option than the above, then the RAVPower 4.8A model is the best choice for you.The charger comes with two USB ports with 2.4A each for faster and efficient charging. It has a metal design and looks premium. Similar to the Anker Best car charger, it has an iSmart technology to determine the right power output for devices and ensure the shortest time for charging possible.

It has a visible LED light and aluminium alloy body has a scratch-proof coating for better durability. It also has a superior quality of wiring and circuit design for higher safety and reliability.It is one of best Budget Best car charger in market.

For a quick overview, lets go through the pros and cons of the RAV power 4.8A car charger.


• The charger comes with two USB ports with 2.4A.

 Offer fast and efficient charging.

• It has an iSmart technology

• It has a metal design and looks premium.

• Takes short time for charging.

• It comes with aluminium alloy body with scratch-proof coating.

• It has superior quality of wiring and circuit design for higher safety & reliability.

• Easy to afford.


• Some users have commented about problems of this charger with QC2.0/3.0-compatible devices.


This car charger has the LED light and two ports with good design. Given the low price, this is the best choice for those looking for affordable options and good quality and durability fast charging car charger.

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aukey fast charging car charger

4. Aukey Car Charger

The Aukey Best Car Charger comes with a 31.5W power output and two USB ports and is Qualcomm Certified for the Quick Charge function. It supports a wide range of devices including Apple iPhone’s and iPad’s. It is also protected from heating issues and overcharging.

The most powerful and less weighted fast charging car charger in the market with Sophisticated circuit design with over-heated, over-current, over-charging protection. Charging will be automatically stopped when battery is full.

For a quick overview, lets go through the pros and cons of the Aukey car charger.


• The charger comes with 4 USB ports with 2.4 A.

 It offer Quick charging option

• It has an Qualcomm certified.

• It protect from heating issues.

• Takes short time for charging.

• It comes with Ti chips which detect input currents.

• Compact design.


•Problem with Blue lead light, fades away slowly.

• Need to unplug this device and plug it back in or initiate a charge.


Charger that can charge four things simultaneously,average priced less weight Fast Charging Car Charger.All in one need for your complete electronics device,bit struggling with its led light facility.

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5. Anker Power Dual USB harger

Anker Power Dual USB fast charger

Second Anker device in our list, these Anker Power Dual USB model comes with two USB ports and packs in enough power to even charge a 12 inch Mac Book. It provides up to 2.4A per port and is priced little bit high at the market.One of smallest & Best Car Charger in the market with 2 USB port and led light. It supports a wide range of devices.

For a quick overview, lets go through the pros and cons of the Anker Dual port car charger.


• The charger comes with 2 USB ports with 2.4 A.

 Compact and small sized charger.

• It comes with 1.5 years warranty.

• Surge protection & Temperature control.


• Slow Charging ports.

• Problem while using 2 Ports simultaneously.


Less weighted 2 port popular Fast Charging Car Charger with some negative reviews.

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jelly combo fast charger

6Jelly Comb Multi Port Car Charger

For those looking for more than 4 charging points, they can consider the Jelly Comb Multi Port Best Car Charger which comes with 6 USB ports with a total 65W power rating and 13A amperage. It comes with a 3.3 ft adapter cable and has a smart detection technology for optimized charging of devices. Made with industry grade materials, the device is priced average, which is pretty inexpensive for a 6 port Fast Charging Car charger.

For a quick overview, lets go through the pros and cons of the jelly Comb multi port car charger.


• The charger comes with 62 USB ports with 13 A.

 Exclusive SI technology.

• Back seat friendly.

• Most powerful charger.

• Compatible with all device.


• More Lengthy uncomfortable device .

• Multi port drain more power from car battery.


Works quite well.It’s well built, durable and the cord length allows you to plug it in the front lighter port and leave it on the floor behind the front seats. Six-port USB Car Charger, makes comfortable for all your family.It is definitely a better buy for big family.

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How to Choose a Good Charger? 

 While choosing a good fast charging car charger and, the first thing one should look into is that the charger is compatible with a good range of devices and has the right power rating for sustaining the load of multiple devices.

• The number of ports should be given attention depending on the requirement.

 Checking whether the device is Quick Charge enabled or not is important.

 The safety standards and certifications should be checked to avoid damage to devices and avoid heating issues.

 It is good to choose USB car charger with LED lighting for easily finding it in the dark.

 Choice should be also made depending on the size – a compact design is always preferred and bigger devices can be difficult to handle in the small space of cars.

 Chargers with attached cables should be avoided because if they get damaged, it can be difficult to repair them and replacement of the device will be necessary.

 Chargers with high amperage are a must for ensuring quicker charging.

 The color choice of the device is also crucial so as to avoid distraction during driving.

• Options with durable design and better materials should be considered for a longer life.

• Those with longer cables should be considered so that can reach seats or the dashboard if required. It helps a lot during navigation while charging.

My Choice

Max boost Fast car charger

As mentioned earlier all these Best car charger are extremely good and you can easily charge your smartphones without facing any problems. But if you have to go with the one, I recommend you go with Maxboost as it is highly safe and not just that, it is easy to use and very convenient while driving. You can also say it is the Fast charging car charger for your smartphones or any other electronics devices. With the development of the electric car, new options are being added to cars which ensure charging features built into them. This will reduce dependency on accessories and provide a experience of completeness to users.It is compatible with most of the smartphones in the market and has an easy way to charge.

It is also known as a Fast charging Car charger and you can charge your device before reaching your destination. The brand with well recognized among many , it works greats and that is all what matters. Its worth every penny!

The above list should help those researching on good car chargers to buy.

The above tips should come in handy during shopping and help in choosing the best car charger for your needs.

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