How to Find Email Addresses with Accuracy

How to Find Email Addresses with Accuracy


Finding someone on the social media websites such as Facebook, Snapchat,Twitter, and LinkedIn is as easy as Google searching. You simply can’t look for someone’s email address the same way. What if you meet an important businessman you wish to maintain a long-term relation with, and forget to ask for his email address? People avoid messages on social media websites due to the ongoing spam. The professional people always prefer contacting via emails, but how to find email addresses with accuracy? Can you imagine searching for one address among 2.9 billion? You may find various software, but not all are accurate. We will tell you about the ones that will help you find the exact addresses.

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  • Clearbit

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Clearbit is one of the most accurate tools, which shows ninety percent correct results. Apart from providing accuracy, it saves you a handsome amount of time. The desired email address pop-ups the screen in less than five seconds. Let us tell you how to find email addresses through Clearbit. It is a Google Chrome extension that asks for the name of the company with either the first name or the job title. Once you have found the correct address, you may compose a mail to that person, right then and there. Isn’t it cool? Yeah, sure it is.

  • Conspire

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It is fun to use Conspire. After Linkedin, Conspire is growing exceptionally nowadays. It goes beyond connecting people you know by name or by face. Conspire supports Gmail, Google Apps, and the servers of IMAP protocol. It is a reliable source since it is not based on “how” you know people but “how well” you know them, but again, how to find email addresses? After signing up, you will be forwarded to Google and asked for permission to allow Conspire to use your email. Once you approve, your email will be sent to Conspire and the person in contact will have the access once s/he has answered all the private questions related to you.

  • Email for Corporations

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It is for business people, but how to find email addresses using this tool. Login to the web address and find the address patterns of around one thousand companies. A pattern is the structure of email address a company provides their employees with. You are at the liberty of searching for the industry, company’s name, or geographical location. It provides addresses of all the established companies; however, it hasn’t added new companies to the list since 2011.

  • Findthat

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Findthat is an easy, quick, and accurate way of searching the email address like gmail & www hotmail com . It doesn’t use public data; therefore, its accuracy level is high. You have to enter only two credentials: name and domain. It has provided more than a hundred million verified emails to the users with ninety percent delivery rate. You can either keep the plan simple that includes fifteen monthly credits or you may also involve the whole team that costs a hundred and forty dollars per month and provides three thousand credits.

  • Headreach

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If you are a salesperson, then Headreach is the best option for you. The sales are all about finding the right person, but the process is more tedious than you think. Headreach is the tool that eases this process since it finds you the exact address. The success rate of finding emails is eight percent, so yeah, you can trust it. Following are the credentials it asks for.


• Person’s name

• Company name

• Domain name

• Job position

• Industry

• Keywords

• Country

• Location

  • Email Hunter

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This one is the best suited for the account-based sales. It searches all the email addresses associated with the company you enter the domain of. All you have to do is enter the company’s domain, and then the rest is up to the Email Hunter. It provides free services up to a hundred and fifty searches per month. If you plan to search more, then pay forty-nine dollars a month and enjoy finding emails.

  • Anymail Finder

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Anymail Finder is simple to use since all you have to do is go to the domain and provide them with the required credentials. It performs direct server validation. It asks for the first and the last names of a person you are looking for and the name of the company. Even though it is trusted by thousands of members, it seldom shows a slight error. It doesn’t show exactly accurate results where the address patterns vary. It gives accurate results of the companies who follow one pattern only.

Let us know in the comments section below if you know more such tools.


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