Top 8 Features of WP Review Plugin

WP Review Plugin

For every business, whether big or small, a positive word of mouth of people is very important. It means that what people or your existing customers are saying or discussing about your brand online.

In today’s fast-paced marketing environment, online reviews have become essential for businesses of all kinds. More than ninety percent of the online buyers are dependent on these reviews and place their orders after going throwing at least some of them, meaning the reviews greatly influence them.

The online reviews act as personal recommendations, which help customers decide whether to buy a particular product or avail a service online or not.

If you own an e-commerce website or sells one or two products or services online, having a review system is quite useful for users and essential for your business as well. From helping other potential customers deciding to avail of your services, to portraying your brand in the face of search engines, it affects your business in many ways.

Therefore, if you have a WordPress website, having a review plugin installed on your website is a must. 

Features of Wp review plugin
Features of WP Review Plugin

However, installing an unknown, random review plugin may adversely affect your online presence, and hence, your business as a whole. Here, we discuss when it comes to choosing a review plugin for your WordPress website, why you should look no further than the WP Review Plugin.

Features of WP Review Plugin

So, before any further delay, let’s list out and discuss some of the top features of the WordPress Review Plugin and how it can help build trust with your customers online,

8 Top Features of WP Review Plugin
1. Predefined Designs

2. Different Rich Snippets

3. Multiple Rating Systems

4. Compatibility with all Themes

5. Developer-friendly Plugin

6. Advanced Options Panel

7. Custom Widgets

8. 24×7 Support

1. 16 Predefined Designs

Depending on the package you choose, the WP Review Plugin comes with 16 pre-designed templates. As soon as you download the plugin, you can start using it immediately. From Amazon, Darkside, Dash, Tabbed, to Fizzy, and Gravity, there are various templates to choose from as per your needs and liking. Not only this, but you can also customize each template’s colors and some other elements from the dashboard.

Do note that if you choose the free version, you will get to enjoy only two predefined designs: Default and Aqua.

2. Supports 19 Different Types of Rich Snippets

You may have a website that deals with products, such as e-books, movies, or any other services. Irrespective of the type of your online business, the WP Review Plugin helps review your products and services quickly and effectively. To do this, it provides you with 19 different types of snippets as per your needs and requirements. You will be able to choose your preferred snippet in just a few clicks.

3. Option of Multiple Rating Systems

With WP Review Plugin, you get access to various types of rating systems for your different products and services. From the point, star, thumbs up, percentage, to circle, you can choose any rating criteria for creating reviews of your products. However, please note that out of these ratings, thumbs up and circle come only with a pro version.  

Further, in the pro version of the WP Review Plugin, users can leave valuable comments on a review, and mark whether a user’s comments are helpful for them or not.

4. Compatibility with All WordPress Themes

No matter which WordPress theme you are currently using on your website, the WP Review Plugin will be compatible with all themes. As it is developed by following the proper WordPress guidelines, you can install it in your control panel and start reviewing your products to grow your sales.

5. Mobile and Developer-friendly Plugin

Nowadays, having a mobile-friendly website is not optional. By being mobile-friendly in every aspect, you increase your website’s visibility in the search engine results page, and hence, to the audience. By keeping this in mind, the WP Review Plugin is developed with a mobile-first approach.

Whether a user is visiting your website through a simple handset, or a high-end smartphone, he/she will be able to see all the reviews quickly and clearly on all mobile devices. Furthermore, if required, developers will be able to create custom templates or use any of the filters available to customize the plugin package.

6. Advanced Options Panel

Whether you’re a newbie to WordPress or an experienced player, configuring the WP Review Plugin is an effortless and time-saving task. Using the interactive and user-friendly Advanced Options Panel, anyone will be able to view all the options or make changes in the settings as per his/her needs.

7. 10 Custom Widgets

With the power-packed WP Review Plugin, you also get ten custom designed widgets that you can add to your website. The widget helps you to post a variety of reviews in different areas of your website, such as the sidebar, footer, or any other place. However, if you’re opting for the free version of the plugin, you will be able to get only one custom widget.

8. 24×7 Dedicated Support Service

Are you facing any issues with the WP Review Plugin? Well, just get in touch with the dedicated WordPress expert staff, and all your problems will be solved in no time. They are available for your assistance all days of a week, throughout the year, meaning you remain stress-free from all the problems.

WP Review Pro

Along with the features mentioned above, if you choose the WP Review Pro version of the plugin, you will get all the following  benefits:

  • Google Places Reviews Integrated
  • Yelp Reviews Integrated
  • Facebook Reviews Integrated
  • Comparison of Table
  • Popup and Notification Bar
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Multisite Option
  • Custom Image for Ratings
  • Add Text Along with Star Ratings
  • Role Manager Options
  • 24×7 Premium Customer Support
  • Google Product Review Feed Support

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