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Folder lock for windows 10 free download full version – Folder Lock is Best encryption software to download that you can truly trust to encrypt your Data and files. This software uses the Advanced Encryption key, which is the algorithm that many organization trust with their information across departments.

Folder Lock also offers extra Computer Security features, such as file shred and stealth mode. For these reasons and many more, Folder locks wins best Reviews Gold Award for best encryption software.

Data management issues

Whilst having a lot of data, we find ourselves short of hands in handling our data and organizing them becomes the toughest job. For this reason, users try finding alternative options where you can store your data knowing nobody would harm it (while you’re away).

The options include password protecting, encryption, cloud backup, etc. where users select the option that fits just fine to their needs.

Keeping our data secure was never an option as the beginning days of technology didn’t have many threats. But now, it’s useless to work without a solid security layer as your creativity can be easily hacked and used for multiple reasons.

folder lock for windows 10 free download full version


They say life isn’t fair, I’d say it never was’

Folder Lock Review

For encryption, we found Folder Lock as an option that didn’t need much introduction. Although it has a name of ‘folder locking’ software it surprisingly has other features too. We won’t be wrong to say that Folder Lock’s encryption feature is as good as they say but their password protection feature didn’t get the spotlight.

The encryption feature is dependable as in encrypted lockers, your data is hard to hack and taken advantage out of as it is encrypted with AES – 256-bit encryption. The same cannot be said for the password protection feature a smart hacker may drill through this feature. Hence encryption is reliable, password protection isn’t.



We further noted whether this software has any glitches in running and we found the following results. From installation to encryption, Folder lock didn’t stuck at any point.

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Password protection was tested to check whether it has any problems and we came to a conclusion that the files we password protected were hidden instantly. However, as mentioned above, password protection is recommended for those users who only want data hidden from its current location.


Creating a backup is a reliable option in Folder Lock where you can easily create a backup of your files and folders. You also have the option to back up lockers to Folder Lock’s cloud but know that it isn’t free.

A small price is charged to something quite valuable and hence the creators are justified to do so. Moreover, you can create self-extracting files to store on a CD, DVD, Flash drive and more.


Reliable algorithm

The algorithm used by the US government, AES 256 bit key algorithm is the one employed in Folder Lock. Hence, that creates a sense of relief knowing your data is far from any threat.


But what we liked the most about this software was its shredding feature. The name of the feature itself explains that it isn’t an appealing feature and can be replaced with the word ‘destruction’.Hence, the developers put the concept of creating something that would help us eliminate anything that we no longer need.

For example, we create strategies, policies, rules, formulas that were once created for useful purposes but instead, the strategy didn’t go as planned and had a negative impact. Hence, you know if these findings land into the wrong untrusted hands, it can create chaos.

Here, shredding reduces your effort and stress by deleting your useless file once and for all. We personally consider this feature Folder Lock’s to-go feature. But dare not even mistakenly delete something that you might need in the future as once shredded, the data is irrecoverable.


folder lock for windows 10 free download full version 3


There goes the review of Folder Lock where we found some features useful and some didn’t. Their encrypted lockers are a mouth-watering feature where password protection isn’t a dependable one.

Furthermore, shredding is a unique feature that worked fine for our tests and cloud backup was moderate enough to store data in the cloud. However, the cloud services may charge you a bit extra. Overall, this software’s merits outweigh its demerits and we can say this software is up to the expectations we had from it.


The best free encryption software that offers seamless security for a price. In case if you have confidential data, you should invest a few dollars.




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