5 Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Gold Codes No Surveys or Downloads

Free Xbox live gold codes no surveys or downloads

Get Free Xbox codes without any surveys, downloads, and offers. Microsoft is serving us since 1975, 43 yrs ago by Bill Gates in several ways. Either it’s excel, word, digital media or games.

Xbox is one of those benefits that we are getting from Microsoft which provide us with games and electronic media Just Like Playstation. It came to an in November 2002 but newer versions were updated timely after in 2005, 2007, 2013 and so on.

Games for Windows- Live were an extended version given in 2007 which makes the most out of the system on computers. It will be soon be available on mobile phones. These are to be played online only.

This service can be availed in two manners either free or through subscription known as the Xbox Live Gold. This includes a variety of console games coming up with new, exciting and amazing offers.

Membership of Xbox Live Gold

A big truth of human psychology is that people love free things, which is very true. Who will not like free stuff? A membership of Xbox Live Gold can cost up to $60-$80. So everyone runs towards Xbox Live Gold Codes for Free.

So, this article is all about getting free Xbox live gold codes [unlimited]. There are many ways to get free Xbox live gold codes without any survey or downloads including lawful and unlawful means.

free xbox live gold codes no surveys or downloads

Free Xbox live gold codes no surveys or downloads

5 legit Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Gold Codes No Surveys or Downloads in 2019

Free Xbox Live Gold Codes
1. New Registration

2. Free Trial - Activation

3. New Console

4. By Reddit

5. Weekend Offer

1.  New Registration

As per day about 1600 gamer access online. So Microsoft has given us the benefits of free codes for a month on registration a new account on Microsoft live.

This can be done by creating a new account on Microsoft live. Sign up for an account; you will see an option which shows one month free trial. You have options for free rewards to be redeemed to get coins by trying it for free by providing a prominent email address and a required password.

Those awards will be in terms of codes. This has been limited to 3 trials. This membership need to be left before the month expires in order to enjoy free services.

2. Free Trial - Activation

So heading towards the next way to avail codes is using free trial by signing in to Xbox account. The condition is clear as one should not have an account before.

Attach your profile picture and with a compulsion of Microsoft live account. Joining this membership selection, a free trial can be used. We need to add required and sufficient information i.e. phone number for verification and email address.

Everything should be appropriate regarding the details provided in verification. We get to trial with a gamer tag.

3. New Xbox one Console

Now coming up to the third path to get free Xbox live gold codes no surveys or downloads, a free trial code can be acquired on Xbox One, a newer version of Xbox, as this is given with the game itself.

Those codes are to be entered in the settings to enjoy a free trial for a day or two. The controller connected with the device will act as a guide for further process.

Sign for the guide to redeem the codes for playing for free. Select gold in settings and enter the code given in the packing.

Although many newer versions of the Xbox provides us with different codes in their packaging as gift offers such as the Xbox 360. Also by, signing up in the same manner will help us to get codes for free.

4. By Reddit

Free Xbox live gold codes no surveys or downloads can also be acquired by Reddit. Reddit is itself a source to everything. This is a luck policy. This doesn’t mean we can’t get much from it.

It has been a great platform for the gamers. As there many subreddits are available ,the top 2 provided as given below:-

5. Weekend Offer

This one being given by Xbox live gold only which is often provided by Microsoft in the form of a free weekend surprise, here you can play without paying but only for a few days.

The last but not the least, there are many websites offering gold codes in different manners such as Christmas gifts. They provide us with the codes as surprises or gifts on special days.

Or the other sites which ask us to sign up and will reward us with codes for free. These codes need to be redeemed by moving onto settings in Xbox. Many more offer us in a licit way by conducting surveys and collecting opinions.

Xbox Free live code Using Generators -2019

Also, there are Xbox code generator , which help us to get a gold membership for free. These are 100% safe and valid. For this, we need to download the generator.

Now by launching the generator, we can choose any one of the different cards shown. The process will start right after choosing the card. After conducting a survey or human verification, codes will be generated. Redeem them to enjoy gaming.

Redeem Free Codes

We need to open the official website of Xbox. We will be directed to ‘redeem code’ option through ‘Xbox Live Gold’ option on the main menu. In the window of redeem code, we need to enter 25 characters live code.

Before that, we need to sign in our Microsoft account. After the whole task, we will get our codes redeemed.

Final Words

Safety measures gaming is an addiction and of course paying, again and again, is not always affordable so freeways are always attractive but wait, these are not always safe.

Most of the time, scammers create websites to target a particular group of gamers. As sometimes gamers pay more pain and grief in the urge of playing for free.

In this situation codes become traps. Sometimes their systems get corrupt and trapped just for the codes. Also, wrong codes given by wrong generators can get you in trouble.

In conclusion one should be very careful while getting these free Xbox live gold codes, as there are many trappers ready to trap people who are addicted to games and are ready to do anything in return.

One can use an authentic way in order to play free instead of using illicit way. Many sites are proven to be a scam. So it is advisable to be very careful.


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