Top 5 Best Handheld Game Consoles 2020 – Gamer’s Guide

Handheld Game Consoles 2020

handheld game consoles

Are you gamer? Do you love gaming a lot? But wait you want to carry out in the streets, parks and other outdoors? You wanted to play some 3D games and that too anywhere anytime?

Then you are at the right place because we’re going to have an intro with the best Handheld Game Consoles. The Handheld Gaming consoles offers some great gaming experience to all the gamers out there. The games are of real high quality and you cannot deny the fact that they are really awesome. Offering from 2D to 3D gaming experience. Long battery life, amazing screen resolution, large display, portable, handy and easy to use gaming consoles available here.

List Of Best Handheld Game Consoles to Buy in 2020

So here are the list of top 5 Best Handheld Game Consoles.

1. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo switchNintendo Switch was first launched a year ago, March 2017. Nicknamed as NX, Nintendo is a fresh new handy gaming console officially announced on 2016 by Nintendo company.Nintendo works on Nintendo Switch System Software having a Nvidia Tegra X1 as a SoC. The Nintendo uses an Octa-Core 4×ARM Cortex A57 and 4×ARM Cortex A53 working with 4GB of RAM. Having an internal storage of 32GB of flash storage which can be expanded to 2TB using microSD/mircoSDH/microSDXC. It is packed up with the 4,310mAh li-ion battery.

The processor is made on the ARM(advanced RISC machine) chip that almost all the mobile processor uses to empower their mobile.Nintendo switches are so designed that you can let it go anywhere you want and use it wherever you feel to play the games. Nintendo has an amazing collection of games that may put you in a complete virtual world. You can play 1-on-1 or 4-on-4 in a single game play. Depending on the game type you can use the game stick as a war machine or you can attach both the sideways switches to play a games.

It’s a truly gaming handy device. You don’t need to worry about the power backup as the battery will survive for almost 4-6 hours depending upon the type of game. Plus it gets 47% in just an hour using USB-C port.

Games that Nintendo Switch offers

  • Super Mario Odessey
  • Mine craft
  • Splatoon 2
  • Arms

For a quick overview, lets go through the pros and cons of the Nintendo Switch.


• Facebook can be accessible

• Amazing collection of gamesha

• Create a ID using your country name and play other country’s games

• 3D responsive gaming experience

• Pro controller for better game handling

• The Nintendo Switch is keyboard compatible.

• User handy and easy to use

• The Nintendo has a Wii Remotes to play games and control the screen using only pointer

• Parental control

• Capacitive touch display.


• Small hiccups are observed while playing games online due to automatic Wifi connection.

• Quite expensive gaming console

• Overpriced games

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2. Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo 3dsAre you a gamer? But,still don’t know about the Nintendo 3DS?Then you’re gonna miss the amazing-fun games. And that too with a perfect  handheld game consoles that supports some amazing fun games.Have a look at the adventurous Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo 3DS was launched in 2011 and worked successfully for the company. The Nintendo 3DS works on Nintendo 3DS software with a 128 MB FCRAM and 6 MB VRAM.

Nintendo 3DS or 3DS is a handheld gaming consoles that comes with an extremely face-tracking ID in 3D. Using Face-tracking 3D you can capture 3D photos, make 3D movies, and view AR cards that bring characters to life.This Nintendo has a powerful inner hardware and outer part is somewhat familiar with the older version of Nintendo. The device has been prepared by the Digital Media Professionals using Picaz00 chip.

The 3DS battery lasts for about 3-5 hours long without charging. The battery power depends only on how the device has been used. It could be operated via stylus.

Some of the popular Nintendo 3DS games

  • Pokemon Ultra Moon Starter Pack
  • Pokemon Ultra Sun
  • Detective Pickachu
  • Sushi Striker: The Way of Striker
  • Monster Hunter Stories

For a quick overview, lets go through the pros and cons of the Nintendo 3DS games


• Great way to connect with the other 3DS users using Mii characters creating your own online characters

•  3D responsive gaming experience.

• Capacitive touch display.


• Screen is not that big

• Screen resolution will somewhat disappoint you which is 640×480.

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3. Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii UNintendo Wii U or simply Wii U is a home video game console developed by Nintendo. The Nintendo is an Eighth Gen gaming console that works on a Wii U software system.The all new Nintendo’s Wii U offers you to view your game play in your TV and use Wii U as a controller. WiFi, 1GB SDcard, internet connection, are some of the major features of the device.

The device works well with 6 face buttons, Power button, Home pad, and two clickable sticks. The device is suitable to play games like Assassin’s Creed III and various similar games like be played in this device.

Some of the most popular games you might know that works on this device:

  • Angry birds Trilogy
  • Pandora’s Tower
  • The Smurfs 2
  • Epic Mickey 2
  • all other games

For a quick overview, lets go through deep about the best gaming chair reviewsNintendo WII U.


• Front camera can be used for video chatting or in games

• Its wrapped up with the built-in accelerometer

• 6.2 inches of display

• Microphone is available

• Control your TV using your TV remote application

• Cheaper than Nintendo Switch


• There’s no disadvantage buying this device yet if you’rea game lover then you must wanted to have the recent version of Nintendo.

• Low resolution screen touch device

• Older technology as compared to present day technology

• New Version of Nintendo Wii U is difficult to buy because of its lesser number of availability.

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4. PlayStation Vita

PlayStation VitaPlayStation is on the line of the gaming consoles and is top mobile gaming console. Vita is the impressive technology of the Sony company including 512 MB of RAM and 1 GB of internal storage. It uses a quad-core CPU and GPU makes it more powerful as compared to rang other Handheld Game Consoles.You can play your PS4 games on your Vita as long as your are connected to the same WiFi connection.

You can enjoy almost all the games from shooting to  adventurous. This game is more popular on JRPG platforms, Japanese Role -Playing Games.You can use this device as a smartphone or tablet to listen to music, video, watch movies, and you can use apps like Hulu plus, Netflix and You tube. There is a front and a rear camera which helps you get connected to your friends and family using Skype on the go.

Sony offers an excellent support to the PlayStation users worldwide. You can get connected via online forums or give a ring at the customer helpline center or rather go on their website to make a live chat.PlayStation Vita allows you to play games on the go anywhere anytime. You can play some real hardcore games and PS4 Kids games on your Vita.

For a quick overview, lets go through the pros and cons of the PlayStation Vita.


• JRPG enabled library

• Nice customized screen

• Supports almost all the games

• Excellent gaming experience


• Expensive because of the use of SD cards designed by SONY.

• LCD screen is little annoying

• Not all the games supported

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5. Mitashi GameIn Smarty Pro 2.0

Mitashi GameIn Smarty Pro 2.0Mitashi is the leading Indian Electronics company headquarters in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India at the western coast of Maharashtra. Its originated in the year 1998. The company produces electronics items in bulk. The company built good gaming stuffs.This time Mitashi has come up with the Mitashi Game In Smarty Pro 2.0. The Mitashi Game In Smarty Pro 2.0 has mastered all the gaming skills.

It’s an ultra gaming console that supports great quality games.The games primarily designed for the young kids to make them taste the new flavour of gaming in their hand. It’s Junior champ of gaming console of the handheld devices. The device offers some re sound on the device.

For a quick overview, lets go through the pros and cons of the Mitashi Game In Smart Pro 2.0.


• Nice display size of 4.3 inches TFT LCD screen

• Digital camera that allows photo capture, video recording and live chat with friends/families

• Can be connected to TV

• Supports browsing, music, movies, multitasking

• Nice Sound Quality


• Low resolution display screen

• No google play store like platform available

• Plastic Body

• Over-Priced

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Choosing the right handheld game consoles in 2020

So you are ready to have a new handheld game consoles in 2020? but don’t know anything about them. Let me give you an insight of what actually you need to learn before buying any handheld game consoles. If you’re a gamer then no doubt you can make out the bad one and select the good one but for the novice.

1. First go check out the battery life of the device.

2. Go check out the screen department whether it’s TFT or LCD or anything else. Choose the TFT which is quite better than LCD screens.

3. Check out the manufacturer name & address to make sure that you are going to have a original products.

4. Check out the label of the manufacturer.

5. Check out every products described in the box and those should be inside the box.

6. If possible go run a game to check the performance, speed, screen resolution, battery life and other in-built features.

7. Check all the devices if they are working correctly or not.

Gamer’s Choice

All the above mentioned handheld game consoles are really awesome and is perfect for any gamers out there. You will never feel regret after buying any of the 5 devices. But after all lets pick out the one which is really worth buying and is best for the game lover. I recommend you to taste the Nintendo Switch to enjoy anywhere and anytime. It’s really one of the amazing games ever Nintendo has made.Believe it or not more than 17.79 millions units of Nintendo Switch has been sold out as of 31 March recorded. And each unit costs a 299 USD.

Its one of the best gaming console that nearly offers all the games and can be played without any hiccups. These are shaping humans to plight in a new arena. The games looks real and allows multiplayer gaming. Curbing down all the features it’s not wrong to say that its a true gaming console since the beginning.


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