Gaming With GirlFriend : How To turn Your Significant Other Into Gaming

How To turn Your Significant Other Into Gaming

Many girls don’t like video games at all. For some reason, there is such a stereotype: they say, it’s not women’s business. Come on! We will tell you a secret: many girls like it.Often they don’t talk about it, because they are afraid that they can be ridiculed and some of them can be real professionals in this.But how to teach your girlfriend to play video games? Girls are very different and each approach must be chosen individually.



1. Be Very Patient.

2. Explain what video games mean to you.

3. Let her play with her girlfriends.

4. Don’t force her to play again if she doesn’t like it.

5. Encourage her during a game and praise when a game ends.

6. Let her try all the games she wants.

1. Be very patient

You didn’t understand it either. At first, it is difficult for everyone and this is normal. Remember this every time you want to raise your voice. She is your girlfriend, so be patient! At first, she may not understand it, but you should explain it again and again. Explain everything, from the very foundations.

2. Explain what video games mean to you

She’s a normal person (since you chose her) and she understands you. When you tell her that games are your hobby and you relax in this way, she will have a choice: let her to choose a best games : either to spend time playing with you or leave it your privilege. If she realizes how you usually spend your free time, she will certainly see this as an opportunity to spend more time with you and enjoy.

She wants to make you feel good. And as soon as she sees a new opportunity to be with you more often, she will take advantage of it. Therefore, we strongly advise you to treat everything as easily as possible. If your girlfriend sees that games are quite a fun affair, you will get perfect a partner.


3. Let her play with her girlfriends

This may be the most difficult point in the whole list: most of the girlfriends are afraid to even try to play video games. However, nothing is impossible: let her call her girlfriends to play with you. You can make a deal with them: they will play a couple of times with you and then you will go with them to a stupid romantic comedy or just take them to the mall.

And it is even steeper if you invite friends and she invites her girlfriends. You can arrange a party. Play in any video game. It is not necessary that everyone sit right in front of the screen and wait. Let someone talk, someone plays – and everyone is busy with their own affairs. Girlfriends will see how everyone around are passionate about a game and it will be interesting for them to try.

4. Don’t force her to play again if she doesn’t like it

So, you managed to get her to play with you. But if she says she doesn’t want more, then it is. Don’t you want to be an annoying whiner? She may start to think that she was not good enough or you are bored with her – in short, it may cause a scandal.

5. Encourage her during a game and praise when a game ends

Girls are much more emotional than we are, so any negative reaction can upset them. If you praise your girlfriend, she will be confident in herself and will play with you often. And again: be patient. Even if you always cheer her up, you bring all your efforts to nothing raising your voice at least once.

Don’t make fun of her slips. Show her how glad you are that she learns to play. Then she will become more confident. Let her do what she wants. Thus, she will have a strong associative connection in her brain: you – a video game- Best gaming monitor - happiness.

6. Let her try all the games she wants

Everyone loves different games and your girlfriend is not an exception. Don’t limit her to one game and say that together you can only play in this.

There are a great variety of games and you can choose everything that your girl desires! For example, Call of Duty is a good option, but there are other options as well. You know your girlfriend better and you can offer her any game to choose from.

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