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Every blogger has the one common goal; to achieve larger traffic. What could please a writer more than his or her readers? But getting larger traffic sometimes gets tricky. However, the quality material you produce, it isn’t read unless you promote it properly. Then there is a no of promoting techniques out there. You ask yourself, which one is the best? Using Google Analytics for promoting your blog is quite a clever method. But how can you use Google traffic report towards increasing the blog traffic ?

Here is a guide which you can follow to increase your blog traffic by folds by using the Google Analytics. And we can suggest you the five Google Analytics add-ons that every small business must have.

In the blogging world, the sign of respect is that you have loads of monthly visitors. As you increase the no of visitors not only will it earn you the respects of readers and blogger but will attract the brands towards your site as well.

How can Google Analytics help? Well, it can tell you exactly from where your visitors are coming. It provides this information so that you can put your best efforts specifically in that area.

Visitor’s Location – Google Traffic Report

Are you aware of the nationalities of your visitors? Do you know where they are coming from? You would easily assume that your visitors mostly from your own homeland. This isn’t always the case. This is how you can check about your visitors.


Google Traffic Report


Click on Audience> Geo > Location

Here you can check the locations of your visitors. The advantage of this facility is that when you know where your audience is coming from you have a better chance to engage them. For example, if your traffic is coming from a particular country. Now that you know their location you can easily adopt different strategies to target that particular region. You can connect with some of the people there and have discussions with them. This way you can become popular within their community which will allow you to get even more visitors from there.

If you are from the USA and your biggest viewers’ are from the UK then you can easily get their companies to start an ad campaign with you. This way your site will interact with the companies there, and this will attract the viewers from the UK as well. Your site will get a feel of international traffic. The more diverse your traffic is, the better it will be.

It is better to know about the traffic types before indulging in improving it.

Types Of Traffics – Google Traffic Report

There are three different types of traffic.


1. Organic Traffic

2. Social Traffic

3. Direct Traffic

1. Organic Traffic

The organic traffic refers to the audience that found your blog typing something in an engine such as Google.

2. Social Traffic

Social traffic refers to the audience that found your blog on some social platform such as Facebook or Twitter.

3. Direct Traffic

Direct traffic means that they found your blog by entering the URL of your blog directly or clicking a link in the email.

Increase Blog traffics using Google traffic report

The knowledge of the fact that where you are getting the most visitors is worth a treasure. Imagine that you are working towards Facebook and working like a horse towards getting visitors there, but then you discover that it is actually Twitter where you are getting the most visitors. By checking these statistics, you can get more traffic than you think without wasting your efforts any much.


Go to Acquisition> All Traffic> Channels

This way you can see which platform is sending most of the viewers towards you.

In order to get more and more organic traffic using google traffic report, you will have to work on the SEO of your blog. Investing some energy in working the search engine optimization is a must. Working SEO helps in showing your blog first in the searches of engines such as Google.

For improving your social traffic, you will have to look in the data a little deeper. There you can see which of your posts are getting likes or views. This helps you to understand the type of the content which public likes.

Google Traffic Report 2Click on the social and then click on the network in which you are interested.  Click the ‘Secondary dimension’ button and select Behaviour > Landing Page.

Here you can see which of the posts are getting most of the likes. If you see that a particular post is boosting views, you can go and check why. What is that you did with that specific post. Why is it getting so many likes? If you did something unique with that post, then you can add that particular thing to every other post. For example, if you included a special image or GIF, then it is an indicator that it is the likely cause for traffic.

And if you are targeting the direct traffic, then it might be some work. You can tell your friends to bookmark their favorite posts every time. You can tell them to subscribe to your blog site by the email address so that every article on your site goes directly to them by email. But make sure that only an excerpt goes in the email so that they have to visit your blog for the full article. Otherwise, it is of no use to you.

Referral Traffic

When you click through Acquisition>All Traffic> Channel, you will notice there an option termed as ‘Referral. ‘Visitors that appear in this option are the ones that have visited your blog site by clicking on a link which was placed in some other site. Here you can easily analyze the sites that are sending traffic towards you. You can also see the exact pages and posts by which the traffic was directed towards you. If you had made some guest post somewhere and that post has forwarded a lot of people to you, then it would be a good idea to write more there.

Sometimes you will discover that some bloggers have been forwarding people towards you. You should thank them so that the chances of them forwarding traffic to your website increase. And it is polite to thank after all.

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