How to Install a Lawn Mower Battery

Lawn Mower Battery


Lawn Mower Battery : Your lawn mower contains an electric starter that depends on storage batteries that are rechargeable. These batteries provide the energy required to start your mower.

You will have to replace these batteries over time as they can no longer hold a charge. You have to remove the old one and install the new batteries.


How to Install a Lawn Mower Battery


The steps for Installation of a Lawn Mower Battery

1. First, place the mower on a clear area and take all safety measures before starting your installation work. You must remove the starting key after turning it to the off position. Open the spark plug. You must open the blades and use the parking brake to put your mower in neutral. Then you must search for the battery section of your mower.

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2. You must lift the seat, panels or covers if required to get access to the battery of the lawn mower. It’s most likely that the shrouds, covers and seats are locked in place with the help of screws; therefore, you must use a proper screwdriver to unlock them. If the screws are hex-headed, you must use a standard wrench to open them.

3. You must start by removing the negative cable which is generally black from the old battery by undoing the screw that holds it to the negative terminal of the cell. The negative terminal is marked with a minus sign. Give a slight pull to the cable after loosening up the screw. The cable will come out easily. You can remove the positive cable in the same manner. The positive cable usually is red.

4. You need to remove any frame or bar present in the compartment to hold the battery of your mower. You must wear your safety gloves while removing the battery. Generally, the battery hold-downs of the mower are held in place with bolts that must be undone. Then you can take out the battery from the battery compartment. You can also check where there is a strap present to pull out the battery. You must clean the compartment with a solution of water and baking soda mixed in a 50-50 proportion. Then dry it with a rag.

5. You must place the old removed battery in a box and take it to a store to purchase a new battery. When you buy a new battery match it with the old one to make sure voltage, dimensions, terminal placements and capacity is the same as the old one. You can now reconnect the cables of the mower to the new battery. Connect in the same manner as you disconnected it.

6. Finally, start your lawnmower. If it takes a start in the usual manner, the installation process was correct.


The working of the lawn mower batteries

The operation of your lawn mower battery is the same as a car battery. The energy stored by the mower is depleted with the help of a charging unit and replenished.

The chargers of a mower include the following features:

•  Overcharging of the battery is prevented with the help of automatic adjustment of the amperage rate.

•  There is a timer option present

•  Quick charging option

•  Slow charging of 2-amp option present

•  Monitoring using float mode



Installation of your lawn mower battery can be done at home, and the process is quite simple. When learning the method of charging the battery of a lawn mower, you must remember that the batteries can be harmful. You must place it in a well-ventilated room while charging and also put on your protective equipment like glasses and gloves when handling it. The charging process is equally simple as installation.

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