Home Projector Screens – Are They Worth It?

Home Projector Screens

The world of audio-visual equipment has changed considerably in recent years, with improved picture quality on large-screen TV’s now giving us genuine high-definition images. Indeed, we could not have envisaged how home cinema set-ups would develop, and more people than ever are looking at home projector screens.

The jury is out, however, as to whether you are better with a large screen and a projector, or with a quality, wide-screen TV, so we thought we’d take a look at a few defining factors for you – so let’s do it!


home projectors screen


Size Does Matter

The home cinema experience is all about delivering the goods, and when it comes to the biggest screen, the answer is undoubtedly a large projector screen. You can get screens at sensible prices measuring 100 inches and upwards, and a projector to go with it.

In fact, if you want to look at a comparison, you may pay a few thousand dollars for a quality, top line large-screen TV, and you might be surprised to find that a projector and screen combination is somewhat less expensive. This is at basic level, however; if you want the best, you have to pay.


Sound System – Make it Truly Cinematic

sound systemWatching a film on a large screen in your darkened cinema room is a far more involved experience than settling back in the living room and watching the TV, no matter how large your TV may be.

This is even more the case if you have a decent surround-sound audio system in your cinema room, so you get the full experience. Once again, it’s not cheap, but there are plenty of very impressive options to choose from, and you won’t regret going down that route.



If we’re comparing the TV to a home projector and screen, and talking about convenience, it’s clear that the TV wins, hands down. You simply turn it on and go. However, if you really want a home cinema, and have the room to set one up, you could make it a permanent fixture.

That means it’s there, at all times, for you to settle back and watch movies or music videos whenever you want, without the fiddly setting up of the screen and projector that comes with a non-permanent set-up. It’s worth looking at, and if you have a basement that is underused, it’s the perfect place for it!


If You’re Going For It, Only Buy the Best (That You Can Reasonably Afford)

So, you have decided you want a home cinema system, what do you do next? You have to decide whether you want it to be permanent – as described above – or not; if so, prepare the room suitably. You need it to be as dark as possible – that’s why a basement or unused garage are the best places – and you need to position your sound system in the best places.

The question asks whether projector screens are worth it: the answer is yes, they certainly are, but remember if you buy cheap kit, you will get cheap results. Talk to people who have a cinema in the home, and do your research, and buy the best that your budget can afford.

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