Halo 3 multiplayer combat and vehicle tips

Halo 3 multiplayer combat tips

Halo 3’s multiplayer is a very fast-paced, high-octane experience and approaching combat correctly can be the difference between victory and defeat

Movement and Aiming in Halo 3’s Multiplayer Over Xbox Live

The game’s default controller setting may not suit online play. If the default settings lead to problems such as moving too slowly or turning too quick, go into the setup menu and adjust the controller sensitivity until it feels right.

Practice movements offline or in the Halo 3 single player campaign, work on developing gaming reflexes such as turns and strafing and get up to speed before going online to face the world.

Also work on jumps and crouches, and learn to control aiming while jumping, as this tactic will become essential online.

Adjust the aiming reticule so that it suits the online play style and learn to lead targets. If the enemy is running right, aim for his head and lead by about a head’s width before pulling the trigger. Try and practice sniping from a distance, allowing an enemy to get close can be fatal.

Basic Halo 3 Gameplay Tips: Shielding, Motion Detectors, Ammunition and The Environment

The in-game heads-up-display (HUD) features several important meters that should be watched at all times:

The shield bar (top) displays current shield strength, if it is depleted the character’s armour can absorb two or three hits before death, so try to keep an eye on it. If the character’s shields are taken are down, find some cover and wait for them to regenerate- never keep going towards a battle, fall back and re-arm first.

Motion detectors display the movements of the enemy within a 10-meter radius and are essential for staying one step ahead in a firefight. Try to keep an eye on them during the fight and plan a strategy around enemy movements. Remember that crouching (click in on the controller’s left analogue stick) renders your character invisible to enemy motion detectors- set up ambushes when crouched for easy kills.

The game allows each character to carry two guns- try and keep both a ranged and short range weapon at all times, and always keep them reloaded in-between firefights. Ducking into cover and reloading the Battle Rifle (BR) and Assault Rifle (AR) allows you to go into combat prepared for trouble, rather than scrambling for a reload.

Use the environment for an advantage, but be aware of the dangers- don’t, for example, stand next to an explosive device while sniping, and keep an eye out for natural choke points- throw grenades into closed corridors for easy kills. Always look for cover to hide behind when the going gets tough, and use tight corners to set up for a counter attack.

Close Combat on Halo 3’s Smaller Multiplayer Maps and The (Essential) Melee Attack

Smaller Halo 3 maps such as Isolation and The Pit often result in small scale, close-combat skirmishes. Each character has a strong melee attack, which is used by pressing the B (red) button, and this should be used whenever fighting close with the enemy as two strikes is enough for a kill. Also, when used in conjunction with the AR, BR or shotgun, the melee attack can quickly ramp up the kills.

Continue to watch out for enclosed spaces on smaller maps and don’t charge in, hurl grenades and sweep the survivors with rifle fire.

Keep Cool and Get Lots Of Practice in the Single Player Campaign

It can be very easy to get irritated with Halo 3 multiplayer, so try and keep cool. Remember that it’s only a game, and if you lose a round then there will be many more to come, relax and enjoy the fight.

More importantly, continual practice will lead to improvement over time, especially with offline practice sessions with friends or time spent in the single player campaign mode.

Halo 3 Multiplayer Vehicle Tips

Vehicular combat is a large part of Halo 3 multiplayer. Many of the maps feature larger vehicles such as the Covenant Wraith and Banshee, but nearly all of them have at least one or two of the smaller vehicles, such as the Ghost, Warthog or Mongoose.

Using Vehicles in Halo 3’s Xbox Live Multiplayer

Vehicles can be a double-edged sword in Halo 3. They can be used offensively, as a defence or even as a method of transporting an important item such as a bomb or a flag. They can also serve as a brilliant distraction for the enemy as the flag-carrier sneaks back to the base. However, jumping into a vehicle also makes the player an instant target and with weapons such as the spartan laser on a map, vehicles can fast be reduced to a smoking pile of wreckage.

How Best to Use The Most Common Small Vehicles in Halo 3’s Online Multiplayer Games

  • Mongoose- This ATV can carry two gamers, but offers no armour or protection. Its high speed is best used to ferry frendlies to and from an enemy base, or as an asset to distract an enemy force. The mongoose is hard to hit, so juke the wheel and never drive in a straight line.
  • Warthog- A large jeep with a turret on the back, the warthog is the main battle platform for a careful team. Use the warthog to attack enemies from a distance and remember that the turret moves independently of the chassis, so the driver should keep driving in random directions while the turret gunner mows down the enemy. A good tactic when playing an objective-based map is to drive up and unload the driver and passenger, but leave a man on the turret to cover the extraction of the flag/bomb/skull.
  • Ghost- The ghost is a single man attack vehicle, much beloved by ‘splatterers.’ It offers a fair amount of armour and an excellent double plasma weapon which can pick apart enemies from a distance. When up close, the ghost’s boost is ideal for ramming the enemy, but try to trick enemies into jumping before ramming them- boost slightly, wait for them to jump, then boost again fully when they are in the air- by the time they land, the ghost will be ploughing into them.
  • Chopper- The chopper is an anti-vehicle weapon with a boost and some spartan-shredding blades on the front. While not a spry as the ghost, its heavier weapons can knock over enemy vehicles, and a boost-ram can usually destroy them in one hit, however, the open cockpit offers little or no protection from fire.

How Best to Use The Most Common Large Vehicles in Halo 3’s Online Multiplayer Games

  • Banshee- The banshee is an agile and deadly aircraft and features double plasma emitters (R trigger) and a fuel-rod cannon (B button). Best used to support a friendly advance, the banshee can also perform mid-air moves with a press of the A button, but is very susceptible to the missile pod and mounted machine guns. Do not try to use the banshee as a ramming weapon, as this requires more luck than skill and will often result in a sky-jacking or a grenade stick.
  • Wraith- The wraith is a mortar-tank with a very long range but it has a very wide chassis which is open to attack. Practice using the mortar correctly as it can be very tricky at first, but fire support from a wraith can kill several enemies at once. A gunner should also be in the turret on the nose of the wraith, as this offers an anti-personal defence.

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