How To Downgrade AT&T LG G4 to Stock ROM 5.1

To root your AT&T LG G4 H810 device, we need to have it running on stock Lollipop ROM. There are no perfect root methods available for Marshmallow 6.0 yet for LG G4. Here is the step by step guide available to downgrade AT&T LG G4 from Marshmallow 6.0 to Lollipop 5.1 which further can be rooted easily running stock ROM.

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downgrade at&t lg g4 1

There are few prerequisites before we start. We need to download necessary files to begin with.

1. LG UP. (Click to download)

2. LG Drivers. Install the DLL first and then install the drivers, DLL file wont give you any dialogue box and will install in background so don’t worry. (Click to download)

3. Zipped TOT file. (Click to download)

4. Backup all your data because phone will be wiped completely in this process.

Note: We are not responsible for any damage caused to your device in the whole process.

Now lets begin with the steps to downgrade AT&T LG G4.

1. We need to make sure that USB debugging is enabled on our device. To do that, press “Build Number” under About phone>>Software for 7 times, it will enable Developer options on your phone. Navigate to Developer options in Settings and enable ‘USB Debugging’.

2. Lets connect our phone to the PC, make sure to let it install the drivers into PC from phone screen. Choose MTP as connection method when it prompts on the screen after connecting it to PC. Open LG UP while phone is still connected to PC.

3. Select TOT file we just downloaded in LG UP’s file path. To select it, press the 3 dots almost in the lower right of the software. Refer to the image below for convenience.

downgrade at&t lg g4 2


4. Exit LG UP software. Do not disconnect device from PC. Lets start LG UP again, you should see the TOT file already selected. Just select “Refurbish” and click on Start. See image below for reference.

downgrade at&t lg g4 3


5. Do NOT disconnect your phone before the process hasn’t finished. It should complete in about 10 to 15 minutes and phone should reboot normally.

Hurrah! You have successfully downgraded AT&T LG G4 from Marshmallow 6.0 to Lollipop 5.1 10o version. If you further want to root your device, please follow this step by step guide on how to root your LG G4.

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Author: Bilal Irfan

A media grad, entrepreneur, marketer, tech blogger and professional photographer.

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  • Jeff Wayne

    I have downloaded the TOT file zip from the location you have a link to here, as well as another link at Storage Cow, both of these are shown as corrupt when unzipping with WinRAR. Just on a whim, I decided to go ahead and flash one with LGup. About 9% of the way into the flash, right after phone had rebooted to flash, it errored out saying that the file I was flashing was larger than the original image and rebooted my phone. What’s up with that?

    • I have checked the files personally. Do not seems corrupt to me. Try some other downloader like IDM. Or just redownload the files, it should help.

    • You do not need to unzip the TOT file though. You can load it directly into LGup.

    • There is no need to unzip the TOT file. Just select it in LGUP and you are good to go. Try redownloading the file and make sure your phone model is H810 and you are running MM 6.0.

      • Jeff Wayne

        So you are telling me that I do not need to extract the TOT file from the ZIP file before flashing? I did not extract the TOT file after unzipping the zip file. I was trying to flash the TOT file as instructed above. Both instances of LGH810AT V10o-ATT-US-SEP-10-2015.ZIP that I downloaded, from two different sources, both said that they were corrupt when unzipping with WinRAR. And as mentioned, when trying to flash one of those TOT files it errored out.

        • Try to redownload it, there was one other source where it isnt uploaded as zip, thats what I thought.

          • Jeff Wayne

            I just downloaded that one and I still get the error when trying to unzip the archive:

            ! C:UsersxxxxxDownloadsG4 Root The archive is corrupt

          • Jeff Wayne
          • Jeff Wayne


            And this is the error I get when I extract the archive, all three that I have tried. To clarify that, it does extract, but with the above error. Extracted file size is 4,716,544

          • Jeff Wayne

            OK, installed 7zip and used it to extract TOT file from the zip file. No errors this time when extracting. But still get the error from LGUP as shown in the screenshot above. It just errors out, I click on the exit button and the phone reboots back into Android 6.0 like nothing ever happened.

          • Please tell me what is your current MM build number.

          • Jeff Wayne

            Android 6.0
            Security Patch Level: 2016-09-01
            Baseband version: MPSS.BO.2.5.c3-00128-M8992FAAAANAZM-1.50758.1
            Kernel: 3.10.84
            Build Number: MRA58K
            Software version: H81022b
            Security software version: MDF v2.0 Release 2

          • Finally I know what’s the actual problem. You need to rollback to H81020n from 22b for this method to work. 20n is the first update for MM 6.0 which is required for this TOT file to work.

          • Jeff Wayne

            Do you have a quick tutorial on that procedure?

          • I don’t have actual links to the tutorials but you can find some on XDA forums. Try to find H81020n firmware and just flash it the same way mentioned in this blog post over your H81022b. It should rollback without any issues to 20n.

          • Jeff Wayne

            I have looked high and low for the TOT or KDZ file for vH81020n and I have found a couple but the links are dead. Do you know of a place I could possibly find a working download link? I have spent many hours searching and reading on XDA to no avail.

          • Surajiyeoun

            hey bro , already fix ? ,the sam problem

          • Jeff Wayne

            No, never did find the correct version of a KDZ or TOT file. Finally gave up.

          • Felippe Medeiros

            I have the same error and I can’t do the rollback from h81021y to H81020n.


          • Mohammad Aslam Junejo

            i have the same
            issue….. my software version is H81021x

          • Must be some issue with your WinRAR. Try unzipping through some other utility. I rechecked both links, doesnt seems corrupt to me.

        • Try downloading from here and let me know if it works.

  • still stuck in boot loop after Doing each and every step ! 🙁 Don’t know What’s the problem here.
    Is that hardware fault ?

    • I’m afraid to say its a hardware fault because LG G4 has this bootloop issue.

  • Rizwan Jamil

    Guys the problem is that anti rollback version is a protection from downgrade. So you cannot flash a rom having a lower arb version over a rom having a higher arb version.

    The current arb version can be found by dialing the code *#*#244773825625#*#* from the dialer app in LG G4. Unfortunately this arb version is 3 for most or all MM roms of h810. While the LP rom (with 10o sw version) available online is having an arb version of 2. Therefore lgup shows this error.

    Means to go back to LP from MM (having arb version 3) you need to have an LP rom with arb version 3 or more. Not less. While no such LP rom with arb version 3 or more exists online AFAIK.

  • Michelle Gomes

    Does it also suit the LG G4 H81021Y?

    • Yes it does.

      • Michelle Gomes

        I tried, but it did not work. The program showed error message

        • You cannot rollback directly to stock rom. For this method to work, first you need to toll rollback to a previous version like 20b.

      • ChahlyPlayGame

        I have an issue with the H81021Y, the LG UP shows the error message “Error Code : = 0x2000m TOT antirollback version is smaller than device version”
        What can I do? :S

  • Tester

    Dont waste your time, no root for H810 21y that have antiroll back v3.

  • nazaux

    Error anti rollback lg!!

  • Malak

    Dear Bilal
    Thank you for this nice effort. It will help so many people.
    As for me when I tried this tutorial, I got a message that “the tot file is smaller than the system rom” or something like that. This message is after the phone was rebooted by LG UP.
    Kindly help.

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