Free apps like Showbox-Showbox vs Vidmate 

Free Apps Like ShowBox


Showbox is definitely one of the most popular streaming apps for iOS and Android. There are more than 100 million users for ShowBox app in all the platforms. It allows the users to stream TV shows from around the world and movies in many languages and genres.

Vidmate is nothing less than Showbox. They are alternatives to each other. Vidmate ( Free apps like Showbox ) app allows the users to stream the latest movies in high resolution. You can download the movies to watch them later offline. Showbox and Vidmate are both similar in many ways.

Let us compare both these apps and see which of them is better! There are also some of the best unblocked movie sites online.

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Vidmate (Free apps like Showbox) is like a search engine. It lists out all the videos related to your query. There are many movie websites in the Vidmate database. It performs a search in all of them to fetch the results for you which matches your query. So there is no dedicated library for Vidmate.

  1. It acts as a good movie search engine.
  2. But you can search using their filters like quality, resolution and size.
  3. Showbox has got a vast library with wide range of movies in its database.
  4. Some of the movies are available in high definition.

If a particular movie is still not uploaded to the Showbox database, you will not find it on the Showbox app no matter what. Whereas in Vidmate you may find all kinds of movies as it just searches for the query on all the movie websites.

Free apps like Showbox


When it comes to interface, Showbox fares better than Vidmate. Vidmate app (Free apps like Showbox) provides the links to lots of websites when you search something on it. It all looks clumsy and it takes some time to find the movies. Whereas showbox app for is a lot simpler to use, you can refer showbox pc guide. It has its own collections and you can watch the TV shows and movies right from the app without moving out to other external websites.


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Are they legal ?

Vidmate – Free apps like Showbox – Both these apps do not have rights to host the movies. They do not have the permissions from the copyright holders. So you’ll be watching the pirated copies of the movies on these apps. Due to this, they are not available on the Google Play Store. You need to download the apk files from third-party websites to use these apps. You need to be cautious when you are downloading the apks from the unknown sources.


Showbox is definitely more popular than Vidmate (Free apps like Showbox) at the moment. Vidmate is comparatively new. Showbox has been available for the movie lovers for more than 10 years. So, most of the movie buffs know about this app. However, the users are rapidly increasing for Vidmate.

It may reach the Showbox user count in a year or two. We recommend you to download both the apps on your smartphone. You can choose between the two apps to watch a movie depending on the quality.


Final words

Both these apps are cool and all the movie lovers will definitely love these apps. They both are available for free. It’s easy to use both of them. You need not even register to use both these apps.

We hope this guide helped you to know more about these two wonderful movie apps. It’s not easy to decide one among them as the best. They both are good. Download them both as you can use the one when the other app is down.

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