Top 5 Free android offline games To Play anytime

Best 5 free android offline games

Free Android Offline Games – Games are an excellent source of entertainment and one best ways available to kill time and have some fun. Smartphones have become the perfect buddy for game maniacs as they can fire up a game anyplace and anytime; well, almost. A variety of Android games like best war games depend on a mobile data connection.

Whether it’s downloading stuff from the server like Subway surfer, or using it for DRM protection like most Final Fantasy games, it seems like virtually every game is asking you to be within the close proximity of a net connectivity just to keep the game going. Not everyone has that luxury for that, right? I know I don’t.

The only limitation that stops us from playing games is poor / unstable network connectivity. But the developers and CEO’s of game companies have used their cunning grey matter and come up with a solution for that. OFFLINE games.

Yeah. We’re sorry parents, your kids are going to be glued to their phones even during camp fires and safari rides. Sorry not sorry.

There are millions of free android offline games available on Play Store in almost every genre imaginable. Many games need a strong and stable internet connection to work, which makes them useless when we don’t have any access to internet.

Games that need internet connection are sometimes filled with frustrating ads and popups that disturb the overall gaming experience.When we do not have internet access, and we have some time to kill, our best option is to keep some free android offline games handle to fall back on.

This list of Best free Android Offline Games can help all of us choose the best games from various genres that can be played offline anytime, anywhere.

free android offline games

1. Badland

This is a 2D runner game, set in a beautiful forest full of various residents. There is, however, something very wrong with the forest and us, one of the forest dwellers, has to find out what’s wrong. ( hmm..Interesting) Along the way are a numerous number of imaginative traps and obstacles that you now have to overcome.

The game has amazing physics-based game play, quality graphics, and audio to optimize your gameplay. The game has around 10 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating on google play. Download Badlands from 9Apps.


2. Minecraft Pocket edition

Minecraft is a true adventure game allowing you to put your creativity on the loose. Set in an infinite virtual world the game allows us to use blocky cubes to create our own virtual world whether it’s a bridge, clouds or building using the many materials available; dirt, stone, brick or sand.

The game has several modes including survival mode in which each block is hand cut and collected in the open world. Although tedious, it comes in handy since when the sun comes down, the bad guys come for you and you better be prepared. ( Ah, Sneaky)

minecraft pocket edition

3. Infinity loop

Infinity loop combines simplicity with relaxation. Gameplay involves connecting various curved shapes to create a complete shape with no breaks at all . In dark mode, we now have to break a complete shape into its individual components until each part is on its own.

We can play this for infinite levels for hours without losing interest. As we progress, the levels become more complicated but can be solved just as easily as the earlier levels.

Infinity loop

4. Despicable me

The minions are here, and they have brought with them loads of fun and bananas ( Alrighty!). Despicable me is a 3D runner game where we race with the minions collecting bananas as we jump, roll, dodge or just scramble against others in fast-paced missions.

In the game, we get to run through awesome locations inspired by the actual movie as we upgrade to awesomely costumes as you also use hilarious weapons and power ups The movie fans will absolutely love this free android offline games.

Despicable me

5.Brain It On-Physics Puzzles

As you guessed, Brain it is indeed the mental challenge of the year. This is a 2D physics game that requires us to perform various tasks by building simple structures using our finger.

It truly puts our creativity, and mental skill to the test and the levels can only become harder as we progress.

Brain it on

Final Words

Get some of the above apps and don’t forget to leave your comments on any of the above or any other coo offline android games you want us to know about. Let the games begin.

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