5 Basic Game Design Tips For Beginners

How to make a video game


Creating a video game is a scrupulous task but if you already have a unique idea in your mind, then you should start it from now itself as sooner the better. Making your own video game would require a lot of mental efforts and monetary investment as the competition in the technological advancement is uplifting on a regular basis. You can also check how much cost does it require to make a video game on various authenticated websites. Here, we have listed some of the easiest and efficient game design tips which is as follows:


game design tips


5 Basic Game Design Tips For Beginners

Check top 5 basic game design tips

Top 5 game design tips

1. Frame the basics

2. Designing document - Game design tips

3. Way to programming

4. Assets formation

5. Let us wind up

1. Frame The Basics

Every video game has a specific genre other than being unique in nature.  Some of the genres are puzzles, , Old Retro games , adventures, racing, comedy, fighting etc. so, as per your interest, you should first decide which genre you would like to work upon.

Selecting a platform is crucial for the development of a video game as it creates an impact. It informs us about the process of controlling the game, for instance, games in smartphones are based on touch and tilt. Desktop games are more of keyboard and mouse pad dependent types.

Initial designing of your page is must which can be written in a page or two incorporating the idea of your game as well as the basic concepts of your game. It is advisable to create philosophical statements related to your game so as to make the better connection with the users and the population. Write down the features in the beginning so as to avoid further complications with the designing of your video game (Game design tips).

2. Document Design

It comprises the detailed information related to the mechanics used in the games, plot, settings etc. It is crucial for the management of your team which will consist of programmers and artists. Make a note that all video games do not require a design document so you can modify the steps as per your needs.

Table of content is important which is not required to be inculcated into the story unless it is linked to the mechanics. Start forming the table of contents wit larger parts such as creating characters, Combat and main interface, and then supplement it with detailed information in further subcategories. Make sure that you take inputs from others as well as making a video game is a conjoint process.

3. Programming

It is the initial step for building up your team. Programming is difficult at times because here, you need to manipulate your engines and for that, you have to learn the working of your engine to bring uniqueness. You can also hire a programmer for the same so that you can learn to programs.

After gaining familiarity with the engine, the prototype has to be created as it will be fundamentally testing the functioning of your game. Refining process should be continued for the prototype and make sure that you enjoy while playing with it. Do remember to list the limitations and work on it.

Control should be perfectly executed or else it would prove to be greatly disadvantageous as the customers may get frustrated while playing the game.

4. Assets Formation

There can be differentiation in the artistic needs of each game, some of them may require only easy shapes and color combinations while others may require a complex world formed by multimedia artists and sound designers.

As soon as you gain an insight into your visual aesthetics, you should start implementing your prototype and do a further expansion. You can utilize different styles such as pixel art and 3D arts (Game design tips).

After having art design, you should start the construction of your game by forming levels or other areas. Various art assets can be used for creating some more programs like a blender, Photoshop etc. Make sure that you do not forget sound designing as it creates an impact on your game.

5. Wind Up

Once you complete your game, play your game as much as you can with best Gaming monitor. Do not deviate from the core philosophical perspective of your game. And always remember that there is always a scope for improvement to enhance the quality of your game as much as possible.


Final words

Do proper testing of your game and once everything is finalized, release your game for the use but always check the guidelines for releasing compiled programs and publicize your game to the best extent.

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