More FPS Without Overclocking – How To Do It?

More FPS Without Overclocking

The gaming world is full of fascination and energy and the P.C. gaming industry is earning billions nowadays. Yes, you play and they earn; it’s as crazy as it sounds. All you game lovers must like to play the games that are heavy on your graphics card and require more FPS. Overclocking is sure as hell a simple way, but as you were told in the previous article, it always comes with a risk. So, how to get more FPS without any lag.

If your PC is old, then overclocking leads to increase temperature. That’s why you need a high-performance case fan, best quality cooler, and good quality thermal paste for overclocking. This will help you to cool down your PC temperature. Now, let me talk about how you can get more FPS (Frame per second) without overclocking.

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1. Get The Most Recent Drivers

Don’t dare to play weighty games on old drivers. The latest ones are available, so get ’em and replace your old ones. It’s the simplest way to get more FPS without overclocking. It is as simple as upgrading your card, that’s it! Despite its simplicity, a surprising amount of people ignore it due to the lack of knowledge. When should you upgrade? Now, that’s a question. A pop-up notification tells you whenever there is a new driver available.

See, how you should upgrade.

  • First, know about the graphics card and windows version you have.
  • Then, go to an authentic website for the newest driver including Intel, AMD, or Nvidia. Make sure you do not go to the website of card manufacturers like Sapphire or Gigabyte. Yeah, you have to download it, nothing more.
  • Download and then install the driver.
  • Once installed, your game and windows should be updated. If not, go the developer’s website for games and update the windows yourself.

2. Use AVG Uninstaller and Program Deactivator

Have you suspected that your PC works slower than the time when you first installed the windows? Yeah, it happens. The more programs you install, the slower it becomes and it directly affects your game’s performance. It happens because a lot of unwanted programs run in the background even when you haven’t opened them. AVG uninstalls such programs and you get more FPS without overclocking. Even the 15 days trial works fine.

  • After downloading and installing, go to “Optimize” and select “Uninstall Programs.”
  • So, what’s the difference between the built-in uninstaller and AVG? It’s the filtering feature of AVG that helps you to look into programs you rarely or never use. Go to “Filter List” and select “Rarely Used Programs” and “Programs Not Used for a Long Time.”
  • Click on “Uninstall” when you find the desired program.

3. Optimize Your Game Settings

Updating your driver as described in the first option will surely enhance the performance, but you get more FPS without overclocking by optimizing your game settings.

  • First, know the native resolution of your PC.
  • Lowering the resolution helps in gaining more FPS. For that, open your game and go the “Graphics Settings.” First, adjust the resolution here.
  • Now, you should try anti-aliasing that smoothes out ragged lines. Try playing around the option and adjust where the performance is the best.
  • Same goes for other options such as shadows and draw distance. Basically, it’s all about trial and error.

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4. Upgrade to the SSD

SSD doesn’t enhance the frame rate of the game you are playing. So, why go for it? It reduces the load time that will help you get more FPS without clocking. It is the most efficient mechanical hard disk. We would recommend you to go for a more than 250 GBs SSD since most of the games today are heavy enough to take up 8-20 Gigabytes.

5. Disable PreFetch and SuperFetch

These are the windows features that enhance the startup time of most of the applications. For gamers, it works the other way around because both the background activities and loading time are increased when they are active. So, you game lovers should turn ’em off. How will you do it? See!

  • Go to the “Control Panel” then click on “System Security.”
  • Find “Administrative Tools” and click on “Services” within. Scroll down and find “SuperFetch.” Double click and hit “uninstall.”
  • Disabling PreFetch is a bit different. Open the registry and go to “Start.” Type “Regedit” and hit Enter.
  • Then, go to the following option

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory ManagementPrefetchParameters.

  • Double click “Enable PreFetcher.” Enter 0 and PreFetcher is disabled. The default value is 3 when it is active.

Happy gaming, let us know what you think in comment section below!

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