How to grow Family in Facebook’s Mafia Wars retro games online

Retro games online – The bigger the family, the stronger the mob in the Facebook Mafia Wars, one of the popular retro games online. A central facet of the game’s action involves fighting other mobs, robbing others’ properties and working as a gun for hire to whack gangsters for a price. In this game there is strength in numbers, and up to 501 can be used to fight. Plus, the more in the mob the more colorful the collection of Mafia Wars character names.

The Mafia Wars ‘Grow Mafia’ Mindset Focuses on 501

Getting there may not be as simple as the Mafia Wars mass add groups suggest. One instructs members to copy a huge list of participants who are willing to join each others’ mobs, and paste it into Facebook’s ‘Invite Friends’ application. A frequent result is a Facebook warning that politely but forcefully threatens to suspend the account if the profligate friends-raising doesn’t stop.

Favoring normal use of its ‘Invite Friends’ and ‘Find Friends’ tools, Facebook uses software sentinels to spot mass additions to a single account. Guarding fiercely its focus on friends, Facebook frowns on approaches that confront a member with a friends request from someone to whom they have no apparent connection through a network of mutual acquaintances.

Recruit Mafia Wars Members Fast Without Risk

Even Zynga, the Mafia Wars applications developer, is on the slow-but-steady bandwagon. Zynga programmed a speed governor into its ‘Recruit’ function that allows mobsters to invite no more than 20 friends at a time to join the family.

Yet, with applications such as Mafia Wars, one of the most played retro games online, there is common ground among people who voluntarily join the mass add groups to find like-minded people who want to reach the magic number of 501 as soon as possible. Waiting for Facebook’s ‘Suggestions’ feature to identify potential friends guarantees that the 501 goal will remain elusive.

An Organic Approach to Facebook Mafia Wars Recruitment

There are simple solutions that allow players to balance the need to operate within Facebook’s view of structured slow growth against the desire to reach the goal of 501 hoodlums as quickly as possible. These organic approaches take full advantage of Facebook and Zynga features, allowing additions of 12 to 16 new family members per day and altogether avoiding the potential perils that face a Mafia Wars mass adder.

Mafia Wars Profile Box and Other Strategies to Reach 501 in About a Month

Here are some organic ways to safely grow a family in Facebook.

  • Click on the names of people who post Mafia Wars messages on the wall. At their home page, click the ‘Add as Friend’ link next to their name. This opens the normal Facebook friends request dialog box. Some find it productive to add a personal message like “Let’s go whack some mobsters in Mafia Wars!”, signed with their Mafia Wars character name.
  • Allow Mafia Wars to post a status message that recruits new members. This message will update the status message and post it on the wall as well as on the individual’s profile.
  • In the ‘News Feed’ view, seek out those who step up to help others in their family with a Mafia Wars job task. Click on each of these names and go through the normal Facebook friends request process to prospect a group of players who are generally more engaged and more active in the game. Because of this activity level, they may be more likely to accept the friends request.
  • On the wall, post a ‘Join My Mafia” message. Appearing in a small box between the profile photo and the ‘Information’ section, this message includes a link to the recruitment page on Mafia Wars.
  • Ask a friend to post a status message to assist with recruiting, something such as “Please help my friend grow their mafia family”. This message, too, typically includes a link to the profile page where interested prospects can follow the standard ‘Add as Friend’ process.
  • Recruit attackers. The fact that they attacked implies no hostility. Rather, it suggests they’re simply playing the game as it was designed. Mafia Wars frequently notifies victims of attacks using the Facebook profile name, enabling a direct connection to the ‘Add as Friend’ process, and many characters use a name that is searchable in Facebook.
  • A recent feature on the Mafia Wars home page is a built-in recruitment tool in the ‘Mafia Status’ window to the right of ‘Player Updates’. This new element flags players who want to join the family. Simply click the ‘Add’ button and another soldier is ready for duty.
  • Using organic strategies systematically, the 501 goal is readily achievable fairly quickly without risking Facebook suspension.

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